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Have you noticed that there are periods in your life when everything seems to be going great and there are times when nothing really works out? Never underestimate the power of a good setback; it might be exactly what you need to spring yourself back to the top. When we realize it’s time to change, sometimes we tend to be overly critical with ourselves.
Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur, marketing speaker, author of The Internet Marketing Bible and CEO of Digital Aptitude, a data-driven digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. When things are going great for you your self-confidence increases, which increases your chances of the upward spiral to continue its course.
We tend to think that when our brain tells us a story, we need to listen because the story must be true. Trying to figure out the root of this feeling is a waste of time, because it doesn’t really matter what made you feel this way. My business started doing a lot better when I started surrounding myself with successful entrepreneurs.

If you want to start a business but think you’re too young, use Mark Zuckerberg as inspiration. When I broke my leg playing rugby in 2011 the doctor told me I would never be able to play rugby again. I think we can all be our own worst critics and can be too hard on ourselves when things aren’t going well for us instead of looking for the hidden opportunities.
Your newsletters are always welcome, and reading this on a sunny Friday was inspiring and helpful.
But when nothing is working out, we get demoralized and this decreases our chances of turning things around. We tend to think that we can look at reality and then reach conclusions based on it, but it works the exact opposite way: first we reach conclusions and then we look for facts to prove our theories. I know he’s not perfect but all I can see know is how funny, loyal and supportive he is. If you feel like a failure because you blew an important project, think about another important project you excelled at.
My wife is my greatest source of inspirations: she went from not being able to read at 14 to being an extremely successful business owner at the age of 21 and being one of the top students at her college.

Beating yourself up over decisions you made in the past is a complete waste of time because the past can’t be changed.
And we always find the evidence we’re looking for because we see what we want to see.
I felt that because my dad lent me some money to start my first business I didn’t deserve to take all the credit for my success. We live in a society that tells us that taking care of ourselves first is selfish, but if we don’t fill ourselves we have nothing to give to others. In our company we made dozens of improvements that allowed us to sign really big accounts and it all started when we had a few dry months last year and we had to work harder than ever to get out of the situation we were in. What matters is what you do after you have a setback: will you feel like a failure and quit or will you get back on your feet quickly and keep going?

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