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The magic of movie making is alive and well, and clearly on display in the blockbuster Iron Man sequel. Here are some exterior artworks of the home, courtesy of Phil Saunders, the concept artist who visualized Iron Man’s home for the movie.
So I came up with this design and perched it in the most decadent location I could think of, right on top of Point Dume, a California State Park. The garage under the cantilevered livingroom I really liked, looking out over the ocean between the buttresses.
This design also went through a lot of set-dressing variations, but once again came out much like the rendering. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. Vlogger Joey Graceffa just announced his second book — a dystopian young adult novel titled Children Of Eden that serves as a follow-up to his 2015 memoir In Real Life. The book, which Graceffa says he initially conceived as a film concept after wrapping his hit YouTube series Storytellers, follows heroine Rowan — a twin born in a future society where families are only allowed to have one child apiece. SUBSCRIBE Get Tubefilter's Top Stories, Breaking News, and Event updates delivered straight to your inbox. If you have a great news tip, are interested in advertising on Tubefilter, thinking about possible partnership opportunities, want to find out more about our upcoming events, would like to write a guest post, or just want to say "hello," be sure to drop us a line. Franta, who has accrued more than 2.8 million subscribers and upwards of 100 million views on his personal channel, has emerged as one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. Subscribers, however, cannot buy happiness, and online fame seems to have taken its toll on Franta. The heavy toll of online popularity is an unfortunate but very real trend, and Franta’s collaborators and fans have offered support for his decision. The annual Teen Choice Awards aired on FOX on August 16th, and a number of “Choice Web Stars” went home with their own surfboard trophies. Dallas, whose 8.2 million followers are good for 11th-best on Vine, also won the award for Choice Viner. The Teen Choice Awards also give out a “Choice YouTuber” award, which this year went to Kian Lawley.
As they are decided by fans, the Teen Choice Awards are a good barometer of who’s hot on the Internet right now.
A man best known for being a loving husband and father has demonstrated that he has significant musical ability as well.

After the album’s release, it quickly soared up the iTunes pop album charts, where Lanning’s name appears next to some of the world’s biggest musical acts. Lanning owes much of Like A Lion’s success to his status as one-quarter of the Daily Bumps, a Southern California family of four that vlogs its adventures on a popular YouTube channel. Online video network VEVO is taking advantage of its large library of music videos to create an expanded lineup of original programs. VEVO’s new originals primarily focus on music, though they will extend into categories like cooking, fashion, and celebrity culture.
VEVO also announced a new series of performances for its VEVO Certified channel, which celebrates artists whose videos have exceeded 100 million views.
Stylized (co-produced by Vevo and Milk Studios, MADE and Legs Media) – With a major new programming partnership between two of the hottest media companies in the world, the popular fashion series will be re-imagined and launched this year.
Taste of Music (co-produced by Vevo and Endemol) – Each episode of Taste the Music invites a rock star chef to watch a popular music video and translate the feelings it evokes into food, creating a unique and surprising dish. Guess the Video (co-produced by Vevo and Archive Entertainment) – Part quiz show, part comedy, our hosts the Hudson Brothers roam the streets of Atlanta with a tablet showing passersby a few seconds of a music video, and test who knows their Shakira from their Shaggy.
AKA (produced by Vevo) – Many artists have unique monikers, but where did they come from? Day Off With… (produced by Vevo) – The saying “celebrities are just like us” comes to life as Vevo explores what artists love to do when they are not making music.
The first designs were for set extensions of existing homes, but nothing we scouted looked like a billionaire’s home.
It is a video from Perception (the studio that did part of the visual effects for Iron Man 2) that show a few behind the scenes shots of the technology behind Iron Man 2. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. After being hidden away in her family’s compound for 16 years, Rowan escapes for one night of adventure, which sets into motion a tragic and potentially world-changing chain of events.
Every citizen of Eden must receive eye implants — which is what makes Rowan’s kaleidoscope eyes a dead giveaway when she attempts to go out in public. He was one of the stars of The Digitour, where thousands of screaming fans showed up to see him take the stage.
The other five members of O2L have all tweeted out kind words for their close friend, and soon after Franta’s announcement, four of the top trends on Twitter related to him. His wins come eight months after he rode his teen heartthrob status to the box office with Expelled, a film that sold well on video on demand platforms.
Clearly, Dallas’ stock is still rising, and Mota, who is still somehow just 19 years old, remains on top of her game.

Bryan Lanning, who is the father of the YouTube family channel Daily Bumps, has reached the upper echelon of the iTunes pop charts thanks to the big sales numbers posted by his debut album, Like A Lion.
In the months leading up to its release, on his personal YouTube channel, he released several music videos for the album’s songs, including one for its title track. In the above screenshot, the only album above his is Adele’s 25, and he is ahead of the most recent releases from superstars like Justin Bieber and One Direction.
The Lanning family has more than one million subscribers, and many of those fans have showed their support for Bryan’s album. At Digital Content Newfronts, the company’s execs announced seven new programs as well as an expansion of the existing VEVO Certified channel.
Previous Certified episodes have featured commentary from the artists behind popular videos, but the show will be in concert this fall as part of a new program called Certified Live. Stylized will go beneath the surface and expose the true personalities behind artists’ fashion identities, including their perspective on art, culture, gender and much more. From driving race cars to flying, cooking, scuba-diving or skydiving, viewers get a chance to see what their favorite artists love to do in their free time.
The actual garage set is three times the size of the livingroom and would never fit in that space below, but thanks to the magic of movie geography, it’s never apparent. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. He also serves as one-sixth of O2L, which is managed by Fullscreen and has scooped up more than two million subscribers of its own.
Mota, oddly enough, was nominated in multiple categories, but only managed the one big win. Just two days after the release of Like A Lion, it already has more than a thousand ratings on iTunes, and the vast majority of them are positive. I would advise the contestant who could not identify Lorde’s video to climb out from under his rock. VEVO will add yet another element through Certified CountUps, which will attempt to spur popular videos towards that 100 million view goal. Style is an expression of every artist’s personality, and we aim to delve deep into who each of our subjects really are.

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