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Carleton Island, nestled alongside Wolfe’s south side near its foot, is arguably one of the region's most historically fascinating islands. The other element which fascinates me about the island is Carleton Villa, one of the first of the 1000 Islands castles, built in 1893 by William Wyckoff whose fortune came from marketing Remington typewriters. Paul Malo and I later visited it together numerous times thanks to the Millar family who are the current owners. For this month I’ll leave you with a scene many should recognize in hopes it will generate more interesting stories.
I have predominately worked out of Rochester restoring Historic structures throughout western NY. I don't typically use these comments to carry on dialogue between various commenters, but in this case think it is important to do so, so this is in response to your comment above Bill (Farmer).
I wondered if Andy Greene would be willing to share the cost estimate of stabilizing and replacing the roof? All estimates are greatly affected by individual home owners, but here is what we came up with for one potential buyer. He spent A?40million renovating the mansion and it is now the most expensive house on the open market in the UK.The stamp duty alone will cost the buyer A?7million - enough to buy a magnificent country home in the Cotswolds.
It is so exclusive that potential buyers will have to undergo a vetting process by agents Glentree Estates before paying A?2,000 for the glossy brochure.
This response by Stephen Sabo touches on several of its interesting elements and in so doing is this month’s winner of a set of 6 - 8x10 prints. One is Britain’s Fort Haldimand with the shipyards that produced HMS Ontario, the largest man ‘o war on the lakes, recently rediscovered in pristine condition on the bottom of Lake Ontario. I was flying back from Tibbetts Point with my son Scotty years ago when he spotted a mansion in the distance with incredibly clear windows. Both Paul and I always ensured that the villa was well represented in our books in hopes of exposing this important historical treasure to someone who might take on the project of restoring it.

Bresee used to own Imperial Island shown in the lower left corner (not Boldt’s mother-in-law but the one above it) of the photo.
While we didn't live here, we floated in this calm backwater off Boldt's Castle for many years - at night the castle lights are stunning. Countless trips through here - starting when I was 10 or so (with my brother in his 13' whaler).
My family owns part of an island on the Canadian side of the thousand islands and the Villa has always interested me.
We diverted to investigate only to discover the windows were clear because there weren’t any! Some of the wallpapers ask you to identify the location which we do not want to give away until next month. Saw it many times as I rounded Boldt Castle with the Thousand Islanders as well as the Miss Rockport II. We look forward to majestically ply these waters in our 1948 Lyman Islander, Miss Maezie, for many years to come. It seemed inconceivable that such a magnificent building could have been abandoned, but that’s exactly what happened. Imperial Island and Belle Island are next and are part of the Manhattan Group in 'Millionaire's Row'. No question, this is a major “fixer-upper,” but Paul noted that it was built on bedrock, remains plumb and definitely could be done. I was also drawn to this statement - "Carleton held the first English residents on the upper St.
My most distinctive memory was when the water was especially high one year (can't remember when - possibly the year of the oil spill?), and Sand Dollar (or Just Room Enough, or Mother-in-law) was completely under water! How often does one have the chance to preserve such a fabulous piece of Thousand Island’s history?

The back door was a step right into the river, and the rocks where the little aluminum boat was sometimes pulled up on was submerged. I remember thinking the first step was a doozy!The seaplane landing that used to be in there somewhere (I can never remember where now).
I have been researching the history of the upper St Lawrence Valley (especially the Thousand Island region) from first contact (BTW Native People and Europeans) until the French were defeated at Quebec. I plan (hope) to eventually share my findings; perhaps submit a short introductory article in the Thousand Island Life online magazine. I have visited the Villa annually (or every six months) for three or four years now and the structure is rapidly moving toward collapse. As well, information about early contact, and other activity in the area over the period described. And then, we would either go over to Devils Oven (which is hidden by Cherry Island) to jump off the cliffs, or sometimes, we would run from the roof over the kitchen and jump in the water from Wau Winet. I remember once, a tour boat coming by, and calling us the famous high-jumpers of Wau Winet! You had to take the running start, to make sure you cleared the little bit of shallow water. If I can be of any assistance to anyone interested in saving this very unique late Gilded Age mansion, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It was Paul's fondest wish that he would live to see the Villa's restoration so I know he'd be celebrating from above if it were to happen.

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