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To add insult to injury, recently a former benefits chief’ in the UK suggested that retired people should be made to work for their pensions.
All it takes to turn a situation of loss to our advantage – and my generation has ample experience with this – is to change our thinking and, after that, our actions. Let’s see what this means for our retirement – our last chance to make a stand against a string of misses.
Most of us focus on ‘employment’, or jobs, most of the time and structure our lives accordingly.
In other words, work is at the core of all this; work is the true measure of the value we contribute to organisations, society at large and people’s lives. One can get much further in both employment and ‘working for oneself’ when one focuses on work and generating value. Focusing on work and contributing immense value makes it likelier that you will be able to amass the wealth (and develop the income streams) you need so you won’t have to sell your labour, e.g.
What I am saying here is that we have come to associate retirement with a pension (or annuity) so closely that when thinking of retirement we tend to think about only one possible financial instrument to ensure that we have income. I figure that my generation will do well to forget about retirement, doggy cardigans, twisted stockings and worn out slippers. And when the time to slow down comes, as it inevitably will, I’ll set up a commune for my surviving friends; no care homes for me. We live in a veritable retirement mecca, so I think that we have a perspective on retirement that few 30-year-olds have.
But those that are active and engaged with small businesses or building new enterprises (even at the spry age of 89!) are those that, to us, seem to be the happiest. I can see you now Maria, riding your motorcycle across the States, just like the T-Mobile commercial!

Retirement is like the rest of your life, about making it work for you and living it on your own terms. Yes, we did have sex but it was a bit like a pleasurable way to keep fit rather than the political statement it used to be.
I can’t bring the 60s back – this is something on which my generation missed out and that is that. I believe that if we are to come out top trumps here, we need to move away from thinking about employment, pensions and retirement.
Even when we dream about ‘getting out of the rat race’ and ‘being our own boss’ we still think about employment – we only put ‘self’ in front of it. We may as well forget about group tourism for senior citizens – at least this is what I am going to do. I’ll walk a pilgrimage; I’ll chase marathons and take flamenco classes with the gypsies of Granada. My friends in the US, just watch out for a lovely middle aged woman on a motorbike riding through your town in 2018 – it may be me. Was a nice change of perspective to read for sure :) Magically enough I don’t think like a woman in her 50s! I believe that it would be a much more interesting and enjoyable world (and life) if we move away from our fixation on employment, pensions and retirement.
I hadn’t either until I started reflecting on my life (very mid-life crisis, I know) and realised that I belong to it.
Still, there is the small matter of music, flower-power and free love: and my generation missed out on all that. This is problematic, however, because ‘employment’ is our way to refer to the conditions under which we do specific work.

But somehow, my generation is missing out again; or shall I say, we appear to be missing a trick or two here. Happy older people are the ones who have managed to keep involved – both working and socially involved in their own communities.
It is annoying that the retirement age is being pushed forward and the pensions are being lowered but if you have planed without it, it will only be icing on the cake. I wouldn’t be concerned if the retirement age was going down and the size of pensions was going up. Or have I been labouring under the misguided belief that I am building a pension fund so that my dotage is peaceful and without the need to undertake paid work? Employment is about a contract between you and an employer (this can be a contract between you and yourself) and your job is what is in your job description – the things you do to complete specific tasks (specific work). Regretfully we are told that we will be retiring later and later and the pensions that we can realistically expect, after accounting for inflation, will hardly be enough for hot dogs and mushy peas dinner.
Well, young people and people without other responsibilities like children at school and in college, and elderly parents and aching joints. Pension funds have been performing badly across the board and people are already feeling the pinch.
The ‘sex as sport’ thing also turned out fine: once AIDS made the headlines we had to be safe, not make statements. Yes, my generation didn’t have jobs when we were starting out; but this only means that this time around we know what we are dealing with.

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