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The trick though is so super simple and closes the gap of separatism that always keeps you in a state similar to the donkey chasing the carrot. Just because you can’t see what you desire appearing before your very eyes in this moment, does not mean that it’s not percolating in the ether and conspiring with the Universe to land into your reality very soon.
One of the fastest ways to start manifesting abundance into your life is to try a process called “decluttering”. NOTE: If you love the idea of creating a ritual for your intention setting process then you will ADORE this FREE downloadable worksheet I have lovingly put together for you. Everything happens in the non-physical or etheric realm first before it filters through the physical realm.
Take some time to focus on healing the things in your life that you can identify as “blocks” in your flow of abundance. If you see a tiny coin on the ground in the parking lot I want you to pick it up and beam with gratitude. You can’t sit on top of a mountain meditating and expect a gazillion bucks to fall into your lap.
Just remember: You need to give yourself permission to open up the space in your life to receive the energetic exchange of abundance.
One of the most entertaining ways to immerse yourself in the energy of abundance is by “pretending” that you’re living life the way you would want to be living.
When you create space and time in your life to surround yourself with inspiration then you actively start to participate in the vibration of that thing. Vision boards gained huge popularity after being mentioned in the hit movie ‘The Secret’ back in 2006.
I become part of the creative process of manifesting by flipping through magazines and cutting out images that spark inspiration in my heart. The underlying cause of self-sabotage in a person’s life is undoubtedly not feeling worthy enough. If you love the idea of playing a fun game with the Universe and you’re ready to invite more prosperity and abundance into your life then I would love for you to try my Ancient Manifesting Ritual that has been used by over 5,000 of my manifesting students.
Does that mean I should keep a separate list and jot down what I WOULD HAVE spent whenever I see a great leather jacket I wish I could buy, or a fancy restaurant I wish I was going to dinner at? Right now I have a number of friends who are going out into the world to make things happen.
They don’t settle for the Status Quo and in many cases are taking it upon themselves to change old structures that are no longer working.
They are from all walks of life and backgrounds, from different states, foster homes, divorced homes and homes where parents have been happily married for 40+ years. Granted as they travel down this path, as when we all do, it isn’t full of beautifully smelling roses.
Thank you for being you, for making a difference in my life, a difference in the lives of others and because of that ripple effect who knows how many other lives will be touched and changed for the better forever. What others think about you ISN’T important…what you think about yourself means EVERYTHING!
When in our developmental cycle of growing up do we learn that other people’s opinion of us is more important than how we feel, think and see ourselves? It took me over 6 hours to write all of the notes, and an hour to stick them with the help of one other friend. After being sat down in the office and explaining everything that had happened, there was talk of a possible 3-day suspension from school.
What’s more amazing than that is the fact that today she has become one of my best friends.
I recently had the opportunity to ask my network, my community, friends and loved ones for some help and assistance.  I was in a moment of emotional growth. Now in the past I would have just pulled out my journal or notebook paper, start writing and processing the feelings and emotions.
Have you noticed, as you start to do more personal development work, that friends and relationships may no longer work the way they used to.
It is also very interesting to watch this transpire as a coach because I get to see this happen in my clients world and I too get an opportunity choose the direction I will head (you can’t teach that what you don’t know and don’t experience, right!?).

I heard this from a good friend the other day and I loved it so much that it truly deserved to be on a sticky note.
The only reason people usually desire to manifest prosperity is because it will give them a little something somethin’ called FREEDOM. And if you can’t choose then trust and surrender to the power of the Universe that always has your back. Everything we are and everything we experience is a mere echo of the vibrational essence that has been offered prior to this present moment. These are usually hindering your progress in the form of beliefs that you’ve probably held in your heart since childhood.
My husband and I like to go and view multi-million dollar properties or go and check out the specs on luxury cars. If you read books on success, you start to offer a different frequency out to the Universe that will bounce back to you. Over the years I have had tremendous success using this very powerful technique to bring my desires to life. I turn on some happy music, pour myself a glass of wine and really allow myself creative space to dream big. One is for things that you have to spend money on each day and the other list is your “abundance list”. When you look for things to appreciate (such as what you already have) then the Universe will reward you by giving you more things to be grateful for.
We tend to create unnecessary drama or obstacles that prevent us from blossoming into our full potential.
I'm truly devoted to teaching people how to follow their heart, manifest their desires and create their own miracles. They are taking their lives into their own hands and not waiting around for what the Universe may drop into their lap.
Looking at what doesn’t work, Masterminding, collaborating, calling in their connections and together creating a wave of change. If you look at a baby or young child they are so happy and excited to learn and discover new things about themselves and their environment (oh look, at toe!)  that they really don’t seem all that interested in what we (and others) think about them finding their toe. Sadly we are programmed more negatively than positively with all the media, news, distractions, etc in the world to keep us in fear and continuing the thoughts of lack. I can allow myself to “water my growth” (that’s what I call crying) and know that I have people who will send me love as I do my work on me and that I am not alone. If I didn’t reach out, no one would know to send me that extra burst of love when I really required it and I don’t feel I would have been able to heal as fast without it. I too get to choose which relationships I will keep, who will fall away and who may re-enter my world down the line. Ever notice when we simply change our perspective, our outcome has the potential to change as well?
We are glad you are participating with us and we look forward to seeing some of your notes soon! No matter how messy and gloriously complicated it might appear – you have the power to take hold of the moment and manifest prosperity now. Dive into the details of the things, people, places and experiences you are wanting to manifest. The trick is to thank the Universe for the things you desire before they actually manifest. Check out my course called MANIFEST if you really want to dive into some deep healing that will help take your life to the next level. It’s a sign of openness, willingness, and of being an active participant in the expansion of your consciousness. The whole idea is to immerse yourself in the energy of prosperity, because it sticks to your aura and magnifies the more you play the game. This is the things that you’re going to “mentally” purchase each day with consciousness as your cash. When you actively and consciousness choose to affirm certain phrases and beliefs then you start to rewire your thinking and create a better life for yourself.

We might set New Year’s resolutions that fizzle out soon after they’ve been set and then hope to start the diet again on Monday or save money starting next month etc. They are the creators of their destiny, they dictate how they react in a situation and how they CHOOSE to move forward. Granted I am not saying do things out of spite just to hurt another but if you truly want to (or not want to) do something why not go after it.
To be grounded in the here and NOW, not worrying about the future or the past, and taking a look at all the greatness that surrounds you. That’s why and how we connect with the people we connect with, so we can help each other when the going gets tough.  Don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of your healing. This not only removes any resistance, but it makes it easier for your objects of desire to flow into your current reality with ease and grace.
There are countless amounts of books in the library and millions of uplifting videos of YouTube.
Check out my affirmations page for more inspiration to release those pesky abundance blocks. All it takes to rise above this epidemic of lack of worthiness is to choose a better path in each momment we are presented with.
For all they know it is a blessing in disguise to learn the lessons they had to learn in the moment to allow them to really appreciate and have the skills and background for the next adventure in their lives.
It is people like them who are the NEW leadership, the NEW movers and shakers, the NEW creators of a life worth living.
Why do we feel like we don’t deserve our dreams because it may inconvenience someone else for the time being?
It is to assist in being in the moment, shifting consciousness and awareness to see the good that surrounds us vs looking at the negative.
Throughout the entire day word of the possible suspension circulated, and a group of students came together and formed a petition. Who knows, it might actually open a door for you that you may never would have thought of or make a connection with someone who will alter the course of your life for the better. I am on a journey just as you are and recently a very new friend came into my world, however he is one of those connections where you feel like you have known each other FOREVER! It is when you shine that you unconsciously give others the power within themselves to shine as well.
You are the only one with the choice to change your perspective, the question is…will you?
And the best part is that inspiration is quite often FREE and surrounding you everywhere you look. Choose to love yourself a little deeper, choose to nurture you heart and a little harder and watch the magic happen and unfold. However, for the potential for something like that to occur, you must let down your guard, be your true authentic self and open up that heart space.
The goal is to learn the lesson and accept the blessings for the time you spend together.  You may also notice that the universe will test you. It is a ripple effect that starts when you decide to Stand Up And Lead for yourself, for the power and passion you have within to make a difference for you and thus the world at large. What if I don’t get the promotion, what if I miss my flight, what if I _______ (fill in the blank). Now by connecting with your friends and community I’m not saying call ALL your friends up and start replaying the emotional story over and over but a few people are fine or you can simply ask (perhaps text, being that we are in an age of technology) something similar to this, “I don’t need to talk but if you could send me some good love and vibes right now I would greatly appreciate it. Test you to see if what you say you no longer want and what you want are in alignment with which direction you take when given the choice and opportunity to choose what you did in the past or choose the new path and new direction you say you want to go in. Save your Starbucks money for a week and use the money for gas to make that trip to the beach.

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