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The climate was right for Ferrari to build a faster, cleaner supercar.Here's an upside for global warming. That truly is F1 racing technology for the road.At a glance, it's hard to pick this as the new model. Most engines suffer an asthma attack at high revs but the Ferrari's shove of acceleration just doesn't stop.

Despite riding on tyres with sidewalls as thick as an iPad cover, the Ferrari glides over bumps.And, unlike some other Italian supercar makers, Ferrari got the steering right on the first go. At this point I should find some token flaw, so I don't sound all gaga.OK, it's the door handles (designed like a shark fin, they also direct air to the rear intakes). They're a bit wobbly on the pre-production car tested (all car makers say something is pre-production when something's not right, but we never know if it's true or not).But that's not the reason it's half a star away from a five-star score.

It's because a rear camera is an option on this half-a-million-dollar supercar when it's standard on a $14,990 Honda hatch.Would that stop me from buying one?

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