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After making peanut butter in my Vitamix blender, I was anxious to try making homemade almond butter. Homemade almond butter is highly perishable (because it’s raw), so store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight and use it up within a week. Medical Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be used as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Almond butter provides 6-8 grams per 2 tablespoons of protein, and is rich in vitamins such as E and B2. Both of these can be healthy and nutritious, but there are a few factors to consider when choosing between them.
Another major thing to think about is that almond butter is less available in retail stores than peanut butter. When making your own almond butter, you can use either raw or roasted almonds in a high-speed blender or food processor. After the almonds cool off slightly, place in a food processor and grind for about 12-15 minutes. Every few minutes, you’ll want to stop the processor and push down anything that has accumulated on the sides of the bowl. If you desire any additional flavor, add in maple syrup, coconut oil, agave, or honey, and mix well. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site. We have actually also made a quick goat cheese dip that you could serve together with them. This entry was written by Green Kitchen Stories, posted on 23 Jan ’10 at 16:34, filed under Bread, Breakfast and tagged gluten-free.
I make a simmilar cracker, but I add a tbs of good oil, finely chopped rosemary and a sprinkle of dried onion.
This was the first recipe I’ve made from Green Kitchen Stories (after reading for several months!) – they were so easy and delicious! I would love to make these but not only do I have to avoid gluten, I’m allergic to eggs as well. As a coeliac its great to find so many homely , comforting and easy recipes to give you the health benefits needed . One lucky purely twins family member will have the chance to WIN A FREE Vitamix S30 personal blender. We look forward to making more homemade nut butters, especially chocolate pistachio butter! HOW TO ENTER VITAMIX GIVEAWAY: None of these are mandatory just the more you like and comment the better your chances are for winning!

Chocolate cake is my favorite…and definitely sprinkles, they’re just too fun to pass up!!
Most of us are aiming to live a green and cruelty-free life, and to not create waste if at all possible. First mix a dollop of peanut butter into the breadcrumbs, wiping them together so they are really well mixed.
If you put a lot of wet ingredients, your nutloaf will be very close textured and dense, if only a few, the texture will be more open and crumbly when finished. Grease a baking tin or dish with margarine or oil, and I sprinkle a few sunflower seeds (homegrown of course!) or sesame seeds, or even sliced mushroom (looks pretty when you turn it out) into the bowl where they stick to the fat and help the loaf turn out more easily as well as look attractive! Spoon the mix into the container and push it down firmly with a fork, making the top as flat as possible.
I cook it initially in the microwave to heat it all the way through, and then turn it out onto a baking tray and pop it in the oven to crisp the outside and cook it through. I also enjoy doing creative things like a bi or tri-coloured loaf, by splitting the basic mix into two or three, and mixing each batch with different coloured foodstuffs. For Christmas you could try putting in a portion of stuffing into the centre as you put it into the tin, or a layer of cranberries. Don't go out and buy bottled vegetable juice; this fresh and easy recipe is delicious, a little spicy, a little light, but still filling, and is a wonder Blast for weight loss. My chicken cilantro-pesto lettuce wraps is a twist on the popular beefy lettuce tacos recipe.
In the food processor, blend the cilantro leaves, pine nuts, and garlic until you get a smooth, creamy texture. We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. Like our fruit rolls, they might look advanced but we got them just the way we planned on our first try.
On our first try we used to many eggs, second try they became to thick, third try to thin (and burned). We mainly used cashew and almonds together with some pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, but it would probably taste great with hazelnuts and walnuts as well. I think I ground the nuts into too fine of a flour because ours ended up looking nothing like yours in the picture! I made a version of these crackers and linked it back to your site – I hope you don’t mind! But not quite crispy or crunchy enough to be a cracker…did you blend all the seeds and nuts or just the nuts? Love nuts and since I now eat only clean foods, I have been looking for healthy treats to substitute my former processed favourites.

It is sweetened with stevia and has just 7 ingredients plus a delicious 2 ingredient frosting! But we find it to be amazing especially with the 2 ingredient coconut butter frosting on top and of course… sprinkles!! You’ll have to decide at what temperature to cook it at, and for how long, and that will depend on the size of your loaf, the shape, how wet the mix is, and your own preferences. I’ve found that if you get a circular plastic hommous pot, you can push a dollop of nutloaf mix into it, and this can be swiftly banged down into a frying pan, forming a burger shape.
You do that by mixing the nuts together in a high speed blender for about one minute, then you get a flour texture.
I’ve read somewhere that mixing 1 tbsp of linseed mixed with 3 tbsp of water (wait 5 min and then add to a recipe) would do the trick. And after 10 minutes in the oven, should I leave them in the oven to become more crisp with the door slighty ajar? I really fancied something sweet alongside the cracker so added a huge spoonful of your cold magic chocolate Mousse – heavenly and just what I needed !! This cake looks delicious though, I actually plan on using the frosting for a sweet potato cake today! This is less of a recipe and more of a road-map, as each time you make the nutloaf it’ll be different. If you skip the salt and top them with sesame seeds, you can have them for breakfast as well. Add egg, water and sea salt and stir around with a wooden spoon until the mixture comes together in a quite stiff dough.
Oh, I just read the recipe again and it says blend the *nuts* into a flour (did you blend the nuts first and then add the flax seeds and pumpkin seeds?). I baked them for about twenty minutes since they seemed kind of pale and soft at ten minutes. They are one of those rare kind of snacks that only contains good stuff, are simple to make and taste really, really good. If the dough sticks to the rolling pin you could roll it with a parchment paper covering the dough. Do they continue to crisp after they’re cooled, or should they be crisp coming off the pan?

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