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Registration, Stamp Duty and any applicable taxes shall be payable at the time of Possession.
Price list and payment plan can be changed without notice at sole discretion of the Company.
Stellar’s first residential project, consists of 87 aesthetically designed premium apartments at Noida. The Stellar It Park is a two tower setup, with built up area of 630,000 sq ft available as integrated office space and about 314,000 sq ft developed as a double basement. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Grandmaster Gustavo Pope-Gueirro of Xtreme Tae Kwon Do at Ultima Fitness in Wellington offers some ways men and women can protect themselves if they are attacked. Grandmaster Gustavo Pope-Gueirro of Extreme Taekwondo at Ultima Fitness in Wellington offers some ways men and women can protect themselves if they are attacked. Now since money is the main factor, as long as the -ugh- vinyl or aluminum siding is in good shape, the least expensive thing to do would be paint it some funky color. The profile of members include senior Civil Servants, senior Professionals from different walks of life, Industrialists, Exporters and some Corporate Members as well. Corrugated metal seems like a more modern and tasteful approach than your run of the mill siding. This urban retreat is to be found nestled in 12-acres of a pure verdant stretch along the Greater Noida Expressway.
Nikon's newest, a A?2,400 body called the D800, introduces two major features: HD video and a 36-megapixel sensor. In anticipation of this possible project, I’m trying to come up with some fun ideas for the exterior. Sure, there will be touch up, but it should be much easier than painting once it’s attached to the house.
Here’s a variety of reclaimed materials that would probably work well on a raised ranch as there varying depths on the exterior. Studio photographers will love its rich details, and for the hack on the street, it's the sharpest sensor in this price range.
Let's be clear from the start: This is one of the best cameras you can buy for under three grand, period.
The camera's LCD went from 3 to 3.2 inches, and it gained a new plastic "anti-fog" protector, but the resolution, like the D700, remains at 921,000 pixels.

For photographers who aren't shooting under bright lights, though, these images are still really useful because they offer a lot of leeway to crop usable sections from the larger image. While the 12-megapixel D700 could shoot 5 fps, the D800 lost a little speed, as it only takes four.
When dealing with the images on a computer, the D800's RAW files are a whopping 33 MB, which makes processing files very cumbersome.
Under decent light with all noise-reduction turned off in our still-life ISO test, the camera held up very well within the standard range. If you zoom in very closely, the noise becomes obvious to the untrained eye above ISO 1600. As for actually shooting with the D800 at night, the camera is capable of some great things, assuming you can get them in focus.
If you've got shaky hands, it's unforgiving with lenses that don't have image stabilisation. From a hardware perspective, the camera's main distinguishing feature is the clean HDMI output.
This can take unprocessed video from the image sensor, feed it into a recording device, and do the processing there. That means you can record raw video and process it latera€”a useful, if niche, advantage over the 5D Mark III. It has both a stereo mic input and a headphone jack, which are essential to monitor and adjust the audio as needed.
In Gizmodo's initial test, pitting the D800 against the Canon 5D Mark III, the camera held its own against the 5D. The D800's video performance mimics its photography skills: It's a very good all-around shooter, but it's much better suited to daylight shooting than night.
After the initial test, we even swapped out the A?1,500 lens we were using for a Nikon DX lens designed for Nikon crop sensor cameras. In the recording, some portions of the shot will appear to move more quickly than others, causing a weird warping distortion. It's the biggest complaint against both the 5D Mark II and Mark III, and it's no different here. In our test, the Nikon camera also suffered from terrible moire interferencea€”this is the trippy-looking distortion that occurs with detailed, repeating patterns. In the dark, the high-resolution sensor holds up impressively in its standard ISO range, and photos taken at up to ISO 1600 and often ISO 3200 have so little noise that they're usable without editing.

The camera is built to survive, and manipulating your shot with the buttons on the camera without ever going into a menu is smart, streamlined and intuitive.
As for video, the D800 delivers what the D700 lacked: versatile filmmaker-quality footage in a DSLR package. The high-resolution sensor was an awesome and potentially visionary addition to the camera. Yes, this is a pro's camera, and most photographers won't expect it do all the thinking on its own. Given how well that sensor does in daylight, it's disappointing that the camera doesn't quite hit that level of excellence in the dark. It fizzles out at just ISO 6400, which doesn't really push the boundaries of what came before.
It adds the usual benefits and drawbacks, without the bringing a whole lot more to the table.
But if Nikon wants to get serious about video in its DSLRsa€”and it shoulda€”the company has to introduce something new. It's a better still camera than the D700, it adds video, and the fantastic image sensor takes images to a new level of quality. The high-resolution sensor was a gutsy move, and it paid off, as Nikon proved that you can pack pixels into a camera without ruining its performance in the dark.
But for the camera consumer with a budget over A?2,500 and no brand loyalty, it's a tough call between the D800 and the 5D Mark III. After testing each for a week apiece, we're still asking whether the benefits of the Nikon's high-resolution sensor outweigh the Canon's versatility.
The best way to tell could be to consider how you'll use the toola€”for a pro photographer shooting portraits in a studio, or a Nat Geo correspondent capturing the landscapes of Yosemite, the Nikon could be the clear choice. For a photojournalist on an unpredictable news beat, or even a young professional taking on a wide range of work, the Canon could be a better option. Answering the question for yourself could be a matter of just picking each one up and seeing which feels right in your hands.

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