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Boxes pile up after a move—and considering how expensive they are to buy new from Home Depot, it makes sense there’s a thriving community of people seeking out cheaper alternatives.
Consignment stores will typically list your items at about 30% of their original retail price, of which you’ll get 50%. If your furniture collection is truly something special, try listing it on specialty stores online such as Krrb or Chairish. If you’re upgrading to newer, fancier tool models in your move, comb through your garage looking for Craftsman, Mac, Matco, Cornwell, or Snap-on brand equipment, which can fetch top dollar on eBay. Considering the current plight of the used bookstore, you can’t expect much from your old stacks of bound paper.
Other big steals include anything “Mad Men”-esque, like Dorothy Thorpe glasses, or vintage Fiestaware, which could nab you more than $30 per plate. Once you’ve vanquished most of your excess belongings, what should you do with the rest? If you’re not getting any bites, Money recommends lowering the price bit by bit until you start receiving inquiries.
Even though you won’t walk away with cash in hand, donating your items can save you money, too. Movers NYC: Great Movers is a professional moving company in New York that has all the logistical, packing, and storage capabilities to move your family anywhere.

The only difference is rather than donating everything or throwing it away in a panic, you sell it instead. Have you uncovered a box of working—but old—phones, iPods, or other electronics during the move? Specialized stores such as Once Upon A Child will take everything from clothing to costumes to swimwear, meaning you can even make back some of the cost of the bathing suit little Susie wore for three weeks last summer. Whatever you find stowed away, make sure to price it out; even lesser-known brands turned out the occasional hit, which could garner you a healthy check through online marketplaces. On Etsy and eBay, you’ll find a niche online market seeking carefully cut-out vintage prints from old books and magazines. Bright colors and funky patterns are blogger catnip, with rare models such as this turquoise chip and dip set going for $100 or more.
As part of his Challenge Everything series, Money has been putting one item on Craigslist per week for the past year—banking more than $1,000 in the process.
Give your castoffs to a charitable organization recognized by the IRS, and you can get a tax deduction—generally, the fair market value of those items (try a service like It’s Deductible to help you calculate). Try websites such as BoxCycle, where you can get 50 cents to $2 per box, depending on its size. Unless you’re in a high-traffic city such as New York or San Francisco, it might take a few weeks—or even longer—for the right buyer to find your special item.

For instance, a Nike ad with Michael Jordan in a 1990s Chicago newspaper sold on eBay for $23.
Music retailer Amoeba Records pays 10 cents to $5 for most CDs, based on the format, artist, popularity, condition, and existing inventory. You can claim these deductions up to 50% of your adjusted gross income (although in some cases 20% or 30% limits may apply).
Your best bet is the nearest ecoATM, which analyzes your model and spits out money on the spot (you can decline any offer).
If you’re sitting on a rare Beatles album, you might be looking at a big paycheck—but you could score even with more obscure gems.
Unlike online shops such as Gazelle and uSell, ecoATM accepts a wider range of devices—even old MP3 players.

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