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The sources said the cash was hand-carried by couriers on flights from Dubai or Turkey, or brought across the Iraq-Iran border.
Sanctions imposed by the West over Iran’s nuclear programme have shut Tehran out of the global banking system, making it hard to obtain the US dollars it needs for completing international transactions. In December, the US Treasury said the Iranian government had obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in bank notes using front companies.
These sources said nearly a billion dollars in US bank notes had been smuggled into Iran in recent months, with the Iranian central bank playing an important role.
Three Western diplomatic sources and three Iranian government officials, who all declined to be identified citing the sensitivity of the issue, said Tehran had been working on ways to obtain dollars since March last year.
Before it reached Iran, the cash was passed through money changers and front companies in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq, they added. A Western diplomat, who follows Iranian affairs, said the country’s central bank was a driving force in efforts to obtain dollars.
The extent of the smuggling has emerged as Tehran is in talks with world powers about its nuclear programme, seeking a deal to lift the sanctions that have halved its oil exports and hammered its economy. The use of multiple front companies, which bought dollars from currency traders in Dubai and Iraq, was preferred as it concealed the overall size of the dollar purchasing operation, the Iranian and Western sources said. Front companies operate at arm’s length from the Iranian government or state-backed organisations, the sources said.
Suitcases full of dollars were carried to Iran from Dubai, and sometimes Turkey, the Iranian government official said. A report last year by the UN Security Council’s Panel of Experts on Iran said Iran had used cash and money changers to help get around banking restrictions.
US Executive Order 13622, which came into effect in 2012, prohibits the purchase or acquisition of US bank notes by the government of Iran.
Iranian and Western diplomatic sources said as much as $500 million in cash was funneled to Iran through traders in Iraq. An Iraqi government financial adviser told Reuters that Iraq was a major source of dollars for Iran, but the Iraqi government had this year begun to restrict the central bank’s dollar sales to private banks and traders in an attempt to control the flow of dollars out of the country. The Iranian and Western sources said another $500 million was obtained for Iran by two Dubai-based front companies that have been sanctioned by the US Treasury.
One company was Sima General Trading Company, sanctioned in 2013 for acting as an Iranian government front company. The Treasury also said other individuals had delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in US bank notes to Iran’s government in breach of sanctions.

The US acts all noble and altruistic when all the trouble in the middle-east is their doing. Once the USSR went down, the US shifted the focus of their eye of destruction to the middle east. The WMD (that the US said they gave Iraq to use against Iran) but Iraq did not have then and were never found caused the attacks that ultimately caused the fall of Saddam and the ripple effect of the unrest also spread to Egypt and Syria among others.
Iran is the only state that has evaded the US efforts to manipulate, bribe and intimidate its way in to their government. The US wants the war criminals of Israel to be the only ones to have nukes in the middle east.
Since I transferred to another location in Dubai, I’ve been searching for cheap gyms in the area.
I’m making fitness a priority especially when I don’t really have much physical activity except for going to the mall to report for work. Of course, there are those who still go out and exercise or play sports, it’s just that the internet is more accessible (and cheaper). I invested 3 months at 350 AED which is 100 Dirhams cheaper compared to just paying for one month. Tips, tools, and resources for creatively teaching, organizing, cooking, and frugal living.
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In the UAE’s capital, tucked away behind the Central Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Al Bateen Harbour, is a recently-completed project that is as much talked about as it is easy to miss. Head down an unpromising, half-built, dusty road and on past a still-active construction site. And indeed the corniche is only a short walk away, points out Samir Al-Abd, the project director on site for Pivot Engineering & General Contracting, also based in Abu Dhabi.
Altogether, the eight buildings at Al Marasy comprise a total 369 apartments, from studios to a handful of four-bedroom duplexes. One of the buildings is set apart at the entrance to Al Bateen, while the other seven form a main development backing onto a marina for residents, and a quay wall snakes around the perimeter of the site. Space became a major issue for the project from the start, with the site yielding little or no room for even construction materials – a problem exacerbated by some unexpected limitations on site access. Interviews by Reuters with Iranian officials and Western diplomatic and intelligence sources show a bigger smuggling effort by Tehran, as well as the routes and methods used –details not previously reported.

Western and Iranian sources said Iran’s central bank had in recent months worked with other entities, including other sanctioned Iranian companies, to find ways to obtain US dollars, including using front companies and their networks.
Authorities in the United Arab Emirates made no immediate comment when contacted, while the UAE central bank declined comment. Groups of three or four couriers would usually fly first or business class, the official said.
Jonathan Schanzer, a former terrorism finance analyst at the US Treasury, said Iran had been starved of dollars and euros.
I say let the US throw a fit and let Iran have their nukes, for that would pose a real threat to the Jewish usurpers of Palestinian territories. People come to Dubai in order to work and logging online to watch YouTube videos for free movies, chat with family and loved ones on Skype or update Facebook accounts has become the constant activity to break free from the job routine. I’m maximizing the time while staying fit in line with my goals of being more active than ever. Follow the bend in the road and suddenly Al Marasy emerges - a shimmering mirage of glass and metal designed by Boston-based CBT Architects in collaboration with landscape architects Carol R Johnson Associates.
This and the shoring were put in place in 2007 by ACC (Arabian Construction Company), which was responsible for the initial works on the project.
They said the central bank had given the orders to the front companies abroad to buy dollars.
In return for dollars, the front companies were paid in United Arab Emirates dirhams or oil, the Iranian and Western sources said. The Treasury said Belfast General Trading had converted over $250 million, which was hand carried to Tehran. I can only hope that ISIS goes out of control like Taliban and starts some real action in Israel and KSA soon. The Gold’s Gym in Al Musalla Tower is a bit pricey for me since I don’t have the budget yet, so looking for a cost-effective workout place was something I considered. EHAF Consulting Engineers also worked on the design, management and supervision of the project.
Last time I checked, Israeli and US military action has taken many, many more lives and left behind many, many bigger disasters than anything Iran has done.

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