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Biggie Smalls referred to Puff Daddy as P Diddy and Diddy in his songs… I guess your only off by a few years. Sounds like another lame white attempt to discredit rap or make it look ignorant and only making YOSELF look ignorant.
AND the reason Puff Daddy changed his name to P.Diddy is because Biggie used to call him that.
But everyone whoever wrote this silly little article knows, that Jaz-O is the story of how Jay-Z got his name. In my opinion, getting a nick name from one of the greatest rappers of all time is a little different than making one up in an attempt to seem edgy.
At the end of the day, anyone who truly respects the art of Rhyme is far less concerned with the questionable origins of the artist’ name than questionable rap skills.

I understand you’re trying to be funny or even worse insinuating how ridiculous rappers can be but unfortunately you failed at both attempts. You don’t have to be a rap historian or even familiar with rap, but if you are going to do a post like this, you cannot be tone deaf to the genre. The writer clearly has some sort of anti rap bias so why would they bother writing something like this? Know what youre posting before you put up misleading information about people that make more money than you. Ok, from what I was told by a few friends from the South, the name Cuddy has vaginal connotations behind it. I figured I would make things even since this topic is directed at making black rappers look bad.

Now please tell me, WHO IN THERE RIGHT DAMN MIND wants to be named not only Kid but a female organ as well? His rap name was first Lil’ Scott coming from his name Scott Mescudi, and then it switched to Super Kid, and then it went to Kid Mescudi to Kid Cudi.

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