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Even though playing through the campaign missions would be pretty much enough to make you a decent amount of money in Grand Theft Auto 5, you want to afford more and you want to do it quick.
We have already shared with you some tips on making money in the Stock Market of GTA 5 and it’s one of the easiest approaches to the entire thing. You can start some nice street races for profits in the game (but you actually have to win them!) It’s also a win-win situation, as you will not only make some money fast, but you will also improve your driving skills. Chop has a great nose for sniffing out hidden treasure and simply roaming the streets with the Rottweiler will bag you some nice money. On the streets of Los Santos, you will find a lot of Stragers and Freaks who have missions for you.
The streets of Los Santos (and the waters too) are full of treasure waiting to be discovered. We’ve found a little exploit that allows you to unlock all weapons for free so if you’re not one to shy away from some cheating, this could save you a nice chunk of money!
Be sure to check out our complete GTA Online Heists guide for all the information you need to get through the jobs. Be the host: Yes, we know this is easier said than done when everyone wants to be the host, but the best financial rewards are available in the finale to the heist leader. While the Special Bonuses can only be completed once by each player, you’re able to run Elite Challenges as many times as you like. We hebben eerder al over een aantal manieren gehad waarmee je snel veel geld kan verdienen in GTA Online.

I am here to share with you all the tips that I can think of to help you make more money fast in GTA 5 that would allow you to buy even the most expensive properties on the market and never worry that you don’t have enough. As long as you keep your ears open for tips about the market on radio or, even more important, coming from Lester’s mouth, you will do fine: buy low and sell high for the profits!
Some random encounters can even result in you unsuspectingly making a TON of money, like was my case of a guy who asked me to bring him back his bike and after a couple of days he game me 100k worth of shares in his company. So grab some scuba diving gear or simply take some time to explore and you will find collectibles and hidden packages that you can turn in for some extra money. So it’s better to stay alive at all times not to risk losing money, your cars and most of your possessions. Hosts are able to set the percentage pay-out in the finale, meaning The Pacific Standard Job, with its potential final pay-out of $1.25 million, can be seriously lucrative. Running through all the heists once will net you a cool $500,000 in bonuses, so don’t pussy-out after the first couple.
As the name suggests, you need to complete every set-up and heist in order, starting with The Fleeca Job.
You’ll receive an enormous $10 million bonus if you can complete every set-up and finale in order with the same group of players without any loss of life. Another Perspective can only be achieved on PS4 or Xbox One, and it requires the host to lock the camera option to first-person when setting up each job. The pay-outs are far lower than the one-off bonuses, but once you’re in a good group of knowledgable players you should be able to rinse these easily, adding an extra $450,000 to any run-through.

Greenbacks are the core of the entire experience, allowing you to buy the best weapons, vehicles and stupid haircuts. The best way to be able to host these heists is to get together with a strong group and take it in turns. Your progress will be completely reset if anyone dies on any of the jobs, regardless of how close you are to the end. Je kan met je vrienden steeds hetzelfde missie doen waarmee je om de 30 seconden $9000 kan verdienen. Dankzij deze switch wordt het mogelijk de motor alweer opnieuw te verkopen en dus geld te verdienen.
Not to be sniffed at, but you’ll probably need to be tight with a dedicated group of players to be able to complete this. Je kan ook auto’s stelen en die vervolgens aan de garage, Los Santos Customs verkopen.

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