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Control City’s location, temperature, climate, and any other type of control that will increase the amount of simulation control that will make this game more and more realistic. We want all the types of Public Transportation, why would you leave out Subway and so many other forms of Transportation? Hopefully this game has every type of taxing option that you would need to have to control the amount of money the city makes from the people as well as businesses.
Maxis take some time, develop a website or forum where people can go and add a list of features they want to see in the game. Make cities be able to be from 50 people to 12 million people… just like in real life. Snow, rain, and other types of weather effects put a certain type of demand onto a city, for example if a city snows 5 months of the year, there is going to be lots of jobs having to do with snow removal, and repairing roads because of the harsh weather. There are tons and tons of features needed to create a great game that fans are going to love. The presence of empty spaces not editable (useless empty spaces) with automatic road connections. Not being able to save your maps on the hard drive (you will not be able to reload the city to a stage prior to disasters). Player doesn’t have complete control over the zoning by population density (almost automatic zoning). Personally, I’m fine with a simpler SimCity than in the past, so long as it has depth (not complexity) and a fun factor. Also, lots of forum threads asking the same question on the EA SimCity Forum and EA Answers forum as well. One of the developers did hint though, that bigger maps might be a possibility in the future. Also, all emergency vehicles seems to respect a red light, so they just sit there waiting for a green light. Also you should note that Maxis made it so that Sims doesn’t actually own a house or work at the same place.
Finally, if you want to keep up with the Simcity developers from Maxis, on Twitter, I have published a Twitter list containing all of the Maxis people I could find, that are somehow related to SimCity. Another piece of good news, Lead Designer, Stone Librande, just published a blog post on SimCity’s website also explaining path finding and saying they will tune it. The mayor likely meant well, but overspent from the outset, laying roads that were far too wide and costly.
We have managed to lay a small bit of road into our new town and are in the process of finishing the first residences.
Perhaps I am overreacting, but it seems we should try to be as self-sufficient as possible. The power stations were off to a rough start, but the people are happy overall with the choice of green energy. More zones have been set aside for residents and businesses, and our factories are flourishing. I have not done anything entirely egregious or foolish, excepting the hastily chosen spot for the water treatment facility.
For my City I decided to locate in the region Viridian Woods a large heavily wooded Region with nice rail links river links. After loading the city I immediately set the simulation on pause and set to work on building my cities basic infrastructure. I set to work with enough money to build a medium density avenue leading up to the central circle and one other circle off the side where I placed my wind power plant with two turbines and a water tower.
Yet again I received more moaning from my citizens something about the shops being on fire and them wanting me to build a fire station. Today seemed like national moan day as they were now complaining of a garbage problem I plopped down a garbage disposal building (Landfill site) on the road to the industrial estate and moved the sewage outflow pipe next to it.
Tomorrow I think I may need to do some improvements to the roads as I can already see some traffic jams forming during the rush hours and I would like to provide some education to bring some medium tech more clean industry before the pollution consumes my city. Now there was starting to be some criminal activity and from past experience I know it’s best to place a police station before crime starts to ruin your city. At this stage I set up a medium sized industrial estate in the region to aid circle town so I could focus on improving its commercial and residential areas which it did as at this point we were beginning to get medium rise flats.
Tomorrow I hope to improve education and tech level and possibly get some high wealth or high density buildings. My city was going nicely and I was making money; not huge amounts but a steady 6,000-7,000 simoleons an hour. I managed to build a university but I don’t have enough educated students to enrol at the university to be able to add any specialist departments to start a research project.
Not much happened again today crime is starting to take over my city due to gridlocked roads giving poor response times from the police and the fire service the main problem was the police.
My city was getting full of crime and the circle layout was causing even high density avenues to come to a halt.
To try and counter the crime problem I built another police station and added four squad car bays. Clearly the circle was not working great for me after all my experience with the grid layout. Today was a fun day I started off by deleting all the police stations in my city and watching the criminals start to take over they were spreading quickly and with 0 arrests per day there was nothing to stop them (apart from the traffic) killing any and every sim in the city.
All these criminals were causing a lot more problems than just crime there were so many fires that the fire brigade couldn’t cope this wasn’t helped by the fact that there were becoming more abandoned buildings as people moved out and business collapsed due to the crime. As I was watching my city crumble a news flash came up saying zombies had arrived at my city this was all the better to get the city destroyed even faster. Next there was another disaster this time a tornado ripped through my city luckily through abandoned and under construction buildings killing a total of 70 sims. If you are living away from your family , parents, children or friends this should be your number 1 New Years’ Resolution to Spend more time with them and to enjoy these memorable moments of life. Traveling is fun and i am sure that many of you must also be planning to make some long journey for tourism, study or trade , whatever but the main thing is that people love to travel from one place to another. There are a lot of opportunities of work in this new year and you can make it the best hit too. New Year’s Resolution is actually all about planning something great to make you a good and happy new Year Start. Due to the high economical crisis all over the world, the rate of inflation has increased rapidly and it is getting really hard to pay for anything. As described earlier in being healthy and loosing weight that getting fit gives you a better look for the people and also make you lead a happy yet tension free life. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. For example, what if we want a residential area that is full of million dollar homes… or if we want to control a neighborhood that is full of more basic cheaper homes. The point of making a video game is to create a game people love, not a game people dislike and wish had so many other features and control.
If a city rains a lot, the sewer and water infrastructure will be much different than a city in the middle of the hot dessert. And the amount of cops you need is based around crime and those types of things… not just distance.
You need pipes, treatment plants, canals, and tons of other factors to provide water to people and business. When the game first launched in USA on March 5th (came to Europe a few days later, and United Kingdom a day after that), only few people could actually get in on the servers to play. So I’m hoping they will release DLC (downloadable content) later, which unlocks bigger maps and hopefully will also give us one-way streets and maybe even subways also (yes, subways are gone in SimCity 5). One not-so-big-deal is the fact that Sims doesn’t live in the same house, or work at the same workplace. The problem is that the Sims are stupid (retarded, actually), and they will cause huge traffic jams (gridlock) because they drive around much more than they need to. If you like what you see, why not connect via Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed and always receive up-to-date information about new articles on this topic.
Please keep your behavior civil, make sure to create your own sections with your user name, and sign your posts with ~~~~. The layout of the town was haphazard, and then there were problems from then on with the utilities.

We bid our farewells to neighbors that elected to stay, packed our bags and our vehicles the night before, and all had a fitful night of sleep. The road sweeps in from the main highway, and there have been a few visitors that have come by to take a look at our progress.
I have drawn up a rough plan of the city, with residential buildings placed near the highway, followed by commercial lanes, and then industrial acreage much further within the city limits. Right now our neighbors to the south have graciously allowed us to purchase electricity to power our homes, but there is no telling how long this will last, given our meager resources. To that end I have hired workers to begin paving the way for a solar energy plant, as well as a wind farm. There were times we had several rolling brown outs as we attempted to construct and then power the solar station. An added boon was the discovery of multiple oil fields down the steep cliffs, close to the edge of the water!
No longer do we have to bump along on dirt paths, but now we have paved strips that greatly increase the flow of traffic. There are certainly more than enough bodies to fill those positions, and with the influx of cash generated from the coal and oil industries, we will also build our own water treatment facility.
Thanks to one of our more educated citizens, Alexander Pisano, we also discovered large deposits of ore.
Already there are a handful of protestors gathered outside the hall, picketing for more of a law enforcement presence. Where once we were a small town of perhaps one hundred, we now boast upwards of four thousand people.
I am embarrassed to admit that in my desire to be free from dependence on others I chose a rather… dry spot. We even started having apartment buildings rise from neighborhoods a month or so ago, and now the main line is filled with them.
While tourism would be a wonderful thing, it also brings with it crime and other undesirable elements. The city I chose was City Giovanni woods as it is a very flat city providing plenty of room to build a huge city with rail links so I could hook in a railway station if necessary to bring in more tourists. My basic plan for the city was to have a circular design with a big central circle road with rings of roads inside in the middle, with other circles for industry and commercial buildings and another for large civic buildings. I was now running short on cash so I took out a bond of 50,000 and zoned my central circle to residential. I went ahead and made a few circular roads for the commerce to go on and some groovy looking arcs in the corner by the time I had finished building this I was losing population fast due to the outbreak of a disease so reluctantly I placed a clinic in the centre of the residential area. After enjoying the light show for a while I placed a small fire station just outside of the commercial district so they could also get to the residential zone.
My Sims seemed to finally be cheering up as for now there were no moans of fires deaths or garbage and I finally got a green smiley face representing that my citizens were happier. If you have any suggestions for my city you can send them to me on my talk page or this articles talk. The first thing I saw when I started playing was that my town hall was available to  upgrade to city hall which I did and added a department of education which would allow me to build colleges and a university in the future. At the same time I also placed a new fire station between the new residential zone and the industrial zone and a clinic in the new residential zone.
Again I checked up on my police and found they were getting good coverage and were stopping crimes but there were no new arrests being made after a brief moment of questioning myself I realised it was because the jail cells were full so I added some lower and some upper jail cells each capable of holding 15 prisoners bringing my capacity up to 40.
I was watching my city grow on cheetah speed when unexpectedly my city crashed into darkness. As I had no room for mining, I went for gambling and started off by plopping two gambling hall one with cheap rooms and nickel slots and the other with nice rooms and blackjack hall. I have been getting a lot of luxury apartments and a few hotels popping up in the commercial area to house are tourists for our gambling halls and expo centre, which I have been keeping the events going and the amount of tourists visiting is increasing every time.
I am hoping that if and when we get enough students to add a school of engineering to the university In the hope that I can build a Space centre great work (although lots of the materials will have to come from other cities.
Unfortunately as I was manly focusing on commercial my city hall was not upgraded enough to add a department of safety so I could get a helicopter or a department of transport for street cars. The new support still couldn’t help because the traffic was just not flowing enough meaning not enough criminals got arrested and the problem got worse and worse.
It worked well at the start and kept the industrial area separate but when the city became too big when people were traveling to and from work the routes to the different islands was just not good enough. The rather alien looking zombies terrorised buildings mainly in my industrial are infecting other sims! That wasn’t it now a giant lizard came stomping thorough the middle of my city heading straight for my garbage dump where it burn and eat the garbage before disappearing under the ground. People look back and see what they did and got the last year and what else they need to do for the coming yet fresh and new year. Most of the time a lot of people get negative and really fall prey to the difficulties in life that comes to them. You can make this world a better place by helping these elderly people or the disabled ones. I have personally seen a lot of families just dream of spending time with their family and they remain really sad to not have them on many of the special occasions.
And it is really great to travel because you know a lot about the culture, living style of other nations and how they are doing. May be you can ask your boss to give you relaxation in working hours or may be you expect to get some salary upgrade in new year.
So as an example you can start off with some further education to increase your authority and get more certificates either in your field of expertise or you can also choose to learn some foreign language. Food and household items are also getting a lot pricy and costs of electricity and gas are increasing super fast. For example: (If a have a neighborhood that has multi-million dollar homes in it the types of individuals are most likely working high paid jobs.
And should be a lot harder to get people to your Casino… why make the game so easy and basic? I live in Bakersfield, and the two largest types of jobs is Agriculture and Oil… watch I don’t think Maxis plans on having in the game.
Our "wonderful" mayor has ruined this once fair place, overspending and overbuilding, then levying enormous taxes on the populace in an effort to keep the city afloat.
We were all attracted by the grand buildings and businesses, the smell of the sea air as it wafted from the nearby beach, and all the problems of the city were kept from us as we toiled away.
We don't know what this new region will offer us, but preliminary reports suggest an area rich in coal and oil.
Some have expressed interest in moving business here from neighboring areas, and we could certainly use it.
We want to present ourselves as family-friendly first, so the eyesores of the factories should be kept out of sight. I know at some point we will also have to lay the groundwork for various other services, including garbage and sewage. Little did I know just how difficult the position would be and the hard choices it would entail. Marrying this with wind energy has solved the issue, and now we are in the position to offer our power to others. We are already well on our way to tapping those resources, and it is with great relief that they were located on the outskirts of our now very busy city.
As irony would have, considering my last entry, some of those pockets are directly beneath the heart of the city; not to worry, as tons of it also lies near our oil refineries on the edge of town, so there is no need for relocation or abandonment of that enterprise.
Considering our oil and coal reserves, and the fact we use little to none of it ourselves, it makes sense to market the products as much as possible. Our infrastructure handled the rapid influx nicely, and our power stations continue to hum along. The citizens were understandably none too happy, and we had to rely on other cities once again for water as the plant was demolished and another location was more carefully chosen. Some of the citizens bring strange requests to the hall, as if granting approval for a block party is something that should concern government.
On the flip side, however, remaining in our current state will only serve to hobble us in the end; for without business and industry expanding, our opportunities will not be as great. Now I set the simulation to cheetah speed and watched a flood of construction vans flood in building all new low density low wealth houses shortly followed by home delivery trucks letting Sims move in.

The new residents that came took all the commercial jobs and where now demanding some industry and how can I deny something that brings me taxes.
I looked on the traffic data map and saw that that the main avenues were gridlocked; something had to be done. I also placed a grade school which I think is equivalent to a primary school here in the uk. I went into my wind power farm and extended the dirt service road and added three large turbines, thinking that would keep the power stable for a while, now the sewage pipes were overflowing as the outflow pipes couldn’t take it. But one thing that bugged me was that I still had low tech industry so I added a community college and a library. The most interesting thing that happened today was actually when I was away from circle town and I was just building some more housing in “Housing estate” to get more potential students for the university when I was invaded by a UFO it didn’t cause much damage or kill too many people and I didn’t get an achievement as I was expecting but it was cool to watch. But then day came and the zombies crumbled in the sunlight as a result of this invasion 65 sims were killed.
It is the best time to overlook your goals and desires again and re confirm that what you want to achieve in this upcoming year. On the other hand with the advancement of IT many people are heading towards online jobs and there are several ways to earn money out of which blogging and writing are the most rewarding ones. This Weight Loosing New Year’s Resolution is one of the oldest and the most popular resolution among people. Decide not to take junk food from the super market but learn new and cool recipes available and make them at home. In order to keep your self out from the debt you have to have some good planning to start saving some pennies to use them in the future.
Plan to jog around your block 2-3 times a day which will help you get away from heart attack, high blood pressures and dozens of other diseases.
But if a city is in a high elevation far from major roads and in the snow there isn’t going to be massive buildings and companies like if we are in downtown Seoul Korea. And getting paid a lot by their jobs, and they will need a different amount of power and water, they will also spend a different amount of money for dinner and shopping and entertainment, this entire concept is completely ignored in the development of this game.
If I am in the middle of Inglewood I will need more cops than If I am in a very nice city in Minnesota. In order to create a simulation game, it must simulate real life… and in real life, roads are very complicated.
I’ll begin with the lesser important ones first and build up to the big issues further down. Gameplay remains the same though, which unfortunately means, it’s buggy (more on that below), but hopefully it will be fixed soon. However, you can make more cities in the same region, so you can switch between them, but you can’t have one really big city, like in previous version of SimCities.
Most of the lush parks have been shut down, now overgrown, and those grand buildings the mayor put us to work building have all had their doors closed. The rude awakening came in a one-two punch, when the water supply inexplicably trickled to a crawl and we learned the sewage was not being addressed. For some reason people are looking to me for direction, so I have set the teams to work laying commercial zones. A large circle should accommodate those industries well, though the roads will have to be improved when the time comes.
Though businesses are booming and we have our first factories bustling away, we have also endured our first death. We even expanded the ambulance fleet slightly, as more people than ever want a piece of land in this great place. In hindsight, it would have been far better to survey the land first and build accordingly, than suffer possible consequences of moving an entire neighborhood or two! Coupled with the increase in business and industry, this seems to have lightened the mood considerably.
I shall have to keep a close eye on how our green energy production is faring and possibly expand those operations.
Between the businesses and new industries, we have expanded residential areas immensely, spanning from the highway, all the way to the high hills to the south. Yet even petty crimes can evolve into something more fearsome, so I will heed their petition and hire more officers as well as grant approval for a small jail.
We have lost but a handful of buildings to fire, mainly due to the small department we had.
I suppose I should be thankful; it is nice being able to ready the garbage service for the morning after. So for my first endeavor into appeasing both sides I have granted land for a rather unique high-rise to be built near the edge of town along the highway. Forgetting the addition of wind I placed the industry south of the new residential zone with the wind blowing the fumes north straight into their homes. Using the new road upgrade tool I upgraded most of my medium avenues to High Density Avenue increasing the lane size from 4 to 6 lanes. Without the requirements for a water processing plant I only had one option: add more outflow pipes. After letting the simulation run for a day, my sims were starting to get more and more educated until I started to see my first medium tech industry springing up. This work well at the start I even managed to work my way up to unlocking the gambling HQ but I just wasn’t attracting enough tourists to make that 1,000,000 I wanted fast enough.
As surveyed already that most of the people worldwide have almost the same new year resolutions and it is indeed the right thing. There are many people who want help to get the basic necessities of life at their ease.You can provide and help them by volunteering at this noble cause.
And how in the world can a population support all these roads, and police, and power…. Later we will consider industrial areas, for everyone will need a place to work, and if the reports of natural resources are to be trusted, we will need a way to drill, mine, and eventually sell our products.
The fire department was also created, and also not a moment too soon, for one of the restaurants down the way caught fire due to employee negligence.
Next I placed a shuttle bus terminal and dotted bus stops around the residential commercial and industrial zones. Actually the thing is that you need to have a plan to figure out and get success in anything so we have to make a promise with ourselves that we will do these tasks for sure because making a new year resolution is indeed really important. Being a volunteer is surely to get you a great piece of mind and blessings too for helping the creatures of God. Dieting too much is not good for health so you must better do some exercises to keep your self healthy. It seems if I want to create the roads, businesses, power, and all the other little details that go into a city to make this city a bunch of farmers that live a very basic life and spend time playing backyard games and having bbqs isn’t possible.
This is a problem if one of your cities depends on electricity from a neighbor, but the region doesn’t properly report how much electricity is available for you to buy, and same goes for other services like sewage, garbage trucks, and so on. We have many homes now, some of them packed closely together, and it would take little but a spark and a good wind to set them all ablaze.
Seeing as how the city now sprawls in almost all directions, our next project is the establishment of a bus service. Some want to attract tourists, while others can't stand the thought of even a single high-rise.
Yet I have also set aside funds for additional parks and the cultivation of small plots of trees within the city limits. So we have come up with the list of the Top 1o New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 which can be your resolutions too. The mayor then doubled our taxes and began shutting down important fixtures, including the Department of Education and our ferry system. We can upgrade the roads, but there is only so much we can do before every street is a traffic jam!

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