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With only a teeny tiny bit of makeup and a simple blow dry, I can transform myself from looking scary to decent.
It’s another story though, if you work in the image business and need to look fine and fashionable. Good-looking, slim, tall people tend to earn 5 percent more an hour than their less comely colleagues. When someone is attractive, we assign many other positive attributes to him or her that have nothing to do with looks.
Occupations that require more interpersonal contact have higher percentages of above-average- looking employees but the plainness penalty and the beauty premium exist across all occupations. There’s a higher beauty premium among private sector lawyers than their government-supported counterparts since private attorneys need to attract and keep clients. The average CEO is approximately 3 inches taller than the average American man, who stands 5-foot-9.
A study by the Industrial Society found employers tend to put beauty before brains when hiring staff. Well that can explain why job discrimination is alive and well, at least in certain businesses! The wage differential discovered for obesity seems to be limited to white women, the study said, belying an unmeasured productivity explanation.
Despite understanding these so-called rules of society, I was still stunned to find that people are prepared to pay up and invest so much into their appearance, to a point which I find utterly appalling.
But even if plastic surgery is not covered by insurance, it could very well be considered a business expense, perhaps in some industries.
Instead of going for these radical beauty solutions, you can focus on simpler tips to elevate your looks, as suggested by marketing and brand guru, Catherine Kaputa. Package yourself: clothes will not help you perform but will help how your performance is perceived. Competition makes us all do crazy things I guess — just think of all the people (many celebrities) who were already pretty to begin with, who have decided that they needed to continue hiking their beauty quotient and who have needlessly gone under the knife. There’s also a big market for this for older people who just want to keep looking young. It comes down to creating a kick ass information product, doing what it takes to get traffic to it and building a list of satisfied customers.
I am actually shocked over what my pediatric dentist is now saying — that my kids (6 and 3 yo) will need to have braces. For coffee drinkers especially, using some teeth bleaching over-the-counter products should help too.
It’s both shocking and totally expected that looks have such a strong bearing on the opportunities one encounters in life. It is true that the more self confidence you feel the better you do in business and life for that matter.
And if you have aspergers, your non-verbal communication is always going to label you as off putting.
Over 30,000 Sessions and 19 years of Personal Training  Business Success Are Proof That It Works! When I first started my personal training business back in 1989, I was confident in my ability as a trainer.
But I was worried sick that I would fail because I didn’t know anything about running a business.
So, are you ready to make more money this year, drastically reduce your expenses and retain clients for the long-term? Sure, you have to have someone doing the books (no way around that one!) but just about everything else is automated when you adopt my fitness program. Automated scheduling, client retention, referrals, business growth, no need to advertise…and optimum fitness for your clients charged at rates much higher than your competitors.
It was 1988 (before I struck out on my own) and I was working at PlusOne Fitness Clinic in SOHO – the top personal training gym in New York City. Afterward, the married couple said that based on what they saw, they both wanted to start immediately. When they come back for their next session, I put them through the physical paces once again.
If their mind is not engaged, if emotions are not stirred, and the intellect not stimulated…then their motivation to be fit will be low. But it does something else.  It automatically sets your business up for success because it is intertwined with lucrative scheduling practices, referral generation, killer marketing that cost nothing, and streamlined procedures that reduce overhead.
Stop spending money on advertising, stop chasing people down to sign up for your services, stop thinking up new ways to train people, stop buying more equipment, stop cutting your rates. Over the course of three months, I boiled it down to a 140 page road map for personal training business success. It simply and straightforwardly reveals all the details of my proven fitness program as well as my tried and true personal training business strategies.
Inside How To Make More Money as a Personal Trainer, I’ll show you exactly how to avoid or get rid of these problems from your business forever. If you are trying to start a new personal training business or boost your present business, then this is definitely for you. You’ll get detailed explanations on the exact techniques I use to train clients for maximum efficiency and results, as well as why these methods work so well, and how to apply them with your own clients. The infallible record keeping system that keeps files on all your clients, logs their progress, and keeps track of their billing. One way or another, if you’re ever going to reach that place you want to be, you’re going to have to go through something. But if you’re looking for a way to make more money via shortcuts or shrewd business schemes, then this is not for you. If you avoid teaching these advanced exercises, you could be accused of professional negligence. Learn how to discuss your program with clients and prospects so that it informs, interests, motivates, and sells.

The one thing that will kill your personal training business…and you don’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late! How to manage a staff of trainers so that clients always receive the highest standard of service – even when their regular trainer is absent. Learn specific teaching progressions for every type of person no matter what their age, gender, or ability.
The “Big 5”: a potent cardiovascular conditioning set of exercises to improve fitness, flexibility, and a complete range of motion. Tap your clients into the power of over 30 functional exercises that enable them to move like a twenty year-old.
The full gamut of Dynamic Flexibility Exercises that make strength training easier and more efficient for your client. The common exercise routines that are a waste of time and will not serve your clients and hence ruin your business.
These particular exercises are the perfect diagnostic tool to assess your client’s strengths and weaknesses.
The three pre-conditions that make strength training much easier for your clients to achieve. Avoid a ton of hassle and headache by adopting these proven policies and procedures that your clients must sign. How to convert the prospect who’d rather ‘pay-as-they-go’ rather than buy a block of sessions. No other site offers personal training resources like these – certain to strengthen your business and boost your bottom line. If you never adopt the strategies you’ll find on pages 80 to 104 (Chapter 6) of the How To Make More Money as a Personal Trainer book, you will leave 5 to 10% of your income on the table.
But don’t take my word for it, the best thing is for you to judge it for yourself and you can do so without risking a penny. Download the How To Make More Money as a Personal Trainer book, churn through the Gold Coach Member site for two entire months and then make your decision.
While there are many, many ways to make more money quickly (I can think 26 ways right now!), I’m a big fan of making money off of my talents. A friend of mine just threw her son the most creative first birthday party I have ever seen. One of the best parts about being a paid party planner is that you don’t need to worry about the expense, the guests, or the cleanup (unless that’s part of your paycheck).
You will have to check with your state to be sure that you can legally sell baked goods out of your home. My husband has been asked to make cakes in all shapes and styles, including a gigantic Xbox 360 cake for his best friend’s groom cake. The internet is full of people who make money in creative and different ways, like Kyle from The Penny Hoarder.
The great thing about the internet is that you can make money doing almost anything you enjoy. People (like me) who lack artistic talent desperately need creative individuals who will pour passion into their designs.
If you’re artistic and enjoy painting, drawing or photography, there is definitely a market for you.
While going on an actual treasure hunt Nicholas Cage-style would be lots of fun, I’m not talking about long-lost riches. Before you get started with any extra money venture, take an inventory of your skills and resources.
Staff columnist Alexandra DeLuise combines her banking experience with real-world financial advice to provide simple money tips to everyday people. DisclaimerI am a portfolio manager, former university finance instructor, and successful investor committed to sharing my personal finance expertise with you. Have you ever wondered why some owners make more money than others?  I can tell you without hesitation that it’s all about taking action. One of our WMU-101 subscribers owns a large club and has already enrolled over 500 members into his WMU-101 program via EFT at point-of-sale membership.
Marketing-savvy fitness entrepreneurs are embracing this model with sites that can offer Education, Nutrition and Video Workouts (CONTENT). This can all be accomplished with WMU-101, The MAP System and YouTube (especially if you have your own exercise videos). Economists James Andreoni and Ragan Petrie wrote, “We find a beauty premium even though beautiful people contribute, on average, no more or less than others. When asked to describe people based simply on a photograph, study participants classified attractive people as sexually warm, responsive, sensitive, kind, interesting and strong. Many companies are now more interested in a recruit’s looks, speech, dress sense and personal hygiene than in how well they did at school or university. Beverly Hills surgeon Adrien Aiache, who performs about three dozen procedures per year, says he charges $9,000. So it is all the more important to fish out some tips to have your body and skin well toned.
Business planning, managing expenses, marketing, keeping overhead under control and accounting were definitely not my thing.
It’s a way for you to hurdle the uncertainty and stress that comes with any new business. This approach is the fastest way to kill your business because your client will not get what they paid for: optimum fitness. With the equipment, I could have moved from station to station having the client bang out sets of this and that. Efficient workouts enable clients to reach their goals sooner and allow you to take on more clients = more income.
In terms of a successful personal training business, I’ll personally show you what that is and how to break through it to create an enduring and profitable business.
Be prepared for a transformation in yourself, your clients, and most of all, the success of your business.

I’ll help you focus on the key elements that build a successful personal training business. You will have a huge selection of exercises from which to design challenging and interesting workouts for any client.
If you’re wondering how you’re going to learn my proven successful training methods from a book, I’ve got you covered.
You have a full 60 days to cancel and receive a full, no questions asked, refund of your money. While typically people imagine “make more money” being another way of saying “get a second job, work 80 hours a week, and forget about having any fun,” that isn’t the best way to earn a little extra. Since I know what I’m good at and what I enjoy, it only makes sense that I try to market these talents to people who need them!
Planning parties for other people means you get to ignore the difficult or expensive parts of throwing a party, but can enjoy going all out on decorations, securing the best food and desserts, and organizing the games or activities. If your state allows it, and you have a taste for culinary creativity, baking cakes for themed parties can be serious fun, and is an excellent addition to your party planning business.
These cakes are fun to make, but are also very time intensive, so be sure you have the time to set aside.
What these successful bloggers and business people have learned is that they can take their skills and interests, and make a living by pursuing these interests. If you have a good camera and can take control of a situation, consider selling your services at events. My wedding photographer was extremely business-oriented, which made her a huge success in my book! Make cold hard cash surfing the net, taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos at InBoxDollars! A friend of mine makes her own soap and body care products and sells them on Etsy; other friends have sold goats milk soap, knitted projects, and more! It’s very important to know what you’re good at, as well as what sort of jobs might fit in your current schedule. We provide state-of-the-art fitness components and make them available to fitness professionals interested in white label fitness products, branded fitness products, white label fitness services, branded fitness services and branded fitness in general. The massage therapist, who asked not to be identified because he is sensitive about appearing overly vain, says he paid $12,000 and has no regrets. I agree that posture adds to one’s confident appearance, and looking confident adds to attractiveness. But you’d certainly be at a disadvantage if you smiled but your teeth were crooked or yellow. And if you’ve already been working as a personal trainer for a few years, this is a way for you to iron out all the hassles and make more money. As you can imagine, clients paid a pretty price for the best training available…and they expected a lot in return. About 5 minutes before my first ever “big time client” arrived, the director of training told me that for the first session I wasn’t allowed to use any equipment. There I was putting a client through the paces and a young married couple stopped by to inquire about my services. Every time they leave my facility, they know more, understand more, and most of all they are excited to return for the next session.
I’m not too great at coming up with titles so I took the direct approach and called it, How To Make More Money as a Personal Trainer.
If you are creative, organized and have an eye for detail, consider planning other people’s parties for them! While you won’t get rich from filling out surveys, you can still make some extra money on the side for giving opinions on your usual shopping.
While in the beginning you can only charge $5 for your work, making extra sales enables you to charge more for “gigs” and create add-ons, such as express delivery and tips for you, for all of your sales. Once you’ve developed some skill, you can hire out and create logos and artwork for others!
This method of making more money can be extremely flexible, as most weddings take place on the weekends, and you can schedule other sessions around your day job. Being patient and quick-moving will aid you in getting great shots around kids’ short attention spans! If you like the rush of the hunt, and know how to market your items, you can turn an easy project into a resale for extra cash.
Please do not construe the suggestions on this website as recommendations for your personal situation. This information on this site is intended for general reference purposes only and is not intended to address any medical or health conditions. Well, that simple realization was the seed that grew into the successful business I own today.
The majority of my clients have been with me for more than 10 years.  What sells them so deeply?  Why do they instantly commit for the long-term? Every session they walk away with something new, something inspiring, something that will motivate them maintain their goal of ultimate health and fitness. Do your research before jumping in to any survey company, as you want to make sure that they are well-liked and have a good history of paying what you deserve. Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise.
Prior to taking nutritional supplements or participating in any diet or exercise program or activity, you should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.
No health information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

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