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In the past, you could only set up a separate channel with a separate YouTube account, meaning that you needed multiple email addresses and you had to suffer the hassle of logging in and out between the two. YouTube will let you create separate channels under one account, but only when you use Google+.  Google has been linking its products together for quite a while now, so if you have a Google+ account, you automatically have a YouTube account and vice versa. Well in order to be able to set up multiple channels, you need to create separate Google+ pages.  I think this was done with businesses in mind as people can setup a Google+ page for their business and now link it to a dedicated YouTube channel. Your G+ page doesn’t have to be about your business though, it can be about anything!  It’s just a way to keep things separate from your personal Google+ profile (Profiles and Pages are different). Now, I already have setup the Online Income Teacher YouTube Channel, but I want to setup another separate channel for another site that I am working on with other bloggers called Bizzebee. So before I even log into YouTube, I need to setup a Google+ page for Bizzebee, which you can now find here (feel free to subscribe).  I now have 2 pages setup on Google+, all of which are under one account! Simply add your YouTube Channel art and logo and begin uploading videos.  Here is our Bizzebee YouTube channel for you to take a look at (feel free to subscribe).
Now, if you want to switch between channels, instead of having to log out and log back in, you can simply go to ‘Switch account’.   This also allows you to comment on your channels as your other accounts if you wanted to. This will take you to your Google+ manager page where you can add as many managers as you want.  Learn more. Managers will be able to access and act as administrators for both your Google+ page and YouTube channel.  They won’t be able to access your other pages and channels though, only the one that you add them too.
So there we have it!  You can now add multiple YouTube channels under one account, switch between them seamlessly and add managers to both your G+ page and channel.
Have you got more than one YouTube channel?  How did you find setting them up?  Please let us know in the comments section below!
People can say what they like about Google, but I quite like the idea of linking everything together.
I have a YouTube channel with Adsense and I want to create another channel under the same Adsense account. I was later actually able to set up a separate Youtube channel under my account entirely from Youtube, without bringing Google Plus into the equation. In Youtube when you have your account signed in, there is an icon for your account in the upper right corner of the Youtube window.
Sorry, I’ll be reposting this post soon with all the proper instructions and new photos. 4 Use a water-soluble marker to mark a line 18 inches (45.7 cm) down from the top seam (one of the short sides). Yet we must never shirk away from giving the advice when it comes to underwear because we always want to encourage the discussion and the community of underwear enthusiasm.
If a friend asked me for advice and he says that he generally wears trunks and more generic ones at that.
Many of the folks who might ask you for advice (as just mentioned) do not, would not pay as much as perhaps you or I would on underwear. All of this was brought on when a friend just recently asked me for advice on buying new underwear. Eventually I arrived at telling him, “For briefs, you might want to try looking at Garcon Model. Ever since the introduction of Internet Data Cards, accessing the internet has turned out to be a simple and affordable procedure. One of the best methods to increase your 3G Data Card Internet Speed, this is a universal method that is general for all data card providers. There are many tools that are available over the Internet which claims to increase your Data Card Internet Speed.
Teresa Kent is a part time writer and a full time writer for one of the famous magazines in the UK. Chandra Bhushan is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. Audi has pretty much confirmed a RS Q3 will make it into production by revealing this concept model ahead of the Auto China 2012 show.
To ensure the handling does not make a complete mockery of all that power Audi has lowered the RS Q3 by 25mm. We think the RS styling tweaks for this concept are right on the money; it just looks fantastic.
Last week we had a turn in a regular Q3 2.0 TFSI quattro (review on the way) and we reckon the addition of those two letters—R and S—could make the Q3 something quite special. At Auto China 2012 in Beijing, Audi is presenting a themed vehicle based on the Q3 – the RS Q3 concept. The blue painted Audi RS Q3 concept is a vehicle based on the theme of thrilling dynamic performance. Brushed and polished aluminum trim frames the Audi RS Q3 concept’s single-frame radiator grille.

The same combination of black and blue tinted areas is repeated on the sides of the Audi RS Q3 concept – on the trim strips of the doors and sills and on the add-on parts of the wheel housings. In the interior of the Audi RS Q3 concept, which gets plenty of light through a glass sunroof, cool black is the dominant color – on the roofliner, floor carpet, floor mats, leather-upholstered instrument panel and on large areas of the seat upholstery, which consists of Fine Nappa leather.
The contrasting blue color is used in an inventive way in the CFRP decorative panels – the panel material was produced by weaving brilliant blue luminescent glass fibers into it. The inside door handle has a perforated lightweight construction look as in every RS model. The extremely powerful 2.5 TFSI in the RS Q3 concept combines two classic Audi technologies – gasoline direct injection and turbocharging. A seven-speed S tronic transfers the forces of the sonorous 2.5 TFSI to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive.
The alloy wheels of the Audi RS Q3 concept continue the dynamic RS Q styling and have the dimensions 8.5 J x 20. Interesting to note the Mandarin characters on the rev-counter- another example of the fact China has become a dominant influence in the global car market.
Yeah look better than the full timers work judging latest RS 4 offering which look like the new shape 4 has lost it cool shape to the 159 alfa!!!! Van Halen also reasserts his willingness to cut a new studio album with the current lineup, but sounds an ominous note regarding the possibility of getting another record out of the band.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Here you will see all your existing profiles on G+, including your new page that you just created.  Click on your new G+ page. You will be told that you are linking your YouTube channel and your G+ page, which is what we want. I wanted to do this the other day – and have now just done it for a little test project I am working on. Simple and straight to the point … I’ll be setting up all the channels i need now, thanks to this simple guide!
I want to know if I can link my current youtube channel to a page I create and then create another youtube channel to link it to my google plus profile.
I think the best thing about being scared, is that when you actually make an attempt, and succeed (with varying degrees of success) the result seems a little more sweeter and fulfilling. Machine-stitch one short side, one long side, and the other short side, removing pins as you go.
One of my previous posts was about buying underwear for a friend, you can find it on the website. On the site I write a lot of reviews and reviews, to me, are much easier than advice because it is a more straightforward.
Let’s face it, some people just will never be comfortable paying over $20 for a pair of underwear and leaving them with more open advice allows them to price shop in a focused area.
I also immediately told him a new brand that I am falling more and more for (what up Teamm8!).
However, once you start using them, you will figure out that most of them are fake and makes things even slower than usual.
However, there are certain instances that you might notice a slower connection with a TCP optimizer. Technology is not a favourite but since she likes to take risks she started to write more articles about Technology. The RS Q3 gets a full whack of five-pot power, too, with the 265kW unit from the TT RS Plus.
That seems like a lot, but the standard Q3 sits surprisingly high on the road, so it should still be okay for urban assault duties. Market forces are at play here and Audi (plus other manufacturers) are merely responding to what the punters want. It interprets the character of the compact SUV in a very special way – systematically dynamic. Its black grille insert exhibits a new geometry – the honeycombs are slightly offset to one another deeper inside, creating a distinct three-dimensional effect.
They are subdivided into two segments – the inner sections have honeycomb screen inserts, while their outer sections, made of CFRP, have a smooth funnel shape. The door mirror housings consist of black CFRP, while matt aluminum trim frames the side windows.
The diffuser insert, which integrates the two large elliptical tailpipes in typical RS look, has been shifted far upward. The steering wheel has large control stalks made of CFRP, which are framed by aluminum accents. A layered-carbon trim panel covers the area around the five-cylinder engine that sports a red valve cover, and two laterally arranged ventilation screens feed air to the engine.

But in a new interview with Billboard, Eddie says he didn’t invite Roth back in the band for money — he did it for the fans. I did not know I could do what you mentioned above, so I tried to add 2 new channels to my approved adsense account that is already linked to another channel ( so 3 channels total).
Instead, I watched a number of YouTube tutorials and took a basic sewing class from Craftsy. Getting a sense of his cut preference and perhaps brands he generally wears can help give you a sense of direction. I wear Jockey athletic trunks almost exclusively for my workouts) then you have a taste for where you might direct them.
The lower area of the grille integrates another sculpted feature – a silver quattro signature. The roof spoiler runs a long way towards the rear; its middle section has been slightly shortened compared to its outer sections. Most of the wheel is covered with black Velvet leather – a leather that gives the hands a secure grip and repels dirt very well.
As is the practice in car racing, the cylinder numbers are marked on their spark plug covers.
When slip is detected there, it can redistribute forces to the rear axle via a hydraulic multi-plate clutch with electronic control – instantaneously and variably. This’ll allow me to start afresh as I cannot delete my existing channel while it is linked to my profile. I did that incorrectly and google deemed them as duplicates and rejected those 2 applications. You’ve totally inspired me to make this… although I too am scared to sew as well! First, when buying pairs for friends you have a bit more freedom as to what to buy because it is your money that is being spent. Perhaps, as stated above, our friend usually wears trunks but would he be amenable to wearing briefs?
This way if he eventually didn’t care for the new or different cut he may have discovered a new favorite brand in the meantime!
For other friends I would have other recommendations but for him, these ones all just felt right. The Mozilla Firefox TCP optimizer is a popular software that is free while you can use this to configure your network settings in order to experience faster data card internet speeds.
The headlights are slightly tinted; inside them, some chrome parts are dark or covered by panels of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). The rear lights and auxiliary lights in the bumper are tinted in anthracite and are made of clear glass. An aluminum housing holds the open sports air filter, and the filtered air tube is made of stainless steel. Moreover, I want to do this to get a new URL as I cannot change my existing channel’s URL. So I followed the email solution and invited those 2 emails to be added to my approved email.
Once I started feeling a little more confident I did some hemming and made a skirt and matching head band for Noelle. Although as pointed out in the piece there are still points and thoughts to consider regardless. Directing them to, “Try looking at Baskit on Tuesdays for their $12 deals, they make a good, solid brief,” can help them be more comfortable spending the money as well. He is a fairly classic guy who really just wants a comfortable, solid pair of underwear that he might throw on for a day at work or a special occasion. I have previously recommended to friends, JOR briefs, Andrew Christian briefs, N2N thongs, Nasty Pig jockstraps, BumChum trunks, and a whole lot more. When you aren’t used to talking, writing, or thinking about underwear as much as some of us it can feel awkward. Try to see if expanding his comfort zone is possible or if it will just result in never worn underwear.
We give a little bit of ourselves with every gift and you do get to take into consideration your opinions or wishes more so in that case.

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