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Rodan + Fields focuses on selling skincare products, with their main range designed to reduce the appearance of acne. While Rodan + Fields looks good at first glance, the company is majorly hampered by controversial products, which many people find to be ineffective and may even make acne worse in some cases. There are a lot of MLM companies that sell skincare products, but Rodan + Fields is a little different than most.
As that emphasis suggests, the main products that the company produces are in the image above. Some of the reviewers even noted that the products actually made their condition worse, rather than improving it. To make matters worse, it’s probably quite difficult to tell beforehand whether the product set is going to work for a particular person. Now, some distributors claim that people don’t understand the product and give bad reviews because of that. So, this main product is extremely controversial and expensive, which certainly isn’t a good start.
For the most part, these products seem to get slightly better reviews although a lot of people were still unhappy with them.
Aside from issues with the product itself, there were also a number of complaints about the sheer amount of chemicals involved. There is a good chance that the products from Rodan + Fields do work for some people but they certainly don’t work well for many users.
Additionally, selling products for this type of company involves a lot of social networking and word of mouth. As a side note, I used to struggle with acne and tried many different things, including over the counter medication, topical medication, accutane (which worked), etc etc.
Five different approaches might sound great but really this is just the same two approaches as any other MLM. If your team is big enough and is successful, then the potential for income is fairly high.
You can also see the actual compensation plan for the company on their website.  This plan is fairly similar to other MLM companies and also has a pattern of getting more complex the further you get in the company. Even at this level, the plan is fairly complicated and that only gets worse as you go along. The complexity of the plan and of progressing through the ranks simply serves to make it that much harder to get anywhere with the company. There are other ways to make money where you can grow your own business without having to worry about recruiting others or even selling products in person.

The online nature of the approach lets you reach a much wider audience and you remain in control of your own business. That site is my number 1 recommendation for making money online because it has an emphasis on teaching you exactly what you need to know from the beginner steps, and doesn’t require you to recruit anyone or build a team.
I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job. The company also works off an MLM model, paying distributors to recruit others and sell the products. The products alone are a reason not to get involved with this company and, at the same time, the commission plan isn’t very appealing either. In particular, the company specifically focuses on products to clear up acne and the brand is targeted at adults, rather than adolescents. These four products are designed to work as a treatment regimen to address the entire acne cycle. For example, on a site specifically focused on acne products reviewers gave the products an average of less than 3 stars. The first is that the products work really well for some people and make acne worse for some people. But either way, the reviews aren’t encouraging if you want to actually be a distributor for the company.
Even if this is true, trying to sell a product that is going to upset some of your customers isn’t the best way to build a business.
Beyond this main line, the company does offer a range of other skincare products, including ranges called Redefine, Reverse and Soothe. In many cases, you will be selling to people who are friends or family members of one another and you will probably be relying on word-of-mouth. The only thing that worked for me long term, besides the controversial accutane were the products from Unlike many similar companies, Rodan + Fields doesn’t market this as an ‘amazing’ opportunity or anything like that and instead keeps the marketing fairly basic. In this case, the high price of the products from Rodan + Fields would mean that you earn more than many other MLMs when you do make sales.
At the same time, the complexity of the requirements goes up for each progressive rank, as in the image below. In fact, I’ve noticed that many members of MLMs don’t even fully understand the plan that they are supposed to be following. I touched on some of this for Rodan + Fields but there is a lot of additional complexity as well.

Even if you are successful, you’re involved in an uphill battle and you end up dependent on the company and on your team. They offer a way of making money without having your own product and you get to take advantage of the reputation that the company has. Instead, you end up trying to sell products that aren’t too popular and trying to get your team to do likewise. You’ve probably seen this done hundreds of times before on different websites, although it isn’t always obvious.
So, you can pick the specific products that you want to promote and the companies that you go through.
It’s how I learned to build my first business, and now I recommend them to any newbie online entrepreneurs.
With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals.
The second is that the positive reviews come mostly from distributors and the negative ones come from actual users.
As such, it would just take one customer with a bad experience to ruin your chances of selling to a lot of people. For most distributors, that complexity simply makes the process of earning money more difficult – you have to get into the higher ranks to see a decent amount of profit from the various elements. Affiliate marketing is an online technique, where you earn commissions by promoting products from other companies. This is also something that you can learn and a particularly good place to do so is a site called Wealthy Affiliate. The idea is to end up with multiple people under you and for these people to be successful at sales and at recruiting themselves. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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