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Social Networking is Totally FreeYou can easily set up a page with Facebook or Twitter (or any of the other popular networking sites) at absolutely no cost to you.
For the past year, I have written a series of articles at FYI to help people prepare for retirement and make retirement the best years.
My colleagues Rein Selles and Tricia French and I have been teaching retirement workshops for the past 20 years and this book provides our collective knowledge to help Canadians plan for a successful retirement. As I leave you with a few final words on retirement planning, I hope you take some time out of your busy days, weeks and life to plan for your future because your future is important. If you truly want retirement to be the best years of your life, what’s it going to take? Retirement planning is simply the harmonization of two critical issues: money issues and lifestyle issues.
If you think of these two critical issues (money and lifestyle) as circles, retirement planning will be more successful when these circles intersect. I’ve come to the belief that you may not need the millions and millions of dollars that the financial industry suggests you need to retire happy.

Jim Yih is a financial writer whose latest book is 10 Things I Wish Someone told Me About Retirement. These articles were all adapted from my book, 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Retirement.
Sometimes retirement planning is too focused on the money with very little thought given to lifestyle issues. The marketing potential with social networking sites is huge and you can take your services and business to the next level with the help of the sites. Just remember, planning is simply looking into the future to make our future more predictable. At the root of my belief, although I think money is important and I spend a lot of time teaching people about money, I believe both retirement and life are about a lot more than just money. Ironically, as important as money is, I am convinced that the secret to a truly successful retirement lies in being happy and content with your life.
In my experience, these people are successful because they have strong social relationships, meaningful activities and reasonable health and have their financial affairs in order.

Many of those things are not necessarily sexy like jet-setting around the world from one exotic hotspot to another. They do not want the worries of costs of renting an office, paying utilities and other similar expenses to affect their business.When you have a home based business you can greatly benefit with the use of social networking for marketing your services and products. Imagine the power of just 5 people reposting something you’ve posted, and those 5 people sharing with 5 more people and so on and so forth.
Take a look at the three reasons below that those who run their own home bases business should utilize social media for growth and enhancement of their ventures. When you are a home based business, this fast and effective marketing is certainly something that can be appreciated.Build a Name for YourselfIf you are operating a home-based business chances are there’s not a great deal of people who are  aware of what you are doing. It is an effective form of marketing that has helped small business owners far and wide benefit, and you could be the next to see the results that effective social networking can bring your way.

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