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Of course everyone wants to travel, but for most people limited money prevents them from going to all the exotic places they want.
Would you like a job where you can pick your own projects, choose your own hours, and work from wherever there is wifi? If you currently have a job that you enjoy where you work entirely from home, you can pack everything up and start traveling immediately. If you are not currently working from home, why not ask your boss if you can for one or two days per week.
This option is slightly more difficult as it requires you to have a well-known blog or website that receives lots of traffic.
Anyone who has ever traveled through a European has been exposed to the free tours offered in every capital. This has traditional been by far the most popular way that young people are able to make money while traveling.
If you have any more questions click here to read our post on the frequently asked question of working holiday visas. There is a growing demand around the world for the ability to speak English, and thus there is also a growing demand for English teachers.
I never thought that I would be able to make money if I’m not at home or in a business. Apasionada de los viajes y la fotografia, impaciente a mas no poder y con ganas de recorrer todo el mundo. To enjoy the snow and successfully endure the freezing temperatures there are a few things you need to know BEFORE you go on a winter RV adventure.
Skirting your RV – If you have an RV without insulated bays, or a trailer, you will need skirting in extreme weather.
Cheap Heat Options – We’ve seen 2 options that seem to work well for heating the RV inexpensively in the winter (when you’re staying at an RV park for a month or more you will often have to pay for electricity, so space heaters might end up costing you some extra money each month in electricity bills).
Legally you must carry chains to drive many mountain passes during snow storms (especially in California). All 3 of our RV’s have been diesel, similar rules might apply for gas RV’s so ask the Mfr for advice.  Diesel fuel begins to gel around 20 degrees and can damage your engine.  I have received these tips directly from Fleetwood, Cummins, and Freightliner so this information is solid!
Temps between 32-10 degrees Fahrenheit: Turn on block heater 4 hours before starting the engine. Temps below 10 degrees Fahrenheit: Turn on and leave on engine block heater until temps rise above 10. In the winter you’ll notice condensation accumulating on the windshield, on walls, etc. The solids must be above 55 degrees Fahrenheit in order to compost.  If you have a composting toilet like us make sure the surrounding ambient temperature is at or above 55. De-Icer, Snow Shovel, Ice Scraper, Jack Pads (to keep the jacks from freezing to the ground), Winter Wiper Fluid, and some warm boots and winter clothes of course! Don’t assume a campground will be open, make sure you contact the resort before you plan a visit. Last but certainly not least there is always the option to winterize your RV before you hit the cold weather. If none of my tips make any sense than I suggest you read the main part of the post below, we’ve stayed in freezing temps for years now, and we absolutely love the solidarity of cold weather camping. I followed all my own directions as notated in this original post below EXCEPT for skirting. Tom Conces is a friend we’ve bumped into on the road several times over the past few years.
As you may know, this year we have been through snow and ice in 4 states, well 3 and 1 twice.
Sorry, I didn’t expect this to be so long but wanted to add to what you have done from the diesel perspective.
Jason Wynn: Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”.
Chelsea and Jeremy just returned to the states after 3 years of living in South Korea teaching English.
There are not many “normal”, with benefits, jobs that lend themselves to fulltime travel, especially with a family. Many tourism board and travel companies organize sponsored trips regularly to promote their travel packages. Many travel magazines, newspapers, or even websites hire travel writers to give them an assignment related to travel trip.
If you are good at English, then it is another opportunity to earn while you travel around the world. When I tell people that I fund my travels around the world from freelancing gigs, they are both shocked and intrigued. The first step to becoming a freelancer is to identify what skills you possess that can benefit the lives and businesses of other people. What I soon found was that I could choose projects that I was passionate about to create the career I desired. It may seem less than ideal because it is not actual cash, but it was the perfect start to my freelance career.
I search for people I can help online the same way I discovered restaurants and hotels in person. Wherever I travel, I leverage my skills to help businesses and people in the surrounding area, in exchange for my necessities while finding freelance gigs online to pad my pockets. Get exclusive, unpublished tips on how to travel farther, save more and live your best life. This adventurous couple saved up enough money over seas to return home, renovate a 30ft RV and should be hitting the road any day now! How they ended up in Korea is very similar as to why a lot of us get started with full time travel.
After the first year we realized that we had a whole lot more traveling we wanted to do and the jobs we had paid us more than enough to do so.
Korea is different than most other countries in which you can teach English as of right now, you do not need any extra education past a Bachelor’s degree such as a TESOL certification.
Of course, living in another country and a completely different culture can have a plethora of negatives attached to it as well.
If you could go back in time and give yourself  advice about starting in this line of work, what would it be? Making the transition overseas, to a different culture, and a different language can be more than difficult as I’m sure you can imagine. What is one of the most creative ways you’ve heard of someone funding a location independent lifestyle? Please note: any and all spam links will be deleted immediately to uphold the integrity of this blog carnival. I can’t wait until my kids are at the age at which they can do odd jobs around the neighborhood! For those who are short on money, the typical advice is to skimp on your expenses and save as much as you can before leaving.
As long as you are still able to complete all of your work to the same quality as before most employers will not care where you are. If you are still as competent as you were before then you can potentially expand this to five days per week. However, if you do have such a way of speaking to people, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, without much effort. These tours are often lead by English natives who have chosen to stay in that city for an extended period of time. It can be difficult though because you must really entirely on tips since you are not paid a wage. If you live in an English speaking or western European country, then you will have the choice to apply for a working holiday visa to a large number of countries.
The FAQ?s should be able to clarify the entire process of applying for and working with a working holiday visa.
If you have a university degree and are a native English speaker, you have a good chance of being accepted as an English teacher abroad. Let me know in the comments if you have ever used one of these methods, or if you know of other ways to make money while on the road. I am a website creator, so I can work from anywhere that is not more expensive that I’m able to earn. So please learn from our mistakes and heed our warnings, they truly come from the heart in hopes to make your Winter RV adventures run much more smoothly.
Being slightly crazy we know there are tons of adventures waiting in the snow filled mountains. The majority of RV’s are not made for extreme cold so chances are if you plan to be in consistent freezing temps you should look into investing in this. We’ve used it in 20 degree temps and we can put it in the windshield, turn it on and it keeps the RV warm all the way in the bedroom!
We purchased a dual climate heated pad (not a heated blanket) because one of us is always colder than the other, it works like a champ. During the winter a vent cover is a must as it adds an extra barrier against condensation, and when there’s a pile of snow on the roof you can still open the vents while cooking (or if you need to let some condensation escape).
Sure you can run your generator and use propane to heat the interior, but you’re gonna spend $20+ per day anyway so you might as well find a nice RV park and plug in.
I cannot guarantee that your RV won’t freeze, or that your vacation will go perfectly. Arizona Does freeze, it may be rare in the valley but it does happen (and it happens often in the higher elevations).

An overnight freeze will not burst your pipes, however multiple freezes without thawing can. Also if you want to learn a little more our friend Tom Conces left a very detailed comment in the comments section that you absolutely must read. Smokey: a makeshift chimney from aluminum clothes dryer vent attached to the diesel burner exhaust and raised above the coach so the smell stays on the outside. Keep the fresh water and pipes from freezing: In my humble opinion your tips and tricks are spot on.
Skirting as you pointed out is an absolute must: I love the snow piled up, cost effective and highly efficient. Insulation: We also use the reflective insulation for the front and rear over the engine vents and inside windshield. This is all based on our experience over the past few years, read our disclaimer for more info.
When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.
By sharing examples of real people around the world making money from anywhere and living the lifestyle they want, proves that where there is a will, there is a way. Yes, it is possible, if you are master in taking interesting, and beautiful travel photographs.
If you are an influencer blogger, then you may request tourism board or tourism council of the particular state, city or country to consider yourself in a sponsored trip. You just need to accept a sponsored article, where a travel company or organization will give you an article, which you need to publish on your blog. Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Japan, and such other countries always requires English teachers.
Initially, I was confused by their shock because location independence was one of the main reasons I wanted to develop a financially successful career as a freelancer. If you can add value to someone’s life, they will happily compensate you and usually return for more work in the future. When I first started my world adventure I researched hotels and restaurants near my first destination and propositioned them with an opportunity that would benefit them.
It taught me that people were willing to work with me, that my skill was valuable and could be leveraged. Knowing that all I had to do was find one person I could help, made my mission much easier than I imagined.
After graduating from Howard University, with a degree in accounting, she set out to live in sunny Los Angeles. Your website has given me a much needed boost in my discovery of how to combine my pro photography and my love of world travel!
At what point did you realize that you could bring in enough income to continually fund a location independent lifestyle?
Trust me, this is not what our previous training is in and we never thought that we would be teachers, especially in a different country. My husband’s old roommate got us a job at his old school teaching 5-15 year olds basic English.
In all, we taught in Korea for three years and were able to visit 10 different countries while still saving money. When we first started teaching in Korea, we would get to work, make lesson plans then spend the next 6-9 hours teaching ages ranging from 4-15.
But our housing was paid for, half of our insurance was covered, and our plane tickets both to and from Korea were supplied. So as long as you graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and are from one of the seven countries (USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland), which are eligible to teach in Korea, you can teach! Their transit system is one of the best and most reliable I have ever encountered in another country. The foreign community is fairly small and word of mouth regarding jobs and opportunities tends to spread quickly.
Being free from the conventional life, being free from financial burden, being free to travel the world around us, and being free from jobs that we dreaded going to each morning. There will be times when the cultural differences in everyday life and in work life will seem like too much to handle.
But when you’re teaching young children a language they do not yet know and you have to explain what to do three times, in three distinctly different ways…patience eventually becomes one of your strong skills. But if I were to pick a dream job, it would be working with my degree in fashion for a humanitarian based company. I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. It shows true dedication and also a great ability to realize the goal one is working towards. I’m frugal at heart and love saving money so that I can enjoy the finer things in life like traveling! Using sites like Upwork and Freelancer, you can bid on thousands of posted jobs that need to be completed.
And since you aren’t dealing with employers in person it can be difficult if problems arise.
Affiliate marketing is a deal usually set up with Amazon, where you receive a percentage of a sale if a reader buys a good after being redirected there from your site. This means that they have an in-depth knowledge of the area that your average traveler does not. These visas allow you to legally work in the country for up to one year, and some countries allow you to renew for a second year.
While these jobs are not flashy, they pay you enough that you can travel without having to dip into your savings. If you want to increase your credentials than you should take a TEFL or the more prestigious CELTA certification. These get complicated when you have a husband in medical school and a little baby girl, but maybe one day we can put these tips to use. I’m still working on growing my blog, but in a couple of months I will definitely make use of your list.
In some cases if temperatures drop below 0 degrees you will need to run a space heater under your coach (inside your skirting) to keep it warm. If you’re plugged into shore power why waste your money running the propane furnace inside your RV? There are special water hoses you can plug in to keep warm, you can also make a heated water hose using Pipe Heating Cable (Heat Tape) and Insulating Foam Pipe Covers. Best part is the preheat function warms the bed quickly then continues with your original setting. If you can’t find winterized diesel you need to purchase an additive that will keep your diesel from freezing (you can find this at auto part stores and truck stops). We installed a new MaxxFan on the Fleetwood and it combines the vent cover into the fan, it seemed to hold up pretty well to the elements however we didn’t have a more than a few inches of snow at a time. Surprisingly a ton of State Parks close as soon as snow hits the ground, so do your research! If you’re new to winter RVing make sure you read the comments, there are so many great tips from our friends!
This simple formula worked for us for several nights in a row of sub-freezing nightly temperatures. After surviving months in the Colorado Rockies without freezing, imagine our surprise when we froze solid in AZ! Granted they will help thaw the tanks, but when the temp drops near zero don’t expect those little heating pads to do much of anything.
If you’re not skirted then any warmth that is generated under your RV will simply blow away. I told him you’re crazy, then I said read our post on How to Prepare an RV for a Freezing Winter Adventure. Similar to what happens when you turn your key and the engine manifold pre-heats fuel for your engine. I put snaps on the insulation so we can snap it to the existing snaps on the coach with keeps it from blowing away. They set up their own blog and publish their travel stories regularly on that particular blog.
Many travel websites, travel magazines, newspapers and bloggers will buy your photographs regularly, if you have interesting, and amazing photographs. For this, you should be a good blogger and known to many magazines, or newspapers to get selected.
I love to travel, but found it very difficult when working my typical career due to the constant demand to be in one geographical location. The basic concept of freelancing is leveraging your skills to help others in exchange for your desired compensation. My first online writing gig was for a hostel in Europe with a website that needed a great deal of editing. It took two years in Corporate America to realize that maximizing someone else's profits was not her dream. I was wondering if you had any advice for college students like myself who would like to travel, but are low on funds.
My husband graduated with a degree in Aviation Science and I graduated in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. However, if you prefer having your own set of wheels or just like the convenience, both cars and motorbikes are great options. Each of the three years we were there we taught at different jobs and were able to find new jobs that paid more and had us work less.

While working in Korea we were literally able to live the life that we had envisioned for ourselves all while saving money for our future dreams. Sick days are highly looked down upon so we often worked through a variety of illnesses and last minute details are a way of life and changing the entire schedule is to be expected at one point or another.
I always told new teachers in town to give it at least three months before making any moving decisions.
Like, I don’t know, when you have to play charades in order to find the lady doctor (seriously…someone find me a rock to hide under) or when random creepy guys come into your classroom to take a picture of you, or the older woman behind you elbows you in the ribs and cuts ahead of you in line. Not to mention, as an expat living in a country where I know very little of the language I need to remind myself to be extra patient as I try to describe what I want or need in a store because after all, I’m the one that should be able to speak their language. We would be thrilled if you would add a link to one of your hosts in your post, or give us a shoutout on social media, and we will do our best to reciprocate.
You can now take advantage of easy internet access all over the world to work remotely while traveling at the same time.
Tim Ferris goes over this plan in much more detail in his famous book “The Four-Hour Workweek”. Since most travelers speak English as common language, these companies are always looking for English natives to work as guides.
But if you are a people-person and are planning to stay in a city for an extended period, you should look at this option to earn some cash.
Since there are so many countries that offer working holiday visas, you can pretty much legally work your way around the world by using them. Completing these courses not only prepares you for teaching English in a classroom, but also give you access to higher quality, and thus better paying, schools. The need for English teachers in China has skyrocketed in the past decade, and many recent graduate are going there instead. For sub-freezing temperatures we typically run 2 space heaters inside: 1 near the front, and one near the bedroom. It pulls about 5 amps and keeps all my pipes warm (exterior temp 20 degrees, inside bay 50 degrees). It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and maybe it’ll help keep the pipes a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer?
Before you depart your destination you should plug in the heating element found in your diesel engine (most diesel engines have a heated core that you can plug into a wall to keep them from getting too cold) to warm up your engine at least 4 hours before taking off. Of course this means when nature calls you have to high tail it through the freezing weather to use the Jon, but at least you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing!
Skirting – Anytime the temperatures will be sub 30 for more than a half day adding a skirt is the BEST way to keep your RV from freezing. Also when the sun comes out the bottom of your RV (where your tanks are likely located) is still in shade.
Cold air leaks in under the slides, permeates through the walls, and seeps through the windows. Needless to say Tom learned a few things while freezing his tail off in the Midwest during Winter, so I thought he should share his experiences (from the horse’s mouth as the saying goes).
Because full time travel is a lifestyle and not an endless vacation, this Make Money and Travel series exists as a source of inspiration. There are a large number of people who are travelling across the world and still makes money from it, but how? They earn money through various affiliate marketing links, or by selling ad space of their blog. I decided to quit my traditional career, and embark on a new path of freelancing, so I could finally live my dream of traveling indefinitely. I have always been extremely passionate about writing but never wanted to make a career of it because of the stereotypical artistic temperament, wanting to have complete creative control and direction of my craft.
The creation of my blog was more than a place to share my journey; it was also a new skill to leverage, because I could now build websites. Once I noticed they used the same platform for web design that I did, I knew I could easily edit their website. I have been traveling for over a year now, visiting over 10 different countries and completing work for clients all over the world. While both jobs were excellent and funded our travels, we definitely enjoyed teaching adults more. But this time we’re traveling in a 30 foot Class A RV and spending the next six months traveling the entire west coast. The next two years we kept hitting the pavement in search of a better job, which had less hours and more pay.
Since we were in a smaller town we purchased two (very small!) cars and it worked great for us.
Between the both of us, we ended up working at several after school academies, a kindergarten, a high school and a large corporation by the end of our stay. But through it all, a positive attitude and understanding make all the difference in the world and will keep you sane.
Because trust me, in those first three months I can almost guarantee that leaving will cross your mind at least once.
But if you develop a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh it off, it will be much more enjoyable. In the spirit of community, it would be ideal if you visit some of the other blogs and keep the travel tip love circulating.
If going to the far East intimidates you do not worry, because many European countries, such as Czech Republic, and even Span and Portugal, have a growing need for English teachers.
The heat is nice on our backs, then as the warmth rises its captured between the sheets and creates a nice oven effect. If you decide to go this route make sure you stay in the site located closest to shower and bathroom facilities, you’ll thank me later.
If you plan to stay in freezing weather for an extended period of time locate those drafty areas and throw a blanket over them. Cold diesel doesn’t completely burn and the exhaust can be very smokey and very smelly. By sharing examples of real people around the world making money from anywhere and living the life they want, proves where there is a will, there is a way.
Once I used the collaboration of my English, writing and web design skills to cover all of my necessary expenses in face-to-face transactions I thought of ways to expand my career. A quick message to the hostel from the “Contact Us” page of the website led to several emails discussing what I could do, why I was qualified and how much it would cost and benefit them.
Each person is different and one job is not necessarily better than another, it’s all about finding something that you enjoy doing. Which is completely possible to find in Korea, as the opportunities are abundant if you look hard enough. I know that it crossed my mind more than once as we sat in the Love Motel (rent by the night…or by the hour. If you are a skilled writer, programmer, photographer or graphic designer then there will be no shortage of jobs for you.
But as I said, this technique requires you to have enough readers who will buy something you recommend, which is an extremely difficult task by itself.
Watch the two videos below on How To Prepare the Outside of Your RV for Winter, and then How to Prepare the Inside of Your RV for Winter…then read the post to get additional tips and tricks, and any updates about How to RV in the Winter. For our Windy it’s amazing how much cold air comes in through the entry door area, so I cover the stairwell with a piece of board and my rug at night.
The narrow widths can be used to skirt the sides and they can be held in place by the basement doors.
The majority of the world does not speak English natively, yet they cater to many English-speaking customers. The Internet was naturally the most effective and efficient way to accomplish this because of its ability to connect people from all over the world who desire my skills. I cannot stress how important it is to focus on improving someone’s business rather than how much money you will make from this improvement. Shortly after getting married we decided the conventional life was not for us and we looked for opportunities to travel while we didn’t have anything tying us down to one location. An average day our last year was vastly different since we were teaching adults and we would teach a total of 5 hours a day Monday-Thursday and were only at work when we were actively teaching one of our Business English classes.
Each year we were able to improve our living conditions, increase our income, work less hours and not only travel more but also put more in the bank as savings each year. If you are planning to stay longer than that I would recommend getting a Korean driver’s license. Real classy) for the first two weeks of our time in Korea because our apartment wasn’t ready yet. Or on my first day of school when I cried in my classroom because I felt so overwhelmed with 9 five year olds in front of me that did not know one word of English.
In our case that prevented us from putting water into the tank and we ended up with a small crack in the tank. I would offer to write English menus for restaurants in exchange for free meals and English advertisements for guesthouses and hostels in exchange for accommodation.
But after three months I finally began to know my way around town, it didn’t take quite as long to pick out food in the grocery store, and work began to go more smoothly. Everyone is different with how they adjust but understand that it’s rarely going to click right away.

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