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Big discount on the cost of your first lesson!Get a discount off the cost of your first music lesson at Blackburn Guitar Lessons.
For 5 years I was one of those people—the ones who buy a guitar with a dream in mind and then never play it. Most guitar owners don’t play, and most who want to build a product never launch one. I sell products to people who are themselves building product businesses, so in a lot of ways, I’m like a guitar shop or a little boutique luthier. At first, I love that analogy because it sounds like I’m helping people achieve something good. But no amount of nagging could motivate you enough to pull that guitar out of the closet and play it until you can’t feel your fingers. I worry that I do the same to my customers: I sell them on a way to get a great design made to launch a business, but what if they don’t launch? Join my weekly design newsletter read by over 17,000 designers, and I'll send you my free ebook and an accompanying email course. One of the number one complaints about being a student is inevitably the lack of disposable income.

Drive –  Depending on which city you live in, you may be able to drive people from point A to point B in your own car and get paid pretty well for doing it.
Rent out your space – Just like ride sharing services are all the rage right now, so are home rental sites like Airbnb. Go to the Dogs – One of the benefits of being a student is having a flexible schedule, unlike the desk jockeys who work 8 to 5. And maybe out of frustration, the metaphor of selling guitars has been dominating my thoughts. What’s better than selling a product that brings something so good for people as music into the world?
What if my customers never ship and end up wasting their money on a product they never use? Heck, often times, it’s not even disposable income that’s the issue, it’s having funds to pay for the basics like food, books and rent.
Ride sharing services like Lyft, Uber X and Sidecar are growing in popularity and that means they need more drivers. If you live in a desirable location, have an extra room, or are gone a lot, think about renting out your space for extra cash.

If you build a product business or startup, you are master of your own destiny, can pick your projects, and make a lot of money. If my products in turn help my customers make their own great products, that sounds meaningful.
Drivers for these services can make upwards of an hour and often times all you need is a good personality and a clean driving record. Use of our facilities, including drum machine, internet, guitar processors, amps, hundreds of backing tracks and more. Each of these skills is something that someone out there wants to learn, and is wiling to pay for.

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