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Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is dedicated to educating and empowering women in the area of personal finance. I believe in a future where women can have financial freedom and choose the life they want to live by taking control of their finances. When I was in my early twenties, newly out on my own, I was bored after getting off work and looking around for something to do, so I signed up to sell Avon. I’m not a natural sales person either – I think only about 3% of people are but hats off to them! I find it hard to sell to other people, but I think it’s great that people can make a living off of it! I’ve never been a huge fan of selling things personally, just because I know how tempting all the Avon, Mary Kay, Home Interiors, 31, etc.
The film takes the form of a DIY tutorial as it explains the ins-and-outs of the different roles.
How to Make Money Selling Drugs, produced by Bert Marcus and executive-produced by Entourage's Adrian Grenier, lifts the tried-and-tested form of an old-school instructional video.
Guns, hired goons, and a hand in the heat’s pocket help one play the game more smoothly. How to Make Money Selling Drugs takes an unexpected turn as it reaches the top levels of the game.
Cooke continues to interview the various figures from the drug trade, only now they reveal the run-ins with the law they encountered on the road to wealth.
The drug business is a funny game, so Cooke smartly provides a cocktail of satire and seriousness.
Ten easy steps show you how to make money from drugs, featuring a series of interviews with drug dealers, prison employees, and lobbyists arguing for tougher drug laws. Almost every newspaper or magazine you pick up will feature at least one real-life story – often a tragic or absurd one. Whether your life experience is outrageous, inspiring, tragic, or even comic, you may have something to offer.
Before you even think about picking up the phone to sell your story, make sure that you are completely happy about having your story, and possibly your life, in the public domain.
Be sure about the exact details that you are willing to have disclose but bear in mind that the more details you decide to conceal the less money you are likely to be offered and it may hamper your ability to sell the story.
It may be worthwhile getting legal advice or representation depending on the sensitivity of the story. Look at different magazines and see the type of real-life stories they use to get an idea of where you might be able to sell your story.
Magazines like Sugar or Bliss for example have a teenage readership so if your story is relevant to younger readers, perhaps about a family feud or being bullied, then it could be worthwhile going to a teen magazine first.
If your story touches upon contemporary issues and has widespread appeal, perhaps a failed operation or how you had to sell the family home to pay off debts, it may be more appropriate for a newspaper feature article. Some national newspapers like The Sun and The Mirror have phone numbers and email addresses set up specifically for people selling their real-life stories.
Mel Fallowfield, a freelance magazines journalist who publishes people’s true life stories spoke to one of our team. Mel encourages more people to get in contact with her or magazines and sell your true story as you could be looking at earning up to ?1000 in two weeks. Mel also reassures people by reading the to be published story back to the individual before it is published. She emphasises that good, relevant photos are essential to illustrate your story and will earn you more money. Finally, Mel encourages people to get in contact with her if your interested in selling your true story for big cash.
Contact Mel on [email protected] or phone her on 07710 357 110 to sell your interesting true story.
If you think your story will be highly sought-after it may be worthwhile using an agent or public relations company like Lewis PR. According to one national tabloid feature writer, the amount of money a newspaper will give for a story is unpredictable and prices can vary widely from ?200 to ?2,000, or even more for an exceptional story.
Newspapers are often bombarded with real-life stories and the decision to buy one will often depend on the nature of other stories in the paper, how many other people have contacted them with similar stories, and whether your story has an interesting angle. You are likely to get more money from one of the tabloids but be aware that there is probably a greater risk that they will present your story in a way that you’re not necessarily comfortable with. Once a paper has agreed to buy your story they may ask you to sign an exclusive deal, forbidding you from selling your story to another publication.
What you can do (right now if you feel like it) is to set up a blog and use it as an online journal about your experience.
If you’re interested in getting other people to read your blog (not everyone is) then make sure you let your friends know about it and get them to tell their friends too. If you run this as a business you could set up an occasional newsletter that your readers would subscribe to.
You have your real life experiences to draw upon and that first-hand knowledge will give your book authority.
Take encouragement from author Alexis Hall who amassed more than ?30,000 of debt and used that crisis to get her diary In The Red, The Diary of a Recovering Shopaholic published in January this year. Alexis wrote about a subject very close to her heart and her publishers realised that it would strike a chord with readers and provide witty, upbeat advice for others struggling with debt.
Write a synopsis of your story, ideally with a couple of sample chapters to show your writing style. Think about the direction you would want the book to take and who it will appeal to then find a literary agent who can approach the publishing houses on your behalf.
Expect rejection but don’t give up, you have nothing to lose by trying again and again to get your work published. Make the Press (who I went with) and I think all the companies mentioned in the article value your story for free. You can sell your true story and get the highest price for it by using The Front Page Story Agency. Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea? If you are a writer or have strong writing skills and are looking to make extra money to help you out financially, writing a short story could enable you to achieve a generous income, be it part-time work that you require or additional work on top of your usual hours. Many authors think making money through writing can only be achieved when writing novels, yet writing short stories proves to be far more beneficial financially, whilst also taking a less time to complete.

The benefit of spending less time on writing a short story means that if your story fails to find buyers, you will not have lost too much of your time. Preparing and plotting a short story is far simpler and quicker than plotting a longer novel. No matter on the topic of your short story, it is essential that you figure out your storyline before doing anything else.
A short story that is based on a real-life story, but written as fiction provides a great starting point.
When it comes to breaking up your short story into compartments, it is advisable that you avoid chapters and instead use paragraphs. Henry Hamilton { A well-written manual, but it does require 100% concentration and focus, as I found. They are spending too much money on leadership instead of helping the Reps they already have. For someone who is comfortable with the sales aspect of it, I think it sounds like a great opportunity. Offering several snippets of David Simon’s streetwise series, Cooke reminds viewers of the pivotal chess game that got them hooked on the HBO show. After all, one can only graduate from being a pawn to being a rook after completing the tasks that bump one up to the next level. Cooke narrates this funny film in a dry deadpan that recalls the voice-of-God speakers who taught kids how to do this and that during high school. As Cooke reveals through his interviews with past and present players, the drug trade is essentially a game for which neither side has well-defined rules.
The film graduates from being a sardonic instructional video to a cutting expose on the meaninglessness of the war on drugs. The players all stress the inevitability of a bust, but many of them note a flagrant air of corruption to the legal pursuit of the war on drugs. Uncle Sam rules the game, except that the American Government controls the trade so that it results in a loss for all involved.
Even if life has dealt you a cruel hand, it doesn’t mean you have to just lie down and take it. Magazines and newspapers are driven by the ‘human interest’ angle and if you have an experience to share that other people will want to read, there is every chance that you can sell your story. It could be your husband’s affair, bankruptcy, a heart-warming reunion, an illness or even a dodgy bikini wax. Remember that your friends and family are likely to read or hear about your story so you need to be sure that you can cope with the possibility of negative reactions.
Be prepared to provide photographs as more often than not this will not only pay more but it could actually be the clincher when a publication is deciding whether to buy your story. A good place to start is the adverts in the magazine because the kind of products they feature will give you an idea of its readership. Whereas a medical horror story, or amazing weight loss story, for example, may be more easily sold to magazines such as Take A Break, Chat, and Woman’s Own, which have an older readership age range. Think about the kind of real-life stories you have read in the press and again have a good look at a variety of newspapers to see which ones are more likely to want a story like yours.
Equally some magazines like Take A Break have a separate section on their website to help you sell them your story. She emphasised how surprising it is that few people actually contact features teams with their true stories. She will explain the process very clearly and you can earn very good money for doing virtually nothing.
A press agency will often have the best contacts to sell your story and although they will take a percentage of your fee you may actually end up getting more money because they will have the contacts, and knowledge to make sure it is not undersold.
These agents have the expertise to sell it for the highest price by creating a bidding war and they will also help you organise any legal contracts. Generally the more facts and photographs you can provide, the more money a paper is likely to offer you. However, if the story is good enough you may be able to sign a joint contract allowing you to sell your story to both a newspaper and a magazine. You may find it therapeutic on its own, but keep in mind that it can also be a way to earn some extra cash. You can also publish it on blog directories such as Technorati so that people who are interested in reading blogs generally can find it.
Publisher Network, which use search technology to target your site with relevant advertising. For example, you could set up a premium-rate helpline for other people to call if they have problems that you could help with thanks to your experiences. We like the price and service offered by Aweber which is the company we use to send our weekly newsletter (join here for free!). If you have struggled with something like bankruptcy or the illness of a relative and fought your way through it then you can use your expertise to help people and make money. You could even set yourself up as a speaker for corporate events on a particular subject or use your blog to sell your own products. If it strikes a chord, and has something unique to offer, publications may approach you to sell them your story: even the offer of a book deal isn’t out of the question. All right, we know that getting a book deal is an incredibly difficult thing – something most just dream of. The guidance you might be able to provide to others in a similar situation could be invaluable.
Her book follows a year in her life trying to fix her money problems and transform her life. Most agents specialise in a particular area like non-fiction or children’s fiction so make sure that you find one suitable for your book.
Short stories do not require thinking up complex storylines and character descriptions, unlike a novel.
It is imperative that there is enough of a storyline to meet the required length, without the need for padding or without having to cut bits out. For instance, writing about something you are familiar with because it has happened to you, is a great place to start. It is your decision how many words your short story is to include, however we advise that you do a little research and base your word count upon short stories that the buyer you are thinking of approaching has previously published.
This is an advantageous way to make money, especially so if you publish multiple short stories on a regular basis.

As a writer, there is no reason to draw the line at writing for buyers abroad, as a different perspective provided by a foreign writer can often prove popular amongst its audience. I can’t give good customer service if I have make my customers wait 6 weeks and more for items, and when shoes fall apart just trying them on.
The documentary omits all the scary effects of drug use that teachers and parents used to instruct youngsters to "Just say no". Even one participant explains how he went from being a gung-ho law enforcer to a self-help guru who made a business out of selling the secrets the law uses to catch dealers. As the players, plus lawyers, politicians, and personalities like Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson, and Eminem all explain, the pendulum of the war on drugs has swung so far that it’s out of control.
Is decriminalization the key? Why are drugs such as risky business when substances like alcohol and tobacco take more lives and result in more danger? In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! You are very likely to be asked to provide proof to validate your story so keep relevant photographs or documents safe. Magazines want their articles to reflect their readership and are usually targeted towards a particular age group, which will usually affect the kind of stories they feature. Equally, a more upmarket magazine like Marie Claire may feature completely different kinds of stories, such as how you were kidnapped by Peruvian guerillas and left for dead. For those that don’t, simply call the switchboard of your chosen paper or magazine and ask to be put through to the features desk. Magazines may pay you less but they also feature more real-life stories than most newspapers so may be more willing to buy your story. There are millions of blogs on the web, many of which make no money at all for their writers, but others make some pocket money for them each month. There are a few free blog hosting services which provide a template, web address and rich text editors so you’ll be up and running in no time. Writing about the day-to-day reality of it can be helpful to you and to others who are going through the same thing or think they may be facing it soon.
The more people who read your blog, the more are likely to click on the ads and make you some money (see below). The way it works is that any time someone comes to your blog and clicks one or more of the ads you get a share of the ad revenue. If there are already lots of books similar to the one you want to write you may need to alter your idea and try to find a unique angle that will help you get it published. Send your synopsis, a CV and a covering letter outlining who you think your book will appeal to, how you think the book should be marketed and why they should help you to get published, to all the agents you think would be good for your book.For a list of literary agents in the UK check out the Writers and Artists Yearbook.
However, it is recommended that your short story features a twist in the tale, similar to that of a fiction story.
Whilst, writing a traditional styled story with your own added twist, can also make for a successful plot. It is important that you research which magazines publish stories, before selecting ones to send your work to, additionally, you ought to research each magazine to make sure that your story is suitable, prior to sending. While feeling at a loss for how she would support her family, Denise decided to follow through on a local advertisement she saw for Avon.  Feeling that she was failing her son before he was born due to losing her job, she honed in on her survival instincts because she had a new child to support. Or, as the bald man in the pork pie hat might say, it takes a lot of work to go from fearing the knocks to being the guy who knocks. Dealers, distributors, kingpins, and even 50 Cent reveal how they graduated from high school joint seller to grower, to being at the top of the trade. The point that Cooke makes, however, is that the drug industry is essentially a business like any other. Moreover, as the experiment with Amsterdam revealed during Season 3 of The Wire, the worst consequences of the drug trade stem from the illegality of the business. For an alphabetical list of all the newspapers and magazines in the UK along with contact details go to the Mediauk website. One of the easiest services is Blogger which requires no technical expertise at all and provides simple steps to help you create your blog. Despite this, your reader should not be able to guess what will happen at the end of your book instead it should remain a surprise. Just ensure that you change the names of the characters in your story to save face amongst friends, family or acquaintances that happened to be featured within the book. Just be aware of the age range in which you are writing for as 11 years olds will not want to read material written for seven years olds. One key selling point that helped her make the decision is that selling Avon means selling something that someone else makes.  This means no time spent creating the product, being an Avon representative means that the product is ready to ship while making a higher margin. One needs to learn the risks and rewards, and understand questions of supply and demand, if one ever wants to make it big.
Lawlessness among the players encourages cheating and violence, while youth might be attracted to gateway drugs through novelty and comparatively easy access. Again it can be fascinating and helpful for others to read about what you are going through.
Whether you write a self-help book using your own story as your starting point, or a novel inspired and based on your own experience, you might be able to use your situation to gain financially. Pot, for example, offers enough of a profit to make a decent living, but if one ever wants to live the high life like Tony Montana, the money lies in harder drugs like coke.
As Sarandon notes, mandatory minimums put marginal parties in jail for as long a sentence as murderers receive.
If you have been through problems and have come out the other side your insight and hard-earned wisdom could be a life-saver to others. Even if it never gets published, at least you have had the experience of getting things down on paper and further out of your system.
For Denise this was no different.  At the time, she was in a place where she was dependent upon the income from Avon to support herself while giving her the time and flexibility needed with her newborn son. What are your thoughts on AVON and the opportunity to set your own schedule and make as much or little as you want?

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