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Buying a plot of land in Second Life is just the start of a long, and sometimes difficult, journey. To make your land successful where others have failed you'll need a reason for players to come visit that will attract them more than other places. Keep reading and we'll demonstrate how participating in our gaming network will bring your land to life. If unable to resolve your issue on the spot our Customer Service Ticket Portal guarantees that your issue will be assigned a Case Manager, and you'll be able to follow the progress of your issue as it gets resolved. We have over 58,049 active players using our gaming network every month and inworld groups with over 14,000 players.

As a landowner we're always looking for new ways to improve your tools and our Frantic Support Team are open to working with landowners to implement your ideas for improvements to our games!
You'll be able to set Multiplier Events and have them advertised directly on our website Multiplier Events List. Our Frantic Support Team will help you advertise directly to our groups with over 14,000 active players. That could be a unique product that is in high demand, but with the advent of the Second Life Marketplace it can be even more difficult to attract repeat visitors.
With our Frantic Support Technology there's usually no need to contact scripters to get things fixed.

Therefore, unlike other networks, we actively combat bots with the most advanced bot detection systems on the grid.
Our community are also highly active in reporting bot incidents, making it a tough life for any botter!

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