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Visit Slotoa€™Cash casino to play this single-zero European roulette for real money or practice in the fun money mode. Three higher ed campuses in Georgia rank among the greenest schools in the nation, according to the ninth annual rankings of colleges and universities released Tuesday by Sierra magazine.
The whole point of the rankings is to inform students about the sustainability efforts conducted on various campuses, and to promote sustainability on campus. Participation is in the rankings program is voluntary and open to all four-year colleges and universities in the country. Spelman College was ranked the nation’s 131st greenest campus in part because of curriculum offerings on sustainability. University of West Georgia was ranked the nation’s 141st greenest campus in part because of its nursing curriculum, which promotes environmentally sound practices.
How the Poor can Save CapitalismBy John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Operation HOPE, Inc.
This is one of those occasions when Scripture speaks of Scripture, when the Bible becomes a kind of user’s manual about itself. Thus Ezra, Jesus, and Luke—each in his own way shows us what our Bible reading at liturgy is all about: we read the ancient writings because they speak to us of our relationship to God and to one another—today.
Thus Paul joins Ezra (and the Chronicler who writes of Ezra), Jesus, and Luke in teaching us why we read old writings when we gather to worship (even at times when “Water Gate” [Neh 8:1] does not have a special, accidental, resonance). Playing the game online is very simple and most casinos even give you tools to make the game easier if you’re a new player.
After each player has arranged their cards, the banker (usually the dealer) reveals his cards and arranges them into two hands based on a method called the “house way.” These rigid rules are set by each casino, and determine how the banker must play their hands. Secondly, the fact that the casino only takes the 5% commission on the net win for the banker means that the commission hurts far less than when you are the player, when you will lose 5% on each individual winning bet. Several house ways are published online; we looked for the one that best combined simplicity with solid advice for the player. If you hold any other two pair, split the pairs unless you have an ace; in that case, keep both pairs in the high hand, and put the ace in the low hand. Always play three of a kind in the high hand, unless you have three aces; in that case, play a pair of aces in the high hand, and use the third ace in your low hand. Play the lower three of a kind in your high hand, and split the higher three of a kind, using that pair in your low hand. In this case, make the best possible legal low hand (this will usually mean keeping either the straight or the flush, with the two highest remaining cards or a pair serving as the low hand). Split the full house, putting the three of a kind in your high hand and the pair in your low hand. Sevens through tens: Split the four of a kind unless you have an ace and a face card (or any pair) to play in the low hand.
Jacks through kings: Split the four of a kind unless the hand has a pair of tens or higher that can be played in the low hand. Aces: Split the four of a kind unless the hand also has a pair of sevens or better that can be played in the low hand. Split the five aces into a three of a kind for the high hand, and a pair of aces for the low hand. Since both the house ways used by casinos and the strategies used by players can vary (and in some cases, players can improve very slightly on the house way), the exact probabilities involved in Pai Gow can vary somewhat.
The game is characterized with a poor design and no opportunity to make extra call bets that could be a real advantage for player. STARS is operated by AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education). It’s a trademarked, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance, according to the website. Schools can receive up to seven points for peer-to-peer sustainability program for all students. Since 2008, he has written for print and digital publications, and advised on media and governmental affairs.

We have the priest Ezra, addressing the people of Judah some eighty years after the return from the Babylonian captivity, still working to restore a common life around a reconstructed Temple and Holy City. A well-known member of this small village (population, archeologists estimate, around 150), the town bachelor and craftsman, returns with a reputation for healing and acting like an old-time prophet. He wrote a letter addressing the needs of a particular Greek community in the 50s of the first century. The life of the Spirit that the Church shares makes it an organism analogous to any other living body. However, unlike the esoteric nature of the tile based game that makes it difficult for foreigners to learn, Pai Gow Poker uses a standard deck of playing cards and regular poker rankings to make the game accessible for players from around the world. With a low house edge and a lot of pushes, it is a great game for those who want to see their money last a long time without the risk of losing (or the chance of winning) a huge sum in just a few hands.
For instance, while playing Pai Gow you can use a convenient “house way” button that will set your hands by the same method the dealer uses to set their hands. If a player wins both hands, he wins even money on his bet, minus a 5% commission (in other words, a $100 bet would win $95). This is because – at least in the live version of the game – players also get the chance to play the role of banker during the course of the game. In general, you should be willing to bank as often as possible, provided that you have the money to do so. As the player, if you play five hands, winning three and losing two, you will pay three separate commissions on each of the three winning bets.
Perhaps the best method available is to utilize one of the house way systems that are used by the casinos to set hands for their dealers.
We’ve chosen to share the following, which is the house way at the Texas Station casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have a six or seven card straight, keep the lowest straight possible, playing the highest possible cards in your low hand. If you hold two pairs of tens or higher, or any two pair with a pair of aces, then split the pairs. The only exception is if a pair of kings can be played in the low hand; in that case, keep the five aces in the high hand. Using the same numbers above, the banker will face a .2% house edge (after considering the 5% commission) in a one-on-one situation against the dealer. Still the game is easy to win and it provides real fun of playing the most exciting casino game!
Previously, he spent more than 26 years with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and won awards for his coverage of schools and urban development.
He shows up at the synagogue, opens the scroll of Isaiah to the place we call chapter 61, reads the first-person statement of a prophetic figure claiming to be anointed and sent by the Lord for a work of liberation and healing, and boldly applies that passage to himself. The unity of the Christian community in Corinth was threatened in several ways—by rivalries, by dualistic thinking, by neglect of the poor.
Like the limbs and organs of a human body, the members of the body of Christ (the Church) each have a special and needed role to play, whose purpose is to build up that body. If we are tempted, in the context of both Church and state, to neglect the poor among us, it may be because we have lost touch with the ways in which we are in fact one body. This will ensure that the casino isn’t getting any additional advantage by setting their hands in a better manner than you are.
Each player must then use their seven cards to make two separate poker hands: a five-card hand, which is scored as a normal poker hand (with the exception that a “wheel” straight of A-2-3-4-5 is usually considered the second highest straight), and a two-card hand, in which a pair or high cards are the only two possible hands to make.
A joker can be used to complete a straight or a flush (or a straight flush); otherwise, the joker will count as an ace. Generally, the chance to bank rotates around the table, allowing each player to bank once during each rotation. In online games, you are unlikely to be allowed to do so, but if you choose to play the game in a live setting (or find an online casino that offers the option), being the banker is a big advantage for two reasons.
Conversely, if you play against five hands as the banker and win three hands while losing two, the losses in those two hands the players won are set against the profits from the three hands you won, meaning you’ll only pay a smaller commission once.

None of these systems, to the best of our knowledge, claims to be a perfectly optimal way to play.
If a five or six card straight contains a pair, use the pair as the low hand if that would not break up the straight. If there are six or seven cards in the flush, keep the lowest possible flush, leaving the highest cards for your low hand. With any other two pairs and an ace, play the two pair as your high hand and the ace as your low hand. David graduated from North Carolina State University and was a Western Knight Center Fellow.
In the Gospel reading we hear the voice of Luke himself introducing his version of the story of Jesus, a fresh edition required by the community of his day (which will include a “part two”—the Acts of the Apostles—telling the story of the early Church). Paul responded to this particular set of crises so eloquently that this “occasional” letter eventually became recognized as inspired Scripture, capable of addressing any community, any time, about the essentials of Christian unity. Apart from that body, the particular member is as significant as a 165-pound eye sitting in the grass, splendid to behold but connected to nothing. Restoring the sense of connection may have something to do with the mission of liberation and healing that Jesus would continue through us. The banker only pays a 5% commission to the house on the net win, and is responsible for collecting bets from losing players and paying out bets to winners. The first is the rule that ties are counted as wins for the banker, which gives you a slight edge over the players (ties are more common than you might think, at least on the “front” two-card hand). However, they all come very close to perfect play, and represent a great guide for playing without making any serious mistakes. If your straight contains two pair, use the two pair rules to determine how to play the hand.
If your hand contains a pair, use that pair for the low hand if it won’t break up your flush. If playing the hand as only a straight or flush would allow you to play a face card or better in the low hand when you have to play a weaker low hand to keep the straight flush intact, play just the straight or flush. If you can play a king-high or better while retaining a flush or straight in the high hand, split up the royal flush. In fact, the player will actually hold the advantage as the banker if there are two or more players involved in a hand against him! A group of people, gathered to worship the living God, have someone read to them from an old book.
Further, one of the episodes Luke chooses for special treatment is the scene of Jesus’ homecoming in the synagogue of Nazareth, where Jesus himself, paralleling Ezra, reads from Scripture and asserts its relevance for “today”—the present moment of his community of listeners, and, for Luke, the present moment of his readers, then and now. In other words, if your two-card hand is a pair of aces, your five-card hand could not be a pair of kings. In order to bank, a player must have enough money at the table to pay off all bets from the other players. Since you’ll be playing by the house way, you’ll also have an additional small edge over many players who may be playing far less than optimally. Of course, you will be limited in the number of opportunities you have to bank, meaning that the small advantage you have as the banker isn’t enough to overcome the edge you have as a regular player…unless you’re betting far less than the other players at the table, and are willing to risk a lot to bank against high rollers. Their reasons are the same: the ancient writings speak of how their ancestors in the faith experienced the One who started and sustains the world and who took initiatives to make them a people. Further, they acknowledge that they are still in living relationship with that God, who deserves their thanks, listens and responds to their petitions, and takes profound interest in what they do with their lives.

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