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There is such an immense push, especially in the world of personal development, to pursue success, and yet there is something so much deeper that needs to be imbedded into a life’s foundations if it is, in my view, to be truly successful – that of being a life of immense value. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. As I have surveyed families, business and other organization, one of the key traits that I have noticed that has driven these collections of individuals apart has so often been a lack of honesty between the parties involved. Within my immediate family we have always made it our practice to be so open and honest with each other that at times it has been rather confrontational.
When it comes to morality, each of us has been created with a moral compass that was implanted into our being the very moment we were conceived. Listen to your God-given conscience and watch what wonderful things will come your way throughout your integrous lifetime. Oh look, none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, but with all your being seek to be a man or woman of honor. Let your quality start at home by providing a quality of life environment for your family to live in, developing quality relationships, providing quality love and support, and then carry that quality over and into the workplace, and the organizations within which you serve. Whatever you learn is not to be locked away in a vault, but rather to be sown as a seed into the hearts and lives of others.
The added value that arises in your own life as a direct result of being the teacher is that you will learn so much more. Love takes on many forms – and I discussed this in my article – What Love Is & What Love Isn’t – but true love is more about the give than the take. The reason so many people in our world ‘fall out of live’ is because they have forgotten that love – in order to be successful and long-lasting – requires of them to give, give, give, and give some more with at times no promise of it being returned to them.
But the very fact that the law of sowing and reaping is a reality – the more you give the more you will ultimately receive – if you persist. As many parents discover, trying to keep their families from falling victim to identity theft is not as easy as one may think it is.

Cover your financial tracks a€“ For an identity theft thief, he or she oftentimes relies on the consumer or business owner to be sloppy.
Teach your kids a€“ Finally, what better way to teach your children to be responsible with money than by setting an example from day one? Steering clear of identity theft starts and ends with having the right protection in place, but there is so much in between. When you set the right example for your entire family, identity theft thieves have a harder time breaking into your personal financial life. As a parent, what do you do to limit the chances of becoming the next identity theft victim? So here are 5 facets that I believe constitute the life of the person who seeks to become a person of immense value. To their face they are and say one thing, and then behind their back it’s a totally different story. But the good news is that when confrontation is coupled with love and forgiveness, the shackles of whatever has bound each of the parties crumbles and falls to the ground.
If you say that you will do something or be somewhere then do it and be there, even if it is uncomfortable or inconvenient.
This is an investment of love, of knowledge, of encouragement, of support, of wisdom, of just being there for those who are part of your immediate family, and then on to your circle of friends and associates and further afield. So make sure that as you learn that you position yourself to also hand on to others what you have learned through the power of sharing. In doing so, those individuals open themselves and their financial lives up to being compromised.
Since many kids spend a fair amount of time on the Internet these days, it is important to teach them the right way over the wrong way in using the worldwide web.
There are a number of providers out there, so deciding on which one best fits your familya€™s needs is an important call.

Make sure you are one that does not give the online criminal what he or she so desperately seeks. Among the items to teach them a€“ never divulge personal information, steer clear of opening and downloading any emails that sound even the least bit suspicious, and avoid strangers trying to start up a conversation. You could opt for a trial LifeLock or other such provider demonstration, seeing if they provide you with all the protection you so desire. Avoid gaffes along the way, gaffes that can put a serious financial hurting on your life and that of your loved ones.
For instance, make sure you avoid leaving financial documents around for the entire world to see, both online and in public. While there is certainly nothing wrong with considering a newer brand, those having been around for a while now obviously have a ton of experience in the business. You dona€™t want to be left hanging by a provider that is more interested in making money, less inclined to care what your needs are. Unfortunately, it turns out that you not only open the message, but you download the included attachment. What ends up happening is you now have a virus on your computer, a virus that can easily expose some or much of your online financial details. Before you know it, not only has your financial safety been compromised, but you now are dealing with a major debt issue. While that debt issue may be cleared up down the road as not being something you caused, do you really want all that hassle in the first place?

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