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On Android and the Web, you’ll find the emoji under the soccer ball submenu of you emoji list.
There are plenty of online recharge services for prepaid mobile phones and direct-to-home satellite TV services in India, so it’s normally not worth special consideration when a new one pops up on our radar. What separates Paytm from the crowd is its utterly simple user interface and its commitment to design that inspires a sense of confidence.
We liked the fact that the main page was sparsely laid out, with only the essential information presented to the user. Looks will only get you so far, however, and we did take the Web app for a spin to test whether it lived up to its promise of instant recharges with zero service fees. When you start entering your mobile number, Paytm automatically recognises which carrier you are on and selects it in the drop down menu for you. We did a recharge and it instantly popped up on our phone, but the website goes to great lengths to assure you that you will immediately be refunded if you fail to receive the recharge for any reason and that “your money is yours unless you have received your recharge”. What seemed like one of the coolest parts of Paytm’s service to us, besides its UI, is the fact that it has various mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices and a Java-based app for Nokia phones. What it does have, however, is a credit card scanner that is supposed to identify your credit card through the phone’s camera and fill in the details automatically. That was a major disappointment, and we hope you fare better than we did, but it was still worth letting you know about Paytm because it really is a polished gem in a category teeming with contestants.
Smartphone maker Oppo launched its R7 Plus handset in Bangalore, India today to make waves in the mid-range segment, with a 6-inch display and a metal unibody design. At its current price, it doesn’t have a lot of direct competition, except for last year’s Nexus 6, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Honor 6 Plus. It’s also significantly cheaper than Samsung’s 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 5, which launched in India today at $806 (Rs. In order to pique consumers’ interest in the face of stiff competition, the company is betting on its new camera tech, which promises sharp photos thanks to anti-shake optimization, as well as precise focusing in under 0.3 seconds.
I had a few minutes to try it out at today’s launch event; Oppo isn’t kidding about how quick the R7 Plus can focus. It’ll be interesting to see if Oppo can make splash with its new handset, premium materials, clever camera software and larger size.
The same look applies to its Hyperlapse, Boomerang, and Layout apps as well, tying all four apps together. We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups.
Inside the Instagram app and its Web version, things are the total opposite: There are small UI changes, such as a white top bar and black selected icons instead of blue. The rainbow-themed icons are supposed to represent Instagram’s diverse community, which it says brings all sorts of life and color to the platform. Natt Garun is the US Editor at The Next Web, managing the North American team on content, events, features and reviews coverage. Every student that plans on using loans, or federal student aid, for school should have great resources bookmarked.
Recently, a few Flippa sellers have been concerned about buyers using PayPal eChecks to pay for websites. We wanted to let you know a bit more about the payment service, and show you how problems may arise so you can avoid it yourself.

When someone pays you with an eCheck, the money doesn’t come off their credit card: it comes from a bank account they nominate. The money’s paid into your PayPal account, but, like a normal check, it takes a few days to clear—up to 5 business days, according to the PayPal website.
A person who makes a payment with an eCheck can cancel that payment at any time before the money appears in your account. As much as we’d hope otherwise, its conceivable that website sellers could end transferring their assets—domains, sites, and so on—to the buyer before the money has arrived in their PayPal account.
Once they have control of the assets, the seller could cancel the eCheck, leaving the seller without their property—or payment for it.
Be clear that you will not transfer any assets to the buyer until their payment has cleared and the money’s in your account—whatever payment method you agree on.
We recommend that website buyers and sellers on Flippa use escrow services — one of the safest payment methods around. I have not had any trouble with echecks, because I don’t transfer unless the money has cleared in my account, but I have had problems with fraud payments to my paypal, and the worst part about it is, you get paid, and start spending the money on your paypal, or transfer to your bank, and then paypal limits your account and opens disputes for EVERY payment you sent, using them funds. Thank you for the info, i updated my PayPal account to block any payment made by e-check through PayPal. Client submitted as much proof as possible, but PayPal wouldn’t side with them and settled with the buyer.
Please tell me there is any way to cancel an echeque because i don’t want to wait 6 goddamn days.
Keep in mind you need to use WhatsApp’s emoji list, so make sure you click on the emoji icon in the typing field and not the one on your keyboard. Emojipedia has a more detailed explanation of how it all works, so head on over to the source link below for more. He's interested in all things tech, science, and photography related, and likes to yo-yo in his free time. However, when we first saw Paytm, we thought it was a service our Indian readers would benefit from knowing about. There is something about a well-presented homepage that makes you trust a company with your credit card info, and Paytm earns that trust with its UI. By contrast, its competitor Recharge it Now throws up a whole mess of images, links, ads and even a scrolling marquee before letting you move onto a different page where you actually enter your details. It even offers to show you the most popular recharging options on that carrier, although I found that it worked for only some of the carriers and had limited information.
The next page gives you some offers, which is apparently how they make money, but none of them are selected for you by default. Despite a decent design and a simple workflow, the iPhone app lacks many of the features of its Web-based counterpart. We think they’ll work on the iPhone app to resolve its issues and add the missing features, but even if you can only use the Web app, it’s one of the best ways of recharging your mobile phone, DTH or data card in India.
When not writing, he enjoys spending his time bungling about on Twitter or Google+, and answering email. A fingerprint reader on the back and a large 4,100mAh battery round out the 6.7 oz (192g) package.
It locks on faster than most phones I’ve tried this year, and automatically snaps pictures as it focuses, so you don’t have to worry too much about camera shake.

Instead of the brown Polaroid-esque square we’ve all come to know, the Instagram logo is now bright, colorful, and embraces the flat design trend.
The company says it’s designed to make the layout more simple, so you can focus primarily on the images being shared. The move away from a blue UI also separates it from its parent company Facebook, which bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion. These payment methods are automatic—there’s no real time lag in which the buyer can recant.
Just make sure that you wait for the e-check to clear before you transfer the website to the buyer. I’m glad Flippa finally turned it into an article and has been featured in the latest newsletter. You can then proceed to pay using one of many payment options and the website helpfully offers to remember your credit card information for you if you have signed up for an account. It neither automatically detects your carrier nor offers to tell you about its most popular recharge options. The final nail in the coffin: the transaction kept giving us errors for all the cards we used, even though the same card had worked on their website earlier. That’s higher than most of this year’s budget heavyweights like the OnePlus 2, the Asus ZenFone 2 and the upcoming Moto X Pure. You’ll need to understand your award letter, know how to budget your money for school, and make sure all your paperwork is in order. If you find yourself in question over paying for school make sure to get in contact with your financial aid department to review your options, or check out the resource sites above. Then 5 days to wait for the eCheck to bounce then another 3 days for the Flippa dispute to finalize and then another 3 days for the new auction to end. Yes, if a buyer initiates a dispute (which does happen, because they sometimes are a bit absent minded) PayPal debits your account for up to 75 days.
Weeks later, they get a message saying their payment is being disputed for item not received when the buyer clearly signed for it and accepted it. What’s more, it does not even allow you to log in to your Paytm account to fetch your credit card info. I will use 2Checkout, which they do fraud checks and hold the money to make sure it clears.
This is the worst part of PayPal, but I’ve always gotten the money back, after a bit of a hassle.
The buyer was smart to double-check, and we would advise that anyone transferring large sums of money do the same.
So in the end, the user can pay via credit card and paypal through 2Checkout, and I think that seems to be more secure. I also do not accept any bids from people who just signed up to Flippa and bid on my auction.

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