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Adverts suck, we can all agree on that, but there's a very special place in deep bowels of hell for the person who greenlit a certain type of advert.
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Photos: Republican Convention Day 2 - Gallery --> --> You are using an outdated browser. I'm talking about YouTube adverts featuring some of the world's most irritating YouTube personalities. Finally it has come to Android, much to the delight of 430,000 people who had signed up to a waiting list. That sense of community promotes an engagement with the app as much as it does with photography in general. I don't mean PewDiePie, but people who are so painfully irritating it make me want to punch the screen.
It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the same four adverts, featuring the same two people trying (and failing) to be funny over and over again. Some of them are ad-supported, but that means they don't cost money which is always a good thing. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination.
Android: Flytube (Free) You know how newer iPads have picture-in-picture mode that lets you do multiple things at once?
Given that this is the single most substantial picture alteration tool, that’s a pity. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. As is the unfortunate fact that not all Android phone’s cameras are actually supported yet, including the one on the superb HTC One X. Simply put, it creates a mini version of a specific YouTube video that you can watch without losing the rest of your device's functionality.
While Android users can’t see their filters being applied live as they can in the iOS version, there are more sharing options. Donald Trump sought to use a speech by his wife to move beyond delegate discontent at the Republican National Convention, only to have the second day open with an onslaught of accusations that his wife's speech lifted phrases from one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.
The other is to manually share the video to the app, which requires you to be in the actual YouTube app. About 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland this week for the Republican National Convention, at which Donald Trump is expected to be formally nominated to run for the US presidency in November. The problem is that it's very glitchy, so you're better off sticking to more stable sources and going from there. Any time you attempt to do this causes the windowed video to flee back to edge of the screen.

Flytube is only good for playing one video at a time, so if you have a playlist open (for, say, music), each time a video ends you'll have to head back to the YouTube app if you want to play the next one. That also means you have to go through the arduous two-step process of sharing the video to Flytube each time. I should add that expanding does absolutely nothing to the resolution, so if you want to watch a large version of the video you're better off just going back to YouTube. Flytube is very strict about how it adheres to YouTube's terms of service, so you have a few things that might put you off. For starters, while the video is playing you won't be able to turn off your phone's screen.
You will be able to see it on your lockscreen, but because Google doesn't allow videos to play in the background (i.e. If you want that you'll need a YouTube Red subscription, which I don't think is available in the UK.
The fact that you can watch videos while doing other things is a great extra feature in itself. HereWeGo (Update): The app formerly known as HERE Maps has had a rebrand, and some new features.
Now it has info on cycling, taxis, and car clubs (along with estimates on any relevant pricing). What if you don't give a damn about the event as a whole, and only give a shit about your own countrymen? Team GB Live is part news app, and part schedule, so you can see what's happened and what Britain's Olympians are going to be up to during the competition. Right now that schedule only goes up to next Saturday (13th), and only seems to have Rugby and Hockey events for some reason.
The schedule is a little bit bland if I'm honest, only offering the absolute minimum information. All you can see is which sport it is, which gender is competing, who they're up against, and what time it's on (UK time, not Brazilian time). That's enough to make sure you know what to expect when you turn on the TV, but I feel there could be a little bit more in there. You do have the option of adding events directly into your calendar, so you can sort out your own notifications and reminders.
With that in mind, it's worth pointing out that Team GB Live has no notification system of its own. If you want to be reminded about certain sports of events, you have to sort all that out yourself. On top of that Team GB Live also has a news feature, and a tab dedicated to how many medals have been won by Brits.
The news is very basic, and right now doesn't have any filters to sift out the stuff you couldn't care less about. Filters would have been nice, but at least you still have the advantage of not having to sort through news from other countries taking part.

The Olympics start in four days time, and if you care about them in any way, this app should be on your phone.
Both party's video stream is pixelated while you chat, and remains that way until both of you decide to reveal yourself.
This app will use your phone's camera to estimate the size of objects, provided, of course, that the appropriate reference is also in frame. So you want to keep track of your favourite TV shows, and when they're actually on the air. In it, you have your own feed of TV programmes you're watching and (surprise surprise) it notifies when a new episode is going to be broadcast. You search for the ones you watch, or find new ones with the built-in trending list, and add them to your own feed. From there you're able to keep tabs on which episodes you've watched, and push notifications annoy you whenever new ones are due. Unfortunately Serist doesn't actually let you watch anything, but there is a lot of spoiler-free information about different programmes. It costs a bit, but if you're always forgetting about what's on and when, this is an essential tool.
So actually finding anything worthwhile requires a tracker to hunt them down, but Niantic is starting to shut them down as well. Find 'Em All is one of the tracking apps that uses Niantic's API, rather than user contributions.
Just open up the app, let it see your location, and it'll show all the monsters in your immediate area. Hold your finger on one, and it'll tell you the time that monster will disappear, so you know whether it's worth heading over to try and catch it. On top of that there is a list of monsters in its own separate menu, so you can filter out what you see on screen and set up a notification for when certain monsters appear. First up is the fact that Find 'Em All only seems to find monsters that are around where you are.
Not all of it's going to be within walking distance, so some monsters might expire before you get there. Don't expect this to stay up for long, since Niantic is very unhappy about similar services (wrongly, I might add), but for the time being it still works fairly well.
There's a way you can hack the game onto your device if you're prepared to do a little bit of fiddling and don't mind a few differences with the UI. Instagram (Update): A nice update to the official Instagram app this week, bringing with it Continuum support, fixes to video playback (it actually works now), and speed improvements.

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