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Your job is also to make money, but spend as little money along the way as possible to accomplish your business objectives.
Involve the Right People: This is true when selecting and planning other elements of your event as well.
Base Sponsorship Decision on Objectives: When evaluating sponsorship packages, or a la carte products offered by show producers, its important to think about which items would be most effective in accomplishing your objectives first. Ensure Content Relevance: Examine the focus of program content to audience priorities and objectives. Negotiate Sponsorship and Custom Opportunities: Look at the strength of sponsorship offerings and the Share of Voice offered. Leverage Business Partners: Partners provide a powerful leverage point that few take full advantage of.
Check Out the Competition: While competitive presence is not a critical factor, it is still something that should be examined in your decision making process.
Understand Who You Are Dealing With: Look at the stability and past performance of the producer. If you like to sew, perhaps there are projects that you enjoy doing that can also help you to make some extra money. Even though Finding Dory has only been out for a few weeks, she already has a ton of fans who are likely going to want her be the star of their birthday party (well, after the birthday child of course).
Tell your guests when to swim on over for the party with the free printable Finding Dory birthday party invitations from The Kiwi in the Clouds. The printable vintage movie-ticket style Finding Dory birthday party invitations from Digital Daliah is great whether or not you plan to include a viewing of the movie. Instead of needing tons of Dory-festooned decorations, we like how just a few printable Dory decorations pair with a bold color scheme to really make a table stand out, as shown at The Kiwi in the Clouds’ Dory party. We also like how a big bold blue backdrop and tablecloth can really make a huge impact, like the Dory birthday party decorations shown on Shindigz Party Ideas. Your kids will want to wear their party hats all day long if they are as hilarious as these DIY Dory party hats from Kara’s Party Ideas.
Turn a big beverage container into Dory herself with the clever DIY Finding Dory beverage dispenser idea from Kid Friendly Things To Do. This printable Dory Bingo game from Sunshine and Hurricanes makes a fun and easy activity that all ages can play together. Considering Dory spends the entire movie on her own special search, a scavenger hunt for your party seems quite apt.
Settle the kids down before it’s cake time with the free printable Finding Dory activity sheets found at I am a Mommy Nerd.

We’re cracking up over the funny and clever snacks served at the Finding Dory birthday party shared at Fandango.
Everyone’s favorite Septopus, Hank, shows up to the party in the yummiest possible way with this Finding Dory birthday party treat from Mrs. The dozen Finding Dory fondant cupcake toppers from Bakers Love Bakery will turn plain homemade or store bought cupcakes into mini works of art.
A little Dory toy becomes a thoughtful party favor when attached to this free printable Dory card from Hello Splendid. If you want to wrap up your favors, check out this smart Finding Dory DIY favor bag from Catch My Party. Or send your party guests off with a few treats tucked into one of the personalized and reusable Finding Dory favor bags from Owlways Remember on Etsy. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. The Ultimate Star Wars Guide: Dozens of geeky gifts, party ideas, DIY projects, recipes, and random Force-inspired insanity.
How to throw an Emoji party: The ultimate roundup of seriously awesome snacks, invitations, activities + other ideas. However, it’s always better to negotiate for those opportunities that provide the greatest value to your audiences and your brand.
Remember to include sales, PR, marketing and digital teams in the discussion when selecting which sponsorship elements to take advantage of.
Will the sponsorship draw the critical mass of targeted attendees required for you to earn the right level of return on investment or objective?
Ensure your content aligns well to sponsorship content, otherwise your brand will appear disconnected. Gauge the producer’s willingness to negotiate, provide value-added services and entertain special requests, such as speaking opportunities. I think it is beneficial for everyone to develop metrics and criteria to quantify and compare intangible benefits, especially in a sponsorship context…” At the end of the day sponsorship is about real value, both tangible and intangible.
Also like the apt wording on top, though we don’t think anyone will forget this party. Check out Punchbowl where you can personalize and send out Finding Dory birthday cards without leaving your computer. For a fun twist, cut your own birthday child’s name in those familiar block letters and that backdrop?
Of course, you can add lots more from an under the sea theme, such as seashells, starfish, or plush Dory toys that can later be handed out as favors or given to the birthday girl or boy.

Not sure, but we think all kids will start speaking in whale as soon as they put them on their heads. We love their suggestion for what to use as markers in this game, though you may want to buy some extra in case the kids are hungry.
And the printable cards from Jolee Studio allow you to personalize your party’s hunt to be indoors or out and as easy or hard as you want to make it.
With coloring pages, dot-to-dot, and a maze, there’s enough for kids to do as many pages as they want.
Love the silly turtle sandwiches and the wry Hank the Septopus which is really just an orange and some dried mango strips. Sunshine and Hurricanes recipe includes sweet and salty treats mixed together in a fishbowl-sized bowl.
We think our kids’ friends will be thrilled to swim off with one of these, don’t you?
Not too difficult, yet the finished product is so great, it’s the kind of craft project we really love. The bags themselves make such a nice momento, they may hang around longer than the treats inside. Before you go gunning for gold or break out that purchase order, here are some things you should consider to ensure sponsorship success.
For example, if your objective is thought leadership, speaking opportunities are best, if you are looking to nurture relationships and close sales, private hospitality and one-on-one audience engagement is strongest.
Understanding what will bring true value to your audiences and your brand starts with your objectives. If you’re handy with a piping bag, you can even make some cute cookie otters that your guests will gobble up. Understanding how you compare to your competitors in the audiences eyes, especially in the early stages of a sales cycle can help ensure success. Knowing the background and longevity of the sponsorship opportunity and the producer can give you solid ground to stand on in your decision making process and in negotiations.
From there its about taking a strategic approach,  examining the opportunity with diligence and negotiating from a position of power to ensure success. Including your partners in the planning process can create a potent sponsorship opportunity and increase return on investment.

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