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The Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides flight came to a tragic end in Lockhart this morning, when it came down in a field at around 7.40am local time. Authorities have not said where the balloon was based out of, though Caldwell County Sheriff Daniel C.
Aamodt said a ride in a hot air balloon could still be unsafe even when skies look peaceful.
Aamodt said no one wants to fly more than him since he does not make money when he does not fly, but nothing is worth compromising anyone’s safety. The accident occurred about three years after 19 people, mostly Asian and European tourists, were killed in a hot-air balloon crash in Luxor, Egypt.

Skip Nichols, identified by the company as its chief pilot, was reported by Austin station KVUE-TV, citing close friends, to have been at the controls of the balloon when it crashed. Law told The Associated Press that it’s the kind of situation where people can walk up and buy a ticket, unlike an airplane, which would have a list of names. The site of the crash appears to be right below the overhead lines, though authorities haven’t provided further details about what happened.

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