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Discussion: so Brian Buccellato's upcoming cannibal series is secretly about drug addictions?
Screenwriter Eric Heisserer wants to shed a little light on the darkest and scariest corners of the human psyche – and maybe create an iconic horror star in the process. And gathering all of that, I realized for the first time in a long time, I got to write something very scary that was also my kind of movie. So it was a fast process, and it was streamlined because we all wanted to make the same movie.
You wrote this first as a straighter dramatic storyline, and then you started peppering in the horror scares. I started calling out, “Here are all the dark places, and I’m never going to mention whether or not Diana is there until I absolutely have to.” So I really scared myself.
When you start writing about just paying attention to how things are dark, then you pay attention in real life. The second advantage is just to see how all of it comes to life, and know that you can still write, even if it’s just sort of improvisational. What did you enjoy about process of creating an original horror character that, with any luck, we’ll see people dressed up as for Halloween and walking around at Comic-Con next year? With Diana, I bought how she might have lured Sophie into this kind of relationship that she thinks she’s having.
We just wanted to make the story in this movie work, and have a resolution at the end of it so that audiences could be satisfied. Our professional services include web design, website development, eCommerce development, magneto website development, Web development, logo design, banner design, graphic design services in Lucknow.

Sandberg, who also directs the feature, “Lights Out” centers on a mysterious, murderous entity that can operate only in darkness. I think the most reassuring meeting I had was very early on when it was me and it was David, Lawrence [Grey] and James [Wan, the producers], and we all talked about the type of horror movies that we don’t like – some of which we had been involved in making, it just ended up showing up as something we didn’t want to do. And that’s such a liberating thing, especially in a time when I didn’t have the bandwidth to handle something that would be a slow development process. And we then as a team, when we got the script where we wanted, which also happened very fast, we just went into New Line and said, “This is the thing we want to make.
What were the visceral scares that came from some place within you, where once you got that scene you’re like, “Oh, yeah, that’s going to scare the crap out of people”?
I kept paying attention to how to light this thing on the page and get a description and narrative, and knowing that that had to be translated to what David could do with it.
Because the writer’s not always invited to that particular party, what was fun about being there and helping be a part of when the shots were being set up and things are being discussed and being right there for that?
What was in your head trying to craft a character like that – and especially to make it a woman? These movies often now usually end on a note of “Come back in a year and see what happens next!” But also, I do see that there’s a franchise-able quality to this, potentially. There’s something about denying satisfaction from the audience when you tease some sort of sequel. The film sets itself apart for both its compelling and allegorical storyline and its aversion to modern horror tropes.
Or stuff that we really loved out of horror, like what really scared us, and what also meant a lot to us even if it wasn’t a horror movie.

If there’s something that suddenly works really, really well, and you’re seeing that in video village and realize, holy crap, that actor or this behavior, this motion of Diana is so captivating, we’ve got to find a way to either enhance it right here, or repeat it elsewhere.
It made it easier for me to write for her because a woman monster can give you a space of a maternal sensibility that you can’t get with a Jason Voorhees or some other character like Michael Myers. So a masculine energy I just don’t think would work for her on sort of a thematic or emotional level. When you put the button at the end saying, “Next year, come back, save your seat,” that kind of thing. I was in the middle of working on some Sony properties – the comic book properties for Sony – and yet I couldn’t get out of my head. And having just another set of eyes that has the right writer brain with you can be an incredible toolbox.
Now and then our Japanese horror remakes allow us to get a little fuzzy, but it still at the end of the day comes down to she’s a tortured soul from blah blah blah, or it’s an undead creature that we’re very familiar with. To bring something brand new that certainly requires more heavy lifting on backstory or a little bit of mythology so the audience knows it’s different, but that’s so refreshing.

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