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Visit the Paint Shop, Autoshow, Car Club, Marketplace, Race Central, and Workshop at the Festival.
There are three new events now you have your green wristband, but first, find Romana Cravache and accept her challenge. 470 points are needed for the next wristband, and you have 9 new Festival Races available to you. Popularity and Showcase RacesBy this time, you should hopefully be the most popular racer in HORIZON. Once you have won ALL Festival Races, Star Showdowns, Street Races and Showcase Events, you will have now unlocked the "All Your Race Are Belong To Us" achievement. Speed Traps and Average Speed ZonesThis is another achievement you could have, and maybe even should have, unlocked by now.
Sponsorship ChallengesThis is another area in which you have probably already unlocked both achievements. Discount Signs and RoadsI have coupled these two together, as it is wise to go for them at the same time.
Should you want to, you can purchase a Treasure Map, which will reveal the exact location of every Discount Sign in the game.
Even if you probably won’t find yourself personally starring in any future Fast and Furious sequels, you can still drive your heroes.
American muscle has always been a catch phrase for the import-heavy series, and in Fast & Furious we were treated to a star turn from one of the few flashes of performance to escape Detroit during the dark era of the 80s. The Buick Grand National for sale in Chilliwack, British Columbia is going for $27,500, which isn’t a bad price for a car with only 24,000 claimed miles. While some might have questioned the physics of towing a bank vault behind a pair of Dodge Charger SRT8s in Fast Five – as well as the logic of a plan that involved destroying a huge portion of downtown Rio de Janeiro – no one is disputing the pure power of the 6.1L Hemi V8s under the hoods of these modern muscle machines. Such is the case with the 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8 we found priced at $27,988 in Edmonton, Alberta. The Honda S2000 was a wet dream for import fanboys when it was first introduced for the 2000 model year, and it didn’t take long for the car to make an impact in the Fast and the Furious franchise.
The hard-parked S2000 is prominently placed in a number of scenes throughout the movie, although strangely its starring role didn’t kick off a wave of similarly hued roadsters in the Honda community. Benjamin Hunting is a freelance writer who enjoys keeping the shiny side up during track days. I will just list all the events as they unlock for me.There are two yellow wristband events available now. Dodge Challenge SRT8 392.Now drive to the Race Central to collect your Blue Wristband, earning you the "Out of the Blue" achievement. This is the final Star Showdown, and you will be forced to race with the car you chose previously. The remaining achievements are all miscellaneous achievements that you can choose to do at any time.Festival RacersHopefully you're still in the mood for racing, so let's do some more of them. There are 22 Speed Traps (white on map) and 9 Speed Zones (yellow on map) dotted around Colorado.
If you followed my advice from the previous page, you will have been smashing in to all Discount Signs as and when you see them. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. In that time a veritable who’s who of high performance metal has played a starring role in the (soon to be) seven movies that have charted the adventures of Brian, Dom, and a rogues gallery of co-conspirators across both the globe and decades of automotive history. Some of the coolest cars from the franchise are out there right now, waiting for you to take them home (and we’re not talking about the Hot Wheels or video game editions) and make the morning drive to the office your own mini feature film. Equipped with a rare manual transmission, this Dodge can be found in Gatineau, Quebec for $69,995. Unfortunately, much like the Mitsubishi Eclipse from the first Fast and the Furious movie, most of the models you’ll find on the market today have led a hard life. Still, at that price there’s lots of headroom available to pull the stock 420a and automatic transmission and install a 4G63 drivetrain while still having enough money left over for neon green paint.
This car is your chance to relive Han’s tragic death scene (that set up the plot for the upcoming seventh instalment of the franchise) in your very own garage.
You could just drive it too, and enjoy the 600 horsepower from its single-turbo conversion rotary engine. The 1987 Buick Grand National was faster than the Corvette of the same model year, a fact that Dom illustrated by needlessly smoking his version of the car’s tires before escaping certain death by dodging under a tumbling gas tanker in the Dominican Republic.

The unquestioned centerpiece of The Fast and the Furious, the model seen here currently resides in Saint-Etienne-De-Lauzon, Quebec, and is priced at an eye-watering $99,000.
Rated at 425 horses and 420 lb-ft of torque and matched with a tight chassis, these sedans have become something of a bargain on the second-hand market.
The 289 cubic inch V8 installed in the car is less blow-off and more Bullit when it comes to soundtrack.
Either buy the 2011 Subaru WRX STI (32,000 Cr, 1 Token) or the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR (29,x000 Cr, 1 Token). All Festival Races from now on will include Stars, and will give you a Cr bonus for beating them.
You may even have already completed some of them.Street RacesLet's start with the Street Races. You must complete 5 challenges for the "Kudos To You" achievement, and then an additional 15 for the "Sellout" achievement.
Of course, for your money you get plenty of modified-for-the-movies performance, such as a 1,200 horsepower tune for the car’s 2JZ GTE engine, a Toretto-approved body kit, and a claimed $2,800 in Toyo tires.
Both the engine and transmission have been rebuilt and the coupe’s paint job is new too.
Enjoy watching Forza Horizon 2 Easy Money And Xp streaming from your seat through PC and mobile such as android phones. After a cut-scene you are thrown into a vehicle (this isn't actually you), and are told to race to the HORIZON Festival. These will earn you discounts for car upgrades (1% per Discount Sign), which will save you a lot of money later.
If you have the save games from either of the aforementioned games, you will be asked if you want to be rewarded with cars based on your loyalty. You can choose to accept these rivals and try to beat their times, or race Rivals via Race Central later.
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.Now we have defeated Romona, let's get started on those three new events.
The best way to rack up points is to create a skill chain, whereby you link multiple skills together in a short period of time. The following image shows where the location of each barn is, and the car you will gain from those barns. Each rank counts as a challenge, and the 20 challenges can be obtained from as many different areas as you like. You may actually want to collect all 100 now (or at least early in the game) for free upgrades and a couple of achievements. You should try to beat your rival until you get the "Vendetta" achievement, which requires 10 wins. All you have to do is go to each location (once you have heard the rumour), and find the barn with an old car.
If so, skip to the bottom of the walkthrough, or simply use this image.The Showcase Event is a point-to-point race with a difference. You are usually matched against someone with a similar time, so try not to be too fast if you want an easy rival challenge.
There is one achievement for winning 10 street races, and one achievement for winning all street races.
To cash your points, you must allow a period of time to pass without earning any more points, and without crashing heavily.The skills include drifting, racing at high speeds, drafting behind other cars, passing other cars.
The Showcase Races, and the popularity position required to be invited to them are displayed below.
Click here for the locations of all Outposts in Forza Horizon.Each of the Outposts also has three PR Stunts. Check the following map for locations of all Speed Traps and Speed Zones, or click here for a larger image. Challenge - You earn the 'Over 9000!' combo when you skill chain exceeds 9000 points before it is banked. The Treasure Map will also reveal the location of a Barn Find every time one becomes available. Ferrari 599XX.Assuming you have won all previous Star Showdowns, you will now have earned the "Domination!" achievement. One of the most useful skills to use to link skill chains is the wreckage skill, which is obtained by crashing in to signposts and other smaller objects that lie to the side of the road.

It is recommended that you do not purchase this, for obvious reasons.Once you have driven down each and every road on the map, you will unlock the "Road Trip" achievement. Check the Sponsor Challenges on the Start Menu for information on several ways to earn skill points.After winning the race, drive to Race Central. If you are having trouble selling a paint job or vinyl, please check the following thread to trade with other users.
They don't increase your score by much, but they do help to extend the multiplier and, as mentioned above, link other skill chains.There are various achievements for different popularities. You only need to locate one Barn Find for the "Barn This Way" achievement.Should you want to, you can purchase a Treasure Map, which will reveal the exact location of a Barn Find every time one becomes available. Visiting all six of the locations within the Horizon Festival Loop will have earned you the "Been There, Done That!" achievement. 3,000 Cr.After you've won both, drive to Race Central to collect your green wristband, and the "Going Green" achievement. You have a certain amount of time to complete some of the PR Stunts, and they vary from passing through speed traps at speed, completing a photo shoot at a specific location, or performing high skill combos. Some smaller roads can be difficult to find, so zoom in to the map and check each complicated area carefully. No matter how long you wait, the number will not reach 0.Another cut-scene will introduce you to Dax, who works at the Garage in Forza Horizon. After the cut-scene, you will get your yellow wristband, awarding you with the "A Wristed Development" achievement. One for 25% off, two for 50% off, and three for 100% off travel to that Outpost.For the Speed Stunts, you need to race through a speed trap at a certain speed.
When you view the map soon, you will notice that different events are circled with different colours. For the best chances of success, race carefully, avoiding contact with everything and anything that will slow you down. If you can find a good route between cars and bends in the road, you will easily hit the target speed.For the Photo Shoots you must drive to a specific destination, avoiding the wrecking of your vehicle.
You can in fact race against he same drive over and over, eliminating the trouble of finding new drivers after each race. Smash 10 for the "Bargain Shopper" achievement, and an additional 90 Discount Signs for the "Black Friday" achievement. Once there, press Start, select Photo Mode, and take a picture of the car with something specific in the background.The Skill Stunts are arguably the most difficult of the three PR Stunts. I found it useful to take advantage of the 'Near Miss' and 'Wreckage' skills to extend the multiplier on straight roads, and then drift around corners and turns.Red Rock HeightsSpeed Stunt - Radical SR8. 8,000 Cr.Once you have collected 380 points, you can go to Race Central to collect your Pink Wristband.
Lamborghini Diablo SV.Now you have done all of the blue wristband races and have Duke Maguire's car, go to Race Central to collect your Pink Wristband and the "Racing for Pinks" achievement.
10,000 Cr.After four wins in pink wristband events, you will be able to collect your Orange Wristband.
6,000 Cr.Winning five of the above green wristband events will be enough to earn you promotion to the Blue wristband. You will need to collect it from Race Central, but first finish off the above races for the "#WINNING!" achievement, and then find and defeat Ali Howard to win his car. Nissan GT-R Black Edition.After winning the above Star Showdown, go to Race Central to collect your Orange Wristband, and the "Freshly Squeezed" achievement.
13,000 Cr.Assuming you won all the Festival Races prior to the orange wristband, just four wins are needed for the next wristband. Lexux LF-A.Once you have completed the above, collect your Purple Wristband at Race Central for the "Purple Reign" achievement. Saleen S7.Once you have done the above, go collect your Gold Wristband from Race Central for the "Golden Boy" achievement. 18,000 points.Once you have completed all 30 PR Stunts, you will unlock the "Stuntman" achievement. Go to the map and filter (LB) to Festival Races and find any events that are not greyed out.

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