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GARDAI ARE INVESTIGATING a robbery that happened this morning on South Anne Street in Dublin city centre. A worker from the Eddie Rocket’s restaurant on the street was heading out on a bank-drop when he was intercepted.
Gardai at Pearse Street Station are investigating, and anyone with information is being asked to contact the station on 01 666 9000. The scene around the diner was sealed off for a time in the aftermath of the attack, but doors are open once again this afternoon.
One reader tells us her story about having to travel to the UK for an abortion after her baby was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. Marriage counsellor Dr Ray O’Neill tells us how to avoid the pitfalls of being in a long-term relationship.
Roseleen Flaherty from the Irish Cancer Society talks about how to check if you have skin cancer.

The speakers were at the top of the range in terms of people working at the bleeding edge of what is possible, what has been tried, and where they would like to take us. There were a lot of great speakers, and also really interesting companies demonstrating their products too.
The event was really useful for helping to visually demonstrate how and why AR will become a massive tool in education, training and marketing.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Quick and easy ways to create video for your blog using your smartphone and apps or just the camera equipment that you already have. It was a really interesting step into what the future offers for us, both in terms of digital marketing, virtual representations of experiences and also invaluable ways to help deal with medical conditions. Over the next few weeks we aim to bring you more in depth interviews with a number of the participants from this event.

This presentation gives tips for those who would like to get into video but don't know where to start. Even more exciting for an Irish audience was the fact that they will be moving to Ireland too. Another firm enticed here by the IDA’s forward thinking policy on encouraging cutting edge companies to relocate to Ireland.

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