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There are many blogger all over the world who have quit their high paying corporate jobs and now swear by blogging. Though the blogging world from outside does looks great and glamorous only bloggers know how hard it is to sustain and every decision they make will either increase or hamper their earnings. There are many bloggers who do rake in lot of traffic to their blogs but what they earn at the end of the day is just $2-$3.
Even the countries in which you live in matters a lot, coming from India means less eCPM and CPC, isn’t it? Since Revenuhits is a Geo Targeted and Contextual Ad Network, it adjusts according to the traffic your blog receives rather than you bringing in the traffic an advertiser requires.
If you’ve applied to any advertising network like Google Adsense or Media Ads, you know how hard is it to register and then wait for approval before you can start making money from blogging. The worst part is you can get rejected too and make $0 for the data you have on your website, isn’t it? Because it doesn’t have any requirements and almost any site under the sun can register with RevenueHits and start making money from blogging from the first day itself.
However if you’ve started a new blog, I won’t recommend going with this network or for that matter any network.
If you first visit Revenue Hits website, let me tell you it’s most beautifully thought after and greatly designed advertising network I’ve even seen.
Once inside, RenevueHits redirects you to make your first ad, put the code on your website and start to make money blogging.
RevenueHits recommends Shadow Box and so do we for high conversion rates and great revenue. Once you click on Shadow Box or any other ad type you’d want, Revenuehits asks for ad size and description about it. Though you may skip the description part but it is highly recommended to fill it, so as advertisers understand what is your purpose behind creating a particular ad or where are you going to place it.
Action can be rather anything like visiting a website, user email id or phone number or any such info that advertiser requires from a user but only on users consent. Some bloggers using Revenuehits make around $5-$10 per day from first day itself using Revenuehits with a very very less traffic. To be frank, I am very much impressed by how RevenueHits operate and how this Israeli based advertising network has been able to sustain from 2008 and hold its position.
To be true, no advertising network won’t work if you don’t have high quality converting traffic.
Let me know if you have any queries or question regarding this Performance based, Geo Targeted, Contextual Advertising Network. How is this different than Outbrain?How much traffic do you need to already have to make this work? Great post ankit I will give it a try since my blog is fairly new but it get good amount of traffic and pageviews so it’s worth trying Cheeers! Please bro tell me……Also your post is just outstanding ,I am very impressed !!! 2) I have read on my reviews that minimum payout of revenuehits is 50$ butt On their website it is written that there minimum payout is 20$ but you can increase it ? I gave it a try but it seems that Revenuehits has some adware in their banners, I don’t want that associated with my website. I start using revenueHits but my ecpm is 0$ why?How can I increase my ecpm to generate revenue reply me. Well RevenueHits is actually a good alternative to Google Adsense BUT VERY IMPORTANT issue which I faced after which I had to discontinue using revenue hits. Any ad placement you create in revenuehits will also include pop up ads (which I checked with RevenueHits support and they said they will disable it but still the pop up appeared on my page) contains malicious contents and due to which my website was blocked by google for a day. This is just something which I faced and I think all you should know as it really affects the reputation of our page. I am confused that if it is just the report which is now showing any income or income is not actually generated?? Enough about me. Today I want to share something with you that will hopefully make you happy as well.
There’s also that whole realm online where you pin things you love, tweet about a favorite product you found, or maybe even Instagramming a new pair of shoes.
Welp, what if you could make a little cashola while doing the natural…the talking about your favorite things?
Beso is a great tool for bloggers looking to monetize their site. Check out the tracking tools and account management features that make your job easy NOW! I will have to check this out as I am currently running a blog myself.I find it very important to learn new methods for monetizing my blog and also new methods for driving traffic to it.
Today, Bloggers like John Chow, Tyler Cruz, Darren Rowse, ShoeMoney make a full time living only by blogging!! I mentioned above that if ProBloggers like Jhon Chow, Tyler Cruz, Darren Rowse and ShoeMoney close down they would still make a 5 figure income.
Tip: If you have a decent amount of readers(750+) you can run an affiliate contest with prizes!
Thanks for your interest ?? I’m still in the learning stage ?? A student can teach the other student better ?? I’m still collecting data for the Affiliate Marketing post and will post it soon ?? Any other suggestions?
So, as simple as that, they will provide you some blog post topics and you will get paid for them. After joining Blogmint, you just have fill some basic details about you and that’s it, you are good to go. Although, it is up to the advertiser that whether he accepts your application to become an influencer or not. Many of the campaigns are hidden, so there will be times when you get a personal invite for those campaign. So to get payments you need to have a bank account and a Permanent Account Number (PAN) as well.

Blogmint also organizes some contest, you can participate in them and can win lots of good things such as iPad and Smart Phones. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Either you are using Blogger or WordPress platform for blogging, you can easily setup InfoLinks ads on your blog and start earning decent sums of money. They are also offering wide variety of advertisement formats, the most popular is the basic one, which is In Text Ads, others include, In Search Ads, In Tag Ads and In Frame Ads. Recently Infolinks has introduced its referral program which will help you earn recurring 10% of your referral’s earning for the period of 1 year. The time I had started with InfoLinks, it was just a CPC (cost per click) publisher network that pays on the basis of number of clicks made on adverts, however at this stage they have shifted to new model that is CPM (cost per thousand impressions), that means you will be generating money even if your ads are not being clicked, rather only ad impressions have been generated. After completing the signup process, you will need to add up your blog’s URL and wait until it gets approved. Further you can adjust the frequency of ads that should appear on your blog and customize the look and feel of ad colors. If you are already using InfoLinks and had success with them, feel free to drop your love for them in the comments section, in case you need to have any sort of help you can surely leave your queries and I would try my best to answer my loyal blog readers ?? Stay blessed everyone!! Saeed, InfoLinks requires high quality unique content on your website, try to increase the textual content on your website, better start posting trending and catchy blog posts, make some repute in the search engine and then give another try.
I will be receiving commission as an affiliate to products and services being reviewed on this blog, if you will make purchases through my blog's links.
The contents of Online Income Methods are copyrighted to Hasan Shahzad and must not be reproduced on other websites.
Money that comes from blogging not only satisfies their basic needs but also some extravagances, isn’t it? Is is that simple to learn everything there is to learn (in blogging) and start to make money blogging. Advertising network blame bloggers that they don’t bring in converting traffic and hence do not make money blogging.
It is a CPA based advertising network which pays around $30 in eCPM which helps you make money blogging. If you do have any difficulty in buying a domain, complicated hosting features or want to migrate from blogger to WordPress, you can avail such services for FREE by clicking here.
Once logged in, you have the most beautifully designed dashboard you’ve ever seen from an ad network waiting for you. Ad format includes Banners, Popunders, Slider, Shadow Box, Top Banner, 158*21 button and Footer ads. Many bloggers based on their interaction on forums say that they make around $50-$60 per day with a traffic of around 10000 and the next day they may make nothing. As I said, one of my friend having 400,000 visits per day but still making $10 is just because his traffic isn’t converting.
He has a passion for helping newcomer bloggers make their blog noticeable and money making.
Our chances of earning money with this advertising network is huge if our readers has the potential to buy stuff online as this is a CPA based monetization method. So what is conflict here, why every1 said that minimum is 50$, i have 30$ so can i withdraw them or not? If you do not want to have a lot of impressions and clicks and only $0.19 for a month work FORGET ABOUT THEM.
Every time my mom, sister, and sis-in-laws get together we all sort of give a rundown of new things we’ve found. Yes, real money, and all you have to do is point people to the products and brands you prefer. I like to think of it as a giant laundry mat that finds, sorts, washes, dries, and folds all of your clothes without you having to even blink away from the daytime telly. They have millions of products from thousands of stores that you can shop in one place AND a roster of editors who narrow it all down to the best stuff out there. When you use their links to share content, you get paid every time someone clicks – whether they buy the item or not.
So many who make money online make it through selling internet marketing products, rather than through an actual regular business. Even if tomorrow they don’t have their blogs or they just sell them off they will STILL make a 5 figure income. You will get some % of their earnings so it isn’t difficult for you to sponsor the prizes.
Blogmint is a network of bloggers which provide act as an interface between advertisers and bloggers.
After that, you will see your profile page and there will see the the campaign which are still going on.
I have applied to several campaigns and most of the time, I got selected to become an influencer.
That means you will get money just for Tweeting, sharing a picture, or uploading a video on your YouTube channel. Blogmint usually organizes bloggers meet where you can interact and learn with other blogger. Currently Blogmint is only available to Indians or to those blogs which have a good Indian traffic. Making money online seems to be the easiest job, however it certainly requires lots of patience, dedication and hard work. They also suggest to use the combo of these all adverts in order to maximize your earnings. If you are already using Google Adsense on your blog to generate money, Infolinks will help to add a bit more to your current earnings. The report also shows the ad views, ads eCPM and the final earnings being generated for you.

InfoLinks isn’t hard at approval process and they mostly approve all legitimate websites with legal content. I would suggest to keep trying with different color combinations until you find the best match for your blog that will be generating the most revenue for you. You will receive your payment within 45 days, once you have accumulated $50 in your InfoLinks account balance through your preferred payment method.
In addition to that I am passionate about smartphones and occasionally blog at Android Fan Club. Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I get to know about this network at the start of my blogging career but its never too late for anything and I’d rather enjoy using it. There are many affiliate programs out there for bloggers to be a part of, but I think Beso is unique because it can be completely tailored to what is pertinent to your life. In Bo Lotich's case, he started a personal finance blog from a Christian perspective, which still exists today and looks to be doing well.He covers how to set up a blog, and what you need to do so, and then how to make money with it. Please be aware that links in articles may lead you to a site where you can make a purchase. If you have a programming niche and you offer PHP and coding services you could make loads of cash! Also make sure you have a condition that the participant must make a blog post about your contest and must link back. If I find something new, I would surely add it ?? Make sure you subscribe to the blog to get an email notification about my next articles which would be on Affiliate Marketing and Making Money by doing Paid Reviews. You can make an offer to them and the best part is, you have the power to choose the price you want. I would only suggest In Text Ads, In Search Ads and In Tag Ads, In Frame ads are considered a bit intrusive and might not be good fit for your blog readers. Recently InfoLinks has also formed a partnership with Google’s Ad Exchange and offering its premium publishers the opportunity to signup with Google Ad Exchange and show ads which generate higher amount of revenue for you.
Blogs which have traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and European regions tend to make more money than those blogs who have their visitors from Asian countries. Once your blog gets approved, you can add javascript code on the footer of your blog’s template and save it, refresh your blog and you will observe InfoLinks ads appearing on your blog, if you are using wordpress, simply install Infolinks plugin and activate it, you will just need to input a unique ID for your account on the plugin to get started. I know you have read something like doing affiliate marketing, or using Google Adsense and all other things. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring. Some of the concepts, such as SEO and guest blogging, may now be a bit dated, but that doesn't mean they don't still have potential value if done correctly. I go through what I liked and didn't like about this new book from the author and owner of Pro Blogging Success!More DetailsIf you have been blogging for any amount of time you have probably run across Jane Sheeba’s site Pro Blogging Success. Infolinks lets you earn decent sum of money and that depends upon the quality of content and traffic’s region of your blog.
Today, virtual products like Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, E books, Services etc are HOT PRODUCTS! If you haven’t you should go there to help you learn the ins and outs of blogging and being successful online! Its always a good option to have multiple income streams rather than relying on the single online income source. InfoLinks makes profit by the difference in cost they charge to an advertiser and the revenue they share with their publishers. Even if you close down your website tomorrow you will continue receiving commissions on your previous sales.
Affiliate Marketing rocks if your good at it and sucks if you don’t have the patience to make sales. Pro Blogging SuccessAs I stated before Jane Sheeba’s  has been online for 7+ years now. She has dealt with the ups and downs of the internet and over that time has managed to come out on top. Her current site Pro Blogging Success works with you (and me) on how to become successful with your own blog.Can I Really Make Money Blogging?Then I saw the title and groaned. So I withheld my final judgement until I read the book and I spent the time poking through its pages with a fine toothed comb.What I Liked About the ReportWell OrganizedI thought the book had great overall structure. At no point did I feel like it had lost focus or wasn’t working toward the next subject. But whether you are new or have been around for a bit (like me) you will still learn some great tips in this book. Is how it is relevant to today’s Internet and not the techniques that worked say 10 years ago when I first was building websites on the internet. She does lay out a very clear plan of action and how to go about it to get your own project off the ground and do it right from the start.
For me personally I really enjoyed the whole List Building as Jane goes into great detail how she has her Aweber setup – which I have yet to see anywhere else.
Although this book is no different I did appreciate the fact that they weren’t EVERYWHERE or shoved down my throat. But at some points it made me cringe inwardly the waysome phrases were used and how sentences were put together.
If you have read enough of my articles you will soon realize I’m no Shakespeare myself!Would I Recommend It?This is a great report overall.
It clearly lays out a plan for today’s Internet on how to plan for and setup to have your own successful blog and how to go about doing it. You will find reviews, tutorials, and more inside!If you have any questions or want to discuss the article?

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