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Initially, I decided it would be best to act particularly friendly by accepting any and all friend requests.
After my circle of friends grew to such proportions, I thought I might as well be social and chat with them. As long as no one has patented the process of systematically alienating potential friends, I’m safe. I take no pleasure in having an account but I do try to respond in kind to people who post comments to my blog, many of whom do use MySpace.
Stuff like steam friends have also differed the value of friends online compared to offline, its actually more like steam co-workers list.
I have pondered a long time on the subject of friendship, and have been keen enough to notice the stark contrast between my present existence and the era of youth.
I suspect this is the root cause of your problem; when you're a kid you have a seemingly infinite amount of time and the barrier to make new "friends" is very low, but most of these friends are really just casual acquaintances. The easy way I thought of doing that was to tell people in NS not to block hallways, to learn to aim when they can't beat a skulk 1 v 1 tier 0..

Same can be said that it is hard to find people who are geniuenly interested in your doings in real life, difference is that online they don't have to fake it as much.
When younger, making friends was about screaming into the microphone over even the slightest suspicion of skulk or lerk. Now that everyone dabbles in the activity, we are less likely to see the reclusive well-mannered intelligent gamer.
I still play games but nowadays I guess I tend to spend more time on casual & single player games. I've been doing this forever and players love someone who helps them every step of the way. So yea its become a colder place but the same principles apply, just depends on what sort of friends you are after and how capable you are. In return, others would scream back in participation, and a bond would be made just like that.Jump ahead to the age of 24.
Real friendship only exists if RL is a part of it (the bigger one).The internet is full of trolls and ppl who only want your money so nothing has changed,.

Personally I'm quite a curious person - not in a nosy way - I just take an interest in people, and I express it - I ask questions, I share stories. Sometimes people reciprocate ("friendly"), sometimes they don't (strictly "business-only" - no point in forcing the issue).
I even thumbs up everything NS2 related on Facebook, but nobody notices!Do you know what it is like to play BF3 without a gunner?
Maybe these days there are less people willing to reciprocate, maybe people just have less time to spend on anything other than pure "business" (gaming).
To get double 6 pooled in SC2 with NO FRIEND to help! To play CS and have nobody validate how bad the netcode ruled in your favour?

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