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When you’re looking to purchase used office furniture, cubicles, office chairs, and more for your business in Greensboro, North Carolina, consider buying from ROF. In the heart of Tampa, Florida, ROF has a 120,000-square-foot warehouse where we store all of our new, used, and refurbished furniture.
Contact ROF today to learn more about the used office furniture items we currently have available for businesses in Greensboro. For the lowest prices on new and used office furniture, click here to request a quote or call 877-763-4400 to speak with a sales associate.

Thank you so much for the wonderful crews you sent, they did an excellent job and were very courteous. Our inventory features all sorts of furniture items from such renowned manufacturers as Nightingale, Indiana Furniture, and Haworth, among others.
Our location is in extremely close proximity to such shipping hubs as Tampa International Airport and the Port of Tampa, while being very close to Interstates 4 and 75 as well. All of the furniture items in our inventory are hand-picked by our team of associates, and only the best ones make the cut for us because we know that only the best will work for your business.

We even have our own fleet of moving trucks and a team of moving experts for professional delivery straight to your Greensboro office. When you shop at ROF, you can save up to 80 percent off the price you’d pay for similar new items, which is sure to leave some extra money in your wallet.

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