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Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product. One of my goals during my three month work hiatus was to look into a career in financial planning. I started my blog in January of 2012 with the intention of helping other young professionals. The only problem with switching careers is that you have to know someone in that new field. NW Mutual would help you pass the series 6 and 63 tests and then you’d be 100% commission. At the end of the meeting, the recruiter let me know that if I’d like to proceed she could schedule me for an interview.
As soon as I got home, I went online and did some research into careers at NW Mutual as a financial planner.
Money is probably the biggest barrier right now that’s preventing me from making the switch to a career in financial planning. Everything I talk about on this blog relates to finding the lowest cost investment products and getting the most for your money. So far the income from the latter has been well worth it but I am a little concerned about the financial planning salary. Readers, what do you think about my choice to some day pursue a career in financial planning? I have a guest post pending from a fella who went through the fin planning process and basically hated it. I studied for 9 years to become a teacher, worked for 10 as a radio DJ and am a web designer now.
I have a very close friend who is working for one of their competitors and he has experienced the same things you described.

Interesting, after talking with some financial advisors over the past couple days it sounds like the big guys are all like that. I have also looked into a career as a financial planner and come to the conclusion that I couldn’t work for someone else.
Wow that’s so funny that you mention the Garrett Planning Network since I spoke with a CFP today who also recommended I check them out.
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Passions can develop unexpectedly and lead us in a direction we had not originally intended. I’d love to provide you with some insight into the industry and best practices for pursuing your passion.
The bigger firms are all about making money, and sometimes that clashes with doing what’s best for clients.
He immediately got to work contacting his family and friends trying to sell them life insurance, which he hates. In most cases you are just a salesman and there is a huge conflict of interest between you making money and giving the best advice to your client.
I think there is still a huge barrier that stops people investing and there needs to be more people with experience willing to give advice about topics like this! The ability to help guide folks through tough financial decisions without pushing expensive products and other such nonsense would be great. I think this is one of the reasons why even though working in finance intrigues me, I don’t know that I am willing to do what ti takes to get into it. You just need to plan out the transition well if it’s something you really are passionate about.
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We’ve been working with a fee-only planner for the last several years and I know he is doing well. My brother works for a very small firm and sells whatever products he deems suitable for his clients. It’s really scary, but working with a family member and unlimited support from a small firm is just the right fit for me. Many people like to display jack-o-lanterns at Halloween, but don't have the time or skill to create elaborate ones. Make them from wood for an attractive alternative that still has the quaint homemade look people love.
Label them well, with pictures and colours that match their purpose -- an orange colour and a citrus scent for energy boosting, for instance. You could churn out sets of bowls and dishes and apply a decorative glaze, so people can use them for decorative and practical purposes. When you're feeling more creative, you might spend time on irregular forms that sell at higher prices. By creating objects that go together or come in a series, you encourage people to purchase more.
Glassblowing and stained glass work are two options that allow you to create progressively more challenging projects from suncatchers to large vases and sculptures. Baby afghans and other decorative throws or wall hangings let you create a variety of attractive pieces without spending a lot of time -- and yarn -- on each one.

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