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Earning money from Guild Wars 2’s Trading Post is surprisingly easy but many players seemingly choose to avoid it because they see it as a challenging, time consuming and confusing way of earning gold. Speculation involves predicting market trends, buying items at a lower cost and then when the market price of those items increases, you list them for a quick profit.
Flipping is where you place a Buy Order for a particular item, knowing that you can then sell it on for more.
In principal and depending on how much money you have, it’s all about placing as much Buy Orders as humanly possible.
I tend to login early and place all my Buy Orders (around 8am), I then wait until at least 10pm that night. We’ll be publishing our first Trading Post diary tomorrow (February 3) to demonstrate this use of the Trading Post, starting out with only 50 gold.
You can use the waypoint "Wynchona Rally Point" in Harathi Hinterlands and this map below to find approximately 13 cabbage within a secret bandit storage area.
There are several areas in the game where you can find similar "farms" of vegetables all clustered together for easy picking.
Famed gold maker for multiple MMO economies, including World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Guild Wars 2. If you are not concerned with spending a little bit of money, a great way to skip straight to all five builders is to buy the $20 package of gems. Upgrading your buildings is hands down the most important piece of progressing through Castle Clash. Upgrading your units mostly comes down to how you attack (and lightly influenced by your heroes).
After you have maxed out Hunters and move to maxing Pyromancers is when it all becomes personal preference. This is also influenced by your style of attack, but towards the beginning is vital and needs to be done correctly to help you conquer. In order for all of these different uses to be taken advantage of, you need to keep these things in mind. Currencies used: Gold, Honor Badges, Gems (purple), Shards (green), and the flames earned from dungeons (Each dungeon has a total of 3 flames, think of them as stars, you always want to 3 star dungeons).
Honor Badges are earned from your arena ranking (the higher you are the more per hour you earn) and also you get a small amount from attacks (PvP and PvE). It keeps going up to level 180, I have no idea how much it starts to cost after the max level 120, but it's safe to assume it continues upwards in a similar pattern. The next thing to keep in mind while leveling your heroes is the rarity of the heroes you have.
I will continue to play this whole new section of the game and add more to this post regarding challenges. Seeing that my base set up above is pretty out dated, I wanted to upload my current set up.

I've also noticed that in doing the challenges, exp is split between all heroes including tho garrisoned in towers. I will admit, the set up I am showing in my article is pretty old at this point so I've gone ahead and added a screenie of my current base. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Although it isn’t initially a particularly fast process (income does speed up as you begin to grow your listed items) the eventual income potential is enormous.
There’s thousands of items that you can do this for and it all hinges on the fact that those fulfilling your Buy Orders want to quickly sell the items they find.
Doing this guarantees that your item will be sold above someone else, unless you are also undercut. That's about 8 silver for a 1 silver waypoint, not to mention all the seasoned logs along the route that are worth another 5 silver. If you create a little map for yourself of where they are then you can hop around waypoints every day for some easy gold. One on my town hall and at least one other on a Gold Vault to ensure my next Town Hall upgrade cost isn't out of my reach. I followed the upgrades I listed below because the Hunters are amazing towards the beginning of the game. Griffins (require level 5 Pyromancers) are flying units, therefore the bomb towers can't hit them.
I believe the max level is 200, wouldn't be surprised if they continue to raise that over time as well.
I've tried buying 1 a couple of times and every single hero I got was an ordinary hero that I already had. On the northwest edge of your base there is a big blue portal (I can't believe I missed it).
I put my defenses and then go in and watch the other guys run all sweet and pretty demolishing my heroes altar, with NONE of my guys at hand.
For example, when Heart Of Thorns was announced the Tier 6 price of materials went up, all due to new Legendary Weapons being announced. It provides real time updates on the Trading Post, allows you to filter based on a variety of factors and unlike the in game Trading Post, it’s fast and generally facilitates quick searching, buying and listing. Typically, I place Buy Orders for hundreds of items at any one time, all of which I know will give me a profit of 30% or higher.
The other builders are dedicated to keeping my mana vault caught up with the cost of upgrading the gold vault and also making sure every possible building is built at all times. It's not until 4000 Might that you begin running into player bases where Hunters just don't cut it anymore. I could be wrong and there are better set ups than I have, but I'm certain the best set ups always have the idea of collapsing inwards in mind.

As another example, I once noticed there was very little Simple Dressing on the Trading Post.
The key is identifying which items will provide a profit after the Trading Post takes its cut. I really couldn’t live without something like Gold Wars 2 because it makes Flipping, which is your main income, immeasurably easier. I might only get 75 back out of 200 after 24 hours, but that’s 75 items that will give me a profit when I sell them on.
Spells of higher level really start to pile on the cost and Arrow Rain and Ares' Fervor will help you keep the expenses down as long as possible. After you get to this stage you are most likely around level 12 Town Hall and pushing 3-4k Might. Defense of your base, heavy hitters while attacking others, used to upgrade your base towers, and can be consumed to level up abilities of other heroes.
Always keep in mind how many HB's and Flames you have saved up to continue the leveling spree.
There are HB rewards from the new daily rewards thing they added I believe, so that's about it, a waiting game. It takes a little practice to use, but in no time you’ll be getting the best out of it. Ideally I tend to stick to weapons, armor and consumables simply because I know that’s what most players want at end game. The worst case scenario is that should you ever need to liquidate, you can cancel all your Trading Post stock knowing what you bought was for a cheap price, that you can sell on for only a small loss. At this point, you should have a very good grip on the game and these tips and strategies will come naturally. Don't be confused by that either, you can lightly consider heroes to be another form of currency because you can use them to upgrade towers and other heroes' abilities. You can stack up to 4 challenge runs at a time and the runs are regenerated once every three hours.
The more the enemy has to fight on the way towards the towers, the more damage they will do. Also, provided by reddit user Stompp - "You can get 100 shards a day in mid-range might by building your layout to accommodate just level "B".".

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