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The heart comprises of four chambers: Two smaller, upper chambers (called right and left atrium) and two larger, lower pumping chambers (the right and left ventricle). The right half of the heart circulates blood through the lungs to be refreshed with oxygen. Your circulatory system ensures every cell in your body receives a constant supply of blood. So, if you are ready for a new challenge, want to make a difference in digital design and customer experience this is the place. Alternately, if anyone of your peers is all of the above, please pass this on. We are looking for an Executive Project Manager to work in a project support role across both digital and brand based projects. We are looking for a developer to join our team who is skilled, confident, enthusiastic and collaborative. The Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) has made DNA’s Noel Brown a Fellow (FDINZ) for his long term and committed work helping the Institute create the Best Effect Award and for his role as convener of Best Effect Award since its inception. We are known for transforming businesses by helping them deliver seamless customer experiences.

You will lead Digital projects of all sizes and duration (but mostly some pretty big ones). You will join our Wellington team where you will work alongside our Senior Project Managers and Portfolio Directors on a diverse portfolio of clients, shaping solutions and assisting in managing the delivery for a wide variety of user experience projects. Its essential that you are experienced and able to demonstrate great work on SilverStripe projects. Noel has served as judge of the Nga Aho awards, and a DINZ board member – he has been a dedicated member, design educator, practitioner and advocate of the value of design for many years - its well deserved recognition! If you are at the top of your game, are driven, have relevant experience in one of our current roles - and are 'ever curious' – send us your CV. Initially you’ll support others, but in time you’ll have some direct relationships with clients.
As an integral part of the development team you will be developing websites and web applications for our clients.
You'll be big on quality assurance, monitoring everything, be brilliant at client relationships and responsible for project invoicing.

You will provide specific input on some projects, particularly in the digital space where you’ll be running some of our SLA’s, undertaking some CMS training and responsible for content management on certain client projects.
It is essential that you have experience with PHP frameworks, OO PHP, source control systems and ideally be adept working in more than one CMS (but naturally, SilverStripe has to be one of them). You’ll be heavily involved day to day with the design and development teams and have a significant amount of your time client facing. The portfolio of web projects you have managed successfully is impressive, includes technical and integration experience and you can demonstrate that you are very capable in working with both designers and web developers.We expect you to have strong capabilities and experience in creating briefs, setting up timelines, managing budgets, organising resources and liaising with all project members, quality assurance, monitoring and invoicing.

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