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Some discussion of Oskar van Deventer and George Miller is in the article The Puzzle Masters. For fifteen years, I had a system for doing updates involving mail sorting and sending messages to tabs. At allRGB, interesting math produces 4096x4096 images where every pixel is a different color. GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE + BUENOS AIRES POLICE == THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION + COPS.
The IBM Ponder This problem for July 2013 throws an 8 sided die 3 times, and can get 120 possible different positive integer sums. Based on the below image, determine the number of propellers and how fast they were moving. Zhang Yitang has proved that for some number N less than 70 million, there are infinitely many prime pairs that differ by N.
Movies frequently contain a lot of bad physics, and some of these instances are explored in Reel Physics.
Least efficient packing shapes: We address the question of which convex shapes, when packed as densely as possible under certain restrictions, fill the least space, leaving the most space empty. Martin Gardner in the Twenty-First Century has columns on Geometry, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Flexagons, Packing, Playing Cards, and more.
I've been supporting various Kickstarter projects, and one of them is by my Numb3rs colleagues, Michael Trott and Amy Young. AP Goucher reports that stable reflector in Conway's Gaome of Life has been found by Mike Playle. The Zillions version of Highcastle chess at the Chess Variants site has had an error, which Karl Scherer fixed for me. Raf Peeters: I noticed on Amazon that you liked my Temple Trap puzzle game I designed for SmartGames.

Serhiy Grabarchuk: In your material added on April 20, 2011, I've spotted George Sicherman's solution for the 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2 dissection problem (at Math Magic) for the pentagon.
Peter Esser notes that there are 64 T-tetrominoes with 3 notches, and they will fit into a 16×16 square with all the notches lined up. I am currently looking at some five color rules: RULUU, RLRLU, RLURL, URULU, URLRL, UURUL. I've always liked triangle centers (ETC, mathworld, wikipedia, cubics), so I've often wondered about tetrahedron centers.
I've recently gotten obsessed with the old game Button Men (wikipedia, boardgamegeek, cheapass, randomdice, blog, iOS version).
Payback percentages are the amount a slot machine must return, and they are defined by law. In 1958, he got 5 tons of obsolete equipment from a telephone company and start a computer club with high school students.
It deals with the opposite problem -- put a minimum number of counters on a board so that it's impossible to add another counter without creating three in a line. If all the faces have positive integer sides, what is the lowest possible value for the highest face? The State of the Unit: The Kilogram collect up the huge amount of interesting facts about the kilogram, and attempts to move away from the platinum cylinder in France. The reflector has a recovery period of 43, which allows all oscillators of periods 43 and above to be made. In this variant, any piece may move two squares towards a target piece, and the target is moved to the square moved over.
Bernd Steinbach and Christian Posthoff solved it, and then bumped it up to a 18×18 coloring. With b=sqrt(3), the points are {{0,0}, {3492-210b,0}, {3890-140b,0}, {4288-70b,0}, {4686,0}, {3000-116b,492-94b}, {3398-46b,492-94b}, {3597-11b,492-94b}, {3796+24b,492-94b}, {4194+94b,492-94b}, {2262+25b,1230-235b}, {2859+130b,1230-235b}, {3456+235b,1230-235b}, {1260+45b,1260+45b}, {1746-105b,1260+45b}, {2232-255b,1260+45b}, {1428+51b,1428+51b}, {1278+213b,2214-423b}, {1278+213b,1278+213b}, {1980+517b,2706-517b}, {0,1491+639b}, {1278+213b,3408-213b}, {0,4686}, {1305+465b,0}, {2736-237b,756+27b}, {1278+213b,756+27b}}, and the triangles use points {{6,7,2}, {3,2,7}, {7,9,3}, {4,3,9}, {9,10,4}, {5,4,10}, {11,12,6}, {8,6,12}, {12,13,8}, {10,8,13}, {14,17,15}, {15,17,18}, {16,15,18}, {19,17,18}, {1,21,19}, {21,19,22}, {23,22,21}, {13,11,20}, {20,18,11}, {22,20,18}, {1,14,24}, {2,25,24}, {24,26,25}, {25,16,26}, {26,14,16}}.

I've got a method for calculating lots of them, but I haven't found elegant form of Trilinear Coordinates. According to a site explaining how to win at slot machines, the state with the lowest minimum payback is Nevada with 75%, and the state with the highest is Maine with 89%. Unfortunately, Yahoo decided to kill the mail service I was used to, and it's taken me a long time to recover. In 1973, his efforts to bring electronic games to market were unsuccessful, so he turned to bookbindery until 1991 and retired.
Please consider supporting this documentary about the current state of the art in physics, and all the amusing things that can go wrong when going after .99999999999 accuracy. All challenges of Temple Trap on the digital version are different from the ones in the physical version.
What is interesting is that the author is named Nicola Salmoria, and he is the original author of Mame. Solution 1 is especially interesting, since it contains in the final big pentagon three smaller unbroken pentagons.
All sorts of activity is now documented at (I didn't pick the name) Ed Pegg Jr's Busy Beaver Turmite Challenge.
Here are the results so far -- for single state machines with cyclic coloring, Right Uturn Left Straight (RULS) can describe the rule.

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