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I have for many years read articles from different people on the subject matter that I am now writing about. Sages over eons and even scientists like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein have identified that the world in which we live, and in fact the known universe, is made up of frequencies and energy. So atoms are just space, spinning so fast that they give off their very own frequency, condensed together to provide an image for your eyes to see and an item for your hands to touch, etc. Knowing this, and knowing that the law of attraction, the power of manifestation, the creation of one’s own reality, etc are all plausible, it stands to reason that maintaining light energy will create a beautiful reality for you and the rest of planet by virtue of global consciousness. Through perseverance, maintaining light energy constantly is not only personally rewarding but is also incredibly fulfilling. For example, when I read something that tugs at my heart strings and I feel negative emotions forming, I quickly imagine a globe of positive light energy emanating from my being. As we move on through these escalating times, I believe we will be presented with more and more events that have the propensity to create negative energy through emotion.

The more I get in touch with my true self, my higher self as it were, the more I am conscious and aware of energy, both negative (dark) and positive (light). Quantum Physics has identified that atoms, which make up everything physical, are just tiny particles of energy, mini solar systems, and that if you took the actual hard mass from every single atom of every single human on earth, you would have enough mass to fill a sugar cube. The energy part of the atom, the bit inside the nucleus, is defined by Quantum Physics as consciousness. I do revert back to old habits occasionally but my intent and belief is that one day light energy will be the only energy I recognise and work with.
Psychic shields sound a bit farfetched but are essentially just a projection of positive energy from your being. The intent of this is to effectively cut-off any attempts by negative energies that might draw on that. Our challenge is to rise above them, stay focussed on love and light, and guide those less fortunate toward the light.

As you clear out the patterns that stagnate your channels in body and mind, you create a clear inner space.
Both are present at all times in different forms but as it is more important to focus on the energy of love and light, I have decided to start with Light Energy.
As you become more aware of all types of energy, it becomes increasingly necessary to be able to generate psychic shields to block out negative energy syphoning.

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