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A lot of students on the Law of Attraction believe that all they have to do is to think good thoughts, and their life will turn good accordingly. I maintain that everything is Mind Energy.The pure rays of thought, if not imbued with life energy, does not carry the force to achieve its outcomes. In ancient China, they stated that Qi, which is Life Energy, is the force that permeates everything in this world.
In fact, we have all experienced that when we are enervated and exhausted, it is very hard to think positive thoughts. In my ebook Secret Techniques For Manifesting with Imagination, I taught a special method of accumulating life energy using your mind and imagination. Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now! Blog sponsorship and banners Contact us if you wish to place a link or banner advertisement to your site or to sponsor this blog. This means you get very, very clear about what you really want by thinking it through completely. Now lets take a look at the step 2 in further detail to help you master your limiting beliefs and let the magic happen.
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Here are the 8 steps required to break bad habits; if you perform each step to the letter, you will be freed from the bad habit. Whenever the first thought comes asking you to participate in the negative activity, you must immediately say “Cancel, Cancel” or switch your thoughts to something positive.
Your mind is like a plot of soil, you must plant the seeds you want to grow, and remove any weeds as soon as they appear.
You must change your environment, some environments are nesting grounds for certain habits.
If necessary, find new friends that support a healthy lifestyle, because your friends are a prophecy of your future.
Your habit gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation, but true rest comes from living your purpose.
Don’t ever bother thinking about the habit in any way; don’t give it your attention neither positively or negatively. NEVER-ever entertain the thought of the habit in any way; don’t entertain any thought associated with the habit. Everyday you go without participating in the negative activity makes it easier and easier; you will eventually lose all desire to participate in that activity. Ask and It Is Given – Abraham-Hicks made it crystal clear that as soon as you desire something, either intentionally or instinctively, you are instantly given its manifestation… in a vibrational form.
Having studied the Law of Attraction for many years, and practiced several manifestation techniques, I have experienced instant manifestation repeatedly.

To really grasp how instant manifestation works, you have to understand that everything is made out of energy, therefore, vibration. It is no secret that the way you feel attracts to you people, experiences and opportunities that match that feeling.
As a result, the password to your vibrational safe is a simple, yet powerful, 9-lettered word: Happiness! The key to instant manifestation lies in the understanding that, it is your dominant emotional state which determines the speed and content of the attraction process, not your fleeting moment-to-moment emotions.
The operative word is dominant, for an emotion you practice consistently is much more powerful than your momentary emotions. Instant physical manifestation occurs when you have raised your dominant emotional state to such a high and consistent level of happiness, that the door to your vibrational safe remains consistently open.
That means, it manifests into your life, not out of vanity and neediness, but out of your genuine readiness for it – that’s when you really ask for it! I guarantee, that by the end of the 30 days you’ll be significantly happier, and one step closer to mastering instant manifestation.
No widgets!Add widgets to this sidebar in the Widgets panel under Appearance in the WordPress Admin. Although that is true for the most part, they have forgotten the other aspect of the Law of Attraction. As an analogy, It is great to have a powerful car and know where you want to go, but without petrol, the car is very much useless.
Since the Law of Attraction is a law of vibration, we must understand that vibration is all about energy.
In the Huna traditions, it is well known that when a person is low in Mana(Life Energy), he or she is vulnerable to negative thoughts and outside forces. In this regard, Life Energy also act as a energy shield around our energy bodies, first as a means of protection, and secondly to preserve our Power of Individuality. The people who have great influence over others are often claimed to have a strong magnetism and charm about them.
Remember that the moment you ask for what you want, it already exists in the spiritual world. Your belief provides the means for your desire to transform from the spiritual into the material world. Receiving is the third step in creating, and it is the result of you bringing the active and passive together, which forms a perfect creation.
Without a strong desire to end the habit, you will not be able to progress through the next steps.
The habit is a drug that gives you a brief high and allows you to forget that you are not totally fulfilled. Luckily for you, I’ve combined my knowledge and experience to devise a  formula that will help you, not just experience, but master instant manifestation. As a result, everything manifests in a vibrational form first, before it can be translated into physical reality.

The key to unlocking your vibrational safe and letting all that you’ve ever desired manifest in physical form, is to vibrate at the frequency of your manifested desires.
Most significantly, the happiness level of your dominant emotional state determines the speed of the manifestation process, so that the happier you are, the faster you manifest your desires.
When you achieve this, everything that you ever desired flows into your life instantly, but at the perfect timing. Your ability to manifest something instantly depends on the level and consistency of your happiness. Thankfully, if you are reading this article you’re probably already well-educated in the workings of the Law of Attraction, and you already have a toolbox of processes to quickly shift your perspective from fear to happiness.
Having a daily happiness practice lets you, and the universe, know that you are ready to change.
Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. You will realize from experience, that your thoughts can manifest much faster and effortlessly when you the Operator is filled with Life Energy.
This method establishes a mental contact with Life Energy, as it conveys to your consciousness and subconscious mind the intent of accumulating life energy. Base the majority of your thoughts, words and actions in believing and the law of attraction must obey you!
Remove the weeds swiftly and without reservation, don’t allow them to take over your garden. As soon as you ask for something, Source answers, so that every single desire you’ve ever had is already manifested in your very own vibrational safe – a virtual space that holds the totality of your manifested desires.
In other words, to feel how you’d feel had your desires been already manifested… Happy!
From this perspective, practicing instant manifestation is like no other manifestation process – it requires a new way of life. This not only motivates you to keep going, but allows the universe to match your commitment with its equivalent amount of support and guidance. It can also be accumulated mentally by means of affirmation, suggestion, imagination and belief. Belief sometimes seems like the hardest part but understand that your desires are on their way then receive with gratitude.
Switch your thoughts to something positive that you enjoy, or a goal that you want to achieve. Replace the habit with another habit, something to keep your thoughts on track, like reading a certain book, jogging or even watching something positive on television.

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