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If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you understand that there is this magnificent law at work in the universe that really wants to help you out.  The trick is that you have to understand how to put this law to work for you instead of against you. The law of attraction is a law that asserts that whatever you put your focus on, you attract more of the same.  Think of a magnet. If your thoughts are primarily negative, the law of attraction is at work bringing your way negative things.  However, if your thoughts are primarily positive, the law of attraction is at work bringing in positive things.
Let me put this another way.  When you think about your partner and your relationship, do you focus on the good or the bad?  You might say both, but which gets the most attention?  Probably the bad. Those thoughts that you are allowing to run rampant in your mind are actually negative vibrations that are spiraling out into the universe, attracting other negative vibrations, and like a boomerang, it is all headed back your way.  Negative attracts negative. Now that you understand more about the law of attraction, I want you to evaluate what kinds of thoughts you are thinking about your relationship.  Maybe it is boring, or toxic, or run its course. Be encouraged.  If your relationship is not as you want and you’ve been harboring negative thoughts, take the initiative to do something different.
The movie “The Secret” was a good introduction to the basics of the Law of Attraction but it downplayed the hard work that is needed to make things happen.
While reading the title of this article, you may wonder if there can be a bothering fear of money also. So even if one already has lots of money or becomes rich at some point of time, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the money he possesses. Yes, this problem has been recognized and it has been termed as Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia. There is no denying the fact that to survive as well as to live a full life, Money is a necessity of life. There can be many different reasons given out by people about having more than enough money which results into a common symptom – Fear of Money. Some cases of fear of money phobia might fear contacting germs as a result of touching currency notes which have passed through many dirty hands before.
In general, Chrometophobia is a rare phobia affecting a small number of people around the world.
Consciously or unconsciously and mostly unwillingly one acquires a belief that having too much money is root of all evils.
As in case of formation of other phobias, the fear of money might also originate from negative experiences one might have had associated with money. Similarly, the concept that too money is wrong is ingrained into the mind of the child at a very young age when the mind is impressionable and cannot logically question the reason. Laziness or work shirker may like the shun the responsibility of managing money, doing right investments, monitoring the economic and financial trends, interacting with the bankers and investment advisors etc. Some time physical illnesses, hormonal disorders or some deficiencies may develop in a person which could also lead to Chrematophobia.
Some people with little money constantly keep counting money for the reason that they feel powerless or find themselves with insufficient means of taking care of themselves. As we noticed, there are different causes for Fear of Money but the end result is common – it makes people anxious about money.
If you have ‘extra’ money or ‘more than the limit money’ and you feel compelled to give it away or spend it too soon is an indication you need to overcome fear of money.
It is not easy to accept that you or someone close to you has fear of money or Chrometophobia. First step is to acknowledge and accept that there is a fear and one should seek help from trained professionals in psychology and psychiatry. It is quite possible that you never saw or knew about your own complete picture of earnings (inflows) and expenditures (outflows) and the balance that goes towards savings and makes investable surplus.
Fortunately we live in a world of super specialization and where the services of best experts are easily available.
Alternatively, you may take offline or online course to understand money better by studying subjects such as Budgets, Finance Calculator, Investment Calculator, Tax, Tax Calculator, Tax Savings, Investments and Stock Market etc. We all live in the same world and specifically your friends, peers and relatives have more or less similar circumstances, work challenges and living conditions.
Any psychologist or a doctor will tell you that fear does not take birth suddenly.  It is belief system (albeit negative) which has taken months or years to embed itself in the mind of the person who has a belief that money is evil or negative hence it is a subject matter of fear and avoidance.
In the society we live in, money serves many purposes and the importance of having money hardly needs to be explained. Secondly, money is an important tool as well as the ingredient for wealth creation process.
Even though one of the most significant factors in a person’s life is his wealth and the state of his financial standing, one rarely spends time on managing them since unlike official business, an individual is not answerable to any one for his personal financial goals and results. According to Wikipedia, Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. Both these areas call for determining the need, efficiency and time frame before getting started. Financial planning helps you determine your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet those goals. Once you have read the article, come back to this point and do take some time off to complete this important exercise. This is the stage after your Financial Planning is done and now it is time to put it in action.

You know what your income is and with the Financial Planning, it has been divided into two directions.
This could go under various heads such as clothing, transport, children’s education, entertainment, holidays, rent or house mortgage, Car EMI etc.
Be as close to actual figures as possible while estimating your expenses for next 12 months. Expense management is all about getting the (a) right value for every dollar or rupee spent and (b) right choice on the mode of payment – cash, cheque, credit card or equated monthly instalments (EMIs). When buying big ticket items such as furniture or consumer electronics or valuables like car or going on a holiday, you must analyse the various payment options – cash discount, zero-interest EMIs, etc.
Make sure your check if there are any hidden costs like the processing fee behind zero-interest EMIs. Do not be shy to negotiate for a discounted price or something extra for which you have a right need or use. Similarly, do compare the rates on online shopping portals – especially when buying watches, books and computer accessories. Make sure that you have subscribed to one or two schemes which automatically draw fixed amount from your salary account and invest. Talk to your portfolio manager or investment advisor and select one or two mutual funds where the return is a little higher than the Bank Fixed Deposit and is safe too. Automatically investing means your money will be earning money for you and working for you.
Keep in mind the golden rule to invest in financial instruments you have studied well and understand, and more important, stick to financial products that have an established record of regular payouts.
You should neither be satisfied nor stop at this stage – for whatever is your standard of living is today is bound to go down because of inflation. The answer will serve two purposes – one it will make you a more important and wanted employee in your employer’s eyes and second you will constantly and surely move in the direction of earning more money than before – consistently.
When you come up with new ideas for your clients, or for your employers, you are adding more value. Remember the increase in income should not be followed by proportionate increase in expenses, in fact there should be an increase in rate of savings leading to more investments and more return on investment in absolute terms. Finally, you don’t be afraid of doing something innovative or trying something new that could potentially bring some new value, new lifestyle into your life experience. The more you do that the better experience you shall have with rewards from money management.
You can make a better contribution in almost every area of your life when your personal finances, investments and taxation are properly planned. You probably tend to think about all the things he does that upsets you or is annoying.  These thoughts tend to cause you to experience negative emotions like anger, frustration, and sadness. Maybe your partner is acting the fool or not affectionate enough or lazy.  No matter what is going on, I want you to make a commitment to stop focusing on the negative.
Think about the things you love, think about the qualities you want to see, think about the romantic evenings and warm sentiments going forth. It is important to think and feel positively about the relationship.  Do you know what is happening while you do this?  Those positive thoughts are vibrations spiraling out into the universe, attracting other positive things, and headed right straight back to you! It’s very possible that things can turn around quickly once you re-orient yourselves to what you want vs.
Thinking or affirming things into being is not really how it works, but change is possible if the Law of Attraction is combined with action, focus and persistence.
Not only that some people get into “No thank you” or “I don’t want to be rich” type of denial mode.
Hence some people may go to the extent of wearing gloves to avoid catching infection after handling money. According to such a person it is not right to have more than certain specific amount of money.
Do you remember the story that his wish that everything he touched be turned to gold was fulfilled, and even his food was transformed into gold? The concept that wanting too much money makes one greedy, has been embedded in the minds of children in many societies through fairy tales and bed time stories.
Such people may consider this a stressful responsibility or a boring exercise and fear that may go totally wrong. The phobic often realizes his irrationality of his thoughts but feels powerless to control them. It is not merely associated with currency notes but with the concept of money as a whole hence Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Electronic Money Transfers, cannot ease or erase such fears. Of course, it is your very personal matter that how much wealth you want to have or earn money and no one can influence you on it but it is certainly not healthy for you to have fear or any other negativity wrongly in your mind about money.
Thanks to the continuous advancements being made in the field of medicine and psychology, the process of correction should be easy and safe. This means that you should know exactly how much money you earn every month through primary and secondary sources on one hand and on the other hand what are the expenditures and investments that you make with it.
The secondary source is your second part time job or royalty from books or interests on securities and investments or the rental income etc.
Knowing the complete picture and the dynamics is likely to make you less anxious about the money.

You can talk and take necessary help on the matters of Managing Personal Finance, Investment Planning and Business Finance etc. After you have familiarized yourself well these topics then you should work on them to pound your fears and stay updated through investment and finance news. Hence it always helps to speak to them and learn from their experience about coping with Money Fears or Financial Worries.
Begin with knowing your financial standing first and try to find from your past that why you fear money.
Money is the easiest and most commonly accepted means of paying value for the goods or the services bought.
If you learn how to manage money intelligently and handle it in the right way, you can have more money, spend more money, gift more money thereby enjoy your life more and without any limitations.
If you think rich people are evil or selfish or having too much money will attract bad habits then you will be neither good at money management nor comfortable with having too much money. Whether you have lots of money or have set yourself on the journey to make money and do wealth creation, financial planning is first tool you need to acquire and master well.
Financial Planning allows one to meet money and wealth goals by prudent management of expenses (spending) and investments from the earnings.
This will comprise of budgeting, expense management and investment strategy that will help you achieve your objectives. Preferably, try to reduce your expense under the same head in succeeding months to make up.
Do not be tempted to use credit card just because you do not feel the money actually going out of your pocket at the time of purchase. This way you won’t have any excuses like you forgot or could not save the amount and you won’t be tempted to spend that extra money unnecessarily.
You may divert 10 to 15% of your salary and transfer funds by way of systematic investment plan – SIP. Just like people are afraid of heights (Acrophobia) or where people are afraid of closed spaces (Claustrophobia) or the fear of flying (Aerophobia – about 25 million Americans have this fear), there are many people who get anxious about money and money related mattered for a variety of reasons. These words have their origin in Greek – where chermato means money and phobos means deep aversion, dread or fear.
Perhaps terms like “money”, “how to earn money” or “how to become rich” would be one of the most searched terms on internet. Another case could be where a child has grown up watching his elders fighting over money or wealth makes him dislike the idea of having money.
Such a person withdraws himself from active social life and may even refuse to participate in family activities. The overall thought of exchanging or giving money away sets off a panic attack in the person having Fear of Money. If you can afford it then go ahead and have the services of a Finance Adviser on a regular basis. As a next step make a budget and strike a healthy balance between your needs (expenses) and earnings. Whatever story is stored in your subconscious mind about money, it becomes a program which and it is always running in the backend and it shapes our lives. This is because your subconscious mind is running the negative program that having good amount of money is bad.
If you are convinced and clear that money and wealth bring you more happiness, joy, and service, you’ll naturally want to make more of it.
Financial planning is a systematic method which lets you control or reduce your expenses on one side and help your idle money to earn more money while you are busy doing something else or not doing anything at all. The additional funds available for investments can be invested after periodically reviewing the best options and the economic forecast of the country you live in.
You are become more wanted in the marketplace and your real value in terms of salary and perks keeps going up. I found myself slipping into negative turf in my relationship but decided to do the 7-day mental diet (abstaining from all negative thoughts) and that was a turning point to get me back on track again. Go back to William Walker Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” for an explanation of how the Law of Attraction really works. For example, not making efforts to grow one’s business or refusing better job offers or promotions within the same organisation could be results of such a phobia. Some Finance companies or Banks make these services available to you free or at a nominal price in case you maintain your account with them. Of course, there has to be regular savings which need to be invested smartly and also it should serve as a reserve for any contingencies. Thankfully, Chrometophobia is not an epidemic like phobia affecting and it affects not a very large number of people around the world.
Once you have begun to confront your fears and begin dealing with it, you will start feeling better.

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