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Feng Shui money trees are used to attract abundance and wealth.The shape of these plant's leafs represent the five main elements of feng shui wood, water, earth, fire and metal, and this is what makes the feng shui money tree so symbolic. Feng shui is an old doctrine that teaches how to equalize the energy, or chi, created in any room.
These Feng shui wallpaper for your screen can be used to activate sector of love and marriage .
How to construct your individual Feng Shui map and what are the magic enhancers?All the answers are here! Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true. There are people who use this technique naturally in their everyday affairs, not being aware that they are using some sort of power. We are part of the Omnipotent Power that has created the universe, and therefore, we participate in the process of creation. If, for example, you live in small apartment and need a larger one, instead of brooding about your fate and lack of money, change your thoughts and attitude, and visualize living in a bigger apartment. Creative visualization can do great things, but for every person, there are some areas, which he or she might find hard to change, at least in the immediate future.
The next day, a women working in the same place where I worked, asked me if I can come to talk with her. My work is to bring truth, knowledge and awareness, to allow every individual to wake up and remember what they are and why they chose to be here. To this end, let me dispel the myth that so many have perpetuated around the Law of Attraction. If you resonate from the lower densities , this will be mirrored in your external experiences, if you resonate from the lighter densities, this will be mirrored in your external experiences.
The external world and the acquisition of material gain bringing, success, happiness and peace, has been the illusion birthed by the artificial intelligence of the egoic entity, to maintain endless cycles of suffering and fuel to feed itself.
Humans created this entity over millennia as they forgot their innate intuition and knowing and turned all focus externally.
Every cell communicates with each other, in you, in your environment, with everything and everyone as it is all energy and energetic transmutation.
The ego can only survive in time based thoughts of past and future that create either fear or anxiety which naturally move your cells into lower density. To be resonating in low density (some will call it low frequency) you will know by where your emotions are. Light density = Expectation, creativity, appreciation, confidence, joy, serenity, love…PURE AND NATURAL HEALTH.
Whatever emotional state you choose to be in, will automatically reflect your energetic resonance and will mirror this in your external experiences.

So there is no law of attraction, it is a natural outcome, in response and reflection to  your place of reacting in time based thought or as the watcher, witness and observer in present moment awareness.
Show you how to become the creator of your reality and make massive, positive changes in your life. Through my A Course in Energetic Communications and my very powerful Meditation Creation Experience, I have, through personal experience and evolvement put into place the step by step processes required to move you into the peace and freedom of your truth. Sanders has drawn large crowds, including about 10,000 in Madison, Wisconsin, on Wednesday night, and the fundraising amount will bolster his attempt to become a liberal alternative to Clinton. The Sanders campaign said it had received nearly 400,000 contributions for an average donation of $33.51, and most online donations were made through the campaign's website. Taking into account all sources of campaign revenue, including the sale of T-shirts and other merchandise, nearly 87 percent of the money came from donations of $250 or less, the campaign said. Sanders is courting the most liberal grassroots voters by running largely on a platform of reducing income inequality.
The 73-year-old democratic socialist has tried to appeal to Democrats with a message of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and increasing taxes on the wealthy and Wall Street. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract to you success and prosperity. All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.
When it accepts them, it changes your mindset accordingly, as well as your habits and actions.
Bearing this thought in mind, there is no wonder that thoughts materialize.Stop for a moment and think - You are an indivisible part of the great Universal Power!
Thoughts change the balance of energy around us, and bring changes to the environment in accordance with them. They focus their thoughts on their current environment and situation, and therefore, create and recreate the same sort of events and circumstances.This process preserves the same "world" and status quo. You are not employing magic or supernatural powers, but using only natural powers and laws that everyone possesses. Simple, small demonstrations of this power may come fast, but bigger results may need a longer time to happen. We met on the same day in a restaurant, exactly as I visualized.All this happened within about 24 hours. He is the author of articles and books, teaching how to use your mental tools and inner powers to create a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace. No matter what is your belief in yourself, you will reflect through the transmutation of energy as experiences and opportunities. The power of life is not in the external projected environment, this is merely a reflection of mankind’s placeof belief in themselves and their false perception of separation so clearly seen in war, destruction and violence against their own kind.

Your thoughts are a by product of belief, created in the electrical firing of the signals taken from your cells, creating new neural networks building in the brain. Time based thought will only keep you in endless cycles of suffering, present moment awareness is the power of life itself. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been attracting crowds and raising money since he entered the presidential race in April. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign says the Vermont Democrat has raised $15 million since joining the race in late April, a strong total for his challenge against front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.
But Sanders trails by a wide margin in fundraising, with Clinton's campaign saying it has taken in $45 million since mid-April.
His stock has risen in early states like New Hampshire and Iowa, but he still trails Clinton in early polling. Our wallpapers are destined for the monitor screen to balance your computer and the sector where it is located.
It is a power that can alter your environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into your life.Creative visualization uses the power of the mind, and is the power behind every success. For some people, this might look like magic, but there is no magic involved, only the natural process of the power of thoughts and natural mental laws. We limit ourselves to the life we know.The more open-minded we can be, and the bigger we dare to think, the greater are our opportunities and possibilities.
To become the watcher, witness and observer to the thought mind, to illuminate the stories it tries to run in you to feed itself.
Also you can print this wallpapers and you will receive the picture, that you can put in a frame and use it as enhancer. When she heard that I didn't, she proposed to introduce me to one of her friends, and then gave me her phone number. This power can sometimes work really fast.Oh, you are curious to know what happened with that date? You can visualize different circumstances and situations, and in this way, create a different "reality". I used the power of visualization rather haphazardly, not thinking about how I wanted her look like, about her character, etc.

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