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Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken More Instant Self-Hypnosis: 'Hypnotize Yourself as You Read'. Overview - Hypnosis is a proven technique that allows people to reprogram their subconscious to change unwanted behaviors.
In NYCa€™s cut-throat world of art, appearances can be deceiving a€”especially when newcomer Alice becomes a murder suspect. Read an ExcerptExcerpt from the IntroductionIf you are like many people, you've heard how hypnosis has helped others achieve their goals. A professional hypnotherapist, Forbes Robbins Blair has a certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.
Most books on self-hypnosis require the reader to memorize or record scripts, then put the book aside while they do their hypnosis work. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He is also a dream consultant and facilitates dream groups and teaches classes on dream analysis and astral travel. But Instant Self-Hypnosis is the only self-hypnosis book that allows you to hypnotize yourself as you read, with your eyes wide open, without putting down the book.
But Instant Self-Hypnosis is the only self-hypnosis book that allows you to hypnotize yourself as you read, with your eyes wide open, without putting down the book.The author's fail-proof method allows you to put yourself into a hypnotic state and then use that state to improve your life in myriad ways. And because the hypnotic state is induced while you read, you remain aware of your surroundings and can bring yourself back to normal consciousness slowly and gently, using the instructions provided. Have you imagined how your life might change if you possessed Zen-like focus and concentration? Instant Self-Hypnosis enables you to hypnotize yourself to accomplish virtually any goals without ever putting down the book. The book does the work for you!Even more startling, you will learn to hypnotize yourself with your eyes open!

Unlike other forms of hypnosis, with Instant Self-Hypnosis there's no reason to close your eyes throughout the entire procedure.The best part of all is that the can't-fail methods of Instant Self-Hypnosis are so easy to use. The procedures are so efficient, applying them to a goal takes as little as fifteen minutes.Please do not confuse Instant Self-Hypnosis with any other books or audio programs about hypnosis or self-hypnosis. It's a revolutionary book offering you an extraordinary technique with distinct advantages over traditional methods of self-help hypnosis.
It involves the reading and writing of hypnosis scripts as a means of entering a state of hypnosis.
This method of hypnosis may be used for a wide range of therapeutic purposes: removing bad habits, confidence building, goal attainment, and so much more. Or if they did publish it, how come no one knows about it?Instant Self-Hypnosis is ingenious in its efficacy and simplicity.
I call Instant Self-Hypnosis a discovery rather than an invention because the method has been "hidden in plain sight" perhaps for as long as hypnotherapy has been in existence. What I've done is recognize its potential value and develop it in such a way any intelligent person can put to good use.Why is Instant Self-Hypnosis not your average self-improvement book? Most self-help authors give advice or enumerate steps to be followed after you've read their books. That is, only when you put those books down can you begin to put their advice into practice. But with Instant Self-Hypnosis, there is no delay.You benefit fully from this book without ever putting it aside.
The results materialize automatically.This book is for anyone who wants-or needs-a potent, valuable tool for positive personal change.
If you are new to hypnosis or self-help media, Instant Self-Hypnosis gives you a fast and easy means for improving the quality of your life in many areas. If you are an avid consumer of do-it-yourself material, you will find Instant Self-Hypnosis a friendly alternative to some of the other techniques you might have tried.

If you are a professional hypnotherapist or a psychologist, you will be intrigued by the powerful simplicity of Instant Self-Hypnosis. Its operative principles have many implications and applications for the fields of hypnotherapy, psychology, and psychoimmunology.The Things You Will LearnThe heart of this book revolves around the hands-on learning of Instant Self-Hypnosis.
The book takes you through a fun exercise that not only introduces you to the concepts of Instant Self-Hypnosis but actually hypnotizes you as you perform it! The exercise acts as a proactive primer to ensure success with all subsequent endeavors with Instant Self-Hypnosis. After that, you'll apply the method to your goals, using the appropriate scripts.As mentioned, you don't have to know a thing about hypnosis to put Instant Self-Hypnosis to work for you. But some basic knowledge is certainly a good thing to possess in any endeavor you undertake. Part One of the book tells you what you need to know about the power of your subconscious mind and how it relates to hypnosis. In Part Three, you'll learn another aspect of Instant Self-Hypnosis that shows you how to customize the technique for virtually any self-improvement goal, no matter how unique it may be. I have taught this customization process for several years in a course called "How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open," and students have found it easy to master.The book wraps up with some important tips to ensure success with Instant Self-Hypnosis.
Additionally, it clarifies answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the techniques and their proper application.

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