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We all know how hard it is to find the perfect wedding, event or dinner party venue, so when The Venue Report discovered Apartment A, a brand new gem in Los Angeles’ fastest growing hotspot, the Arts District, they knew they wanted to host a giveaway for a lucky winner to be able to experience an event there.
The dinner party contest was all about gathering at a well designed table, with close family and friends, to feast on incredible food and drink handcrafted cocktails without having to lift a finger. We wanted to bring in the bohemian feel of an Indian Summer breezy boho vibe and the addition of the Wild West for some masculine touches. Carissa from JL Designs did stunning floral arrangements that were low, lush and filled with driftwood, branches, succulents, and ivory flowers. Complete your details to receive a free course guide and to be contacted by an Ivy College Course Advisor. And if you aren’t a morning person (like me) it’s lucky evenings are beautiful as well, it’s important to work out what is a productive time of day for you, we are all different. Couldn’t agree more Maimonides, remember what you are learning right now, will benefit you for the rest of your life! I stumbled across this delightful coastal home in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard over at New England Home.
Even though it is unlikely that I will ever live in a shingled house on Martha’s Vineyard, nor will I likely ever have a summer house there, it is still fun to dream about it what it might be like!
Oh, Edgartown is magic, if a bit pricey (I guess that comes with being on an island, no?), and the houses with cedar shake definitely contribute to that. I have been going to the Vineyard since I was 6 months old, eons ago :) My mother was raised there and it is my most favorite place in the world.
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From the most commonly known houses as Stark, Targaryen and Baratheon, to those who still haven’t featured on the TV show like House Manderly, this player has taken over the A Song of Ice and Fire banners and recreated them on Minecraft. She placed fools gold at each setting for a glittering accent reminiscent of the Wild West. If you don’t keep up with The Venue Report, we definitely suggest that you do – especially if you are researching wedding venues! Big thanks to Cortnie and the super talented team of creatives below for sharing this fun dinner party with us! Motivation for study, motivation for a new fitness routine or motivation to eat healthier, the list goes on! Now, I really love living in the NW and will probably never move away, but I think I would also be really happy on Martha’s Vineyard.
So many of the houses that I fall in love with online are there (or Nantucket or Cape Cod!) so I just get the feeling it is my kind of place.
We have taken several trips to New England over the years and Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are just gorgeous. I fell in love with a man who owned a beautiful, sunny forest cottage and we have been improving it over the years. Also, I live in a Cape style home which is shingled in the back and sides, but has clapboards on the front.

No sense in having that big black hole of the fireplace on view when it’s not being used! Minecraft user nerd-boy did and created some really awesome Westerosi house banner which you can see below.
Lucky for us, there are still screenshots left online for other users to get inspiration and try to follow his steps.
We can so often get caught up in the daily grind that we forget to be thankful for those we love and realize how lucky we are to have them in our life.Take the time today to reach out to someone you care about and show them your appreciation for all that they are for you. You can even tag them on this post and share your love virtually! Share it! Plus, sign up to the Red Fairy’s newsletter to receive our favourite words of wisdom, wellness tips, style inspiration, travel diaries and more!
We absolutely love all of the creative, bohemian details scattered throughout the tablescape and setting + thought the design would provide you with the perfect inspiration for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or just about any party or event!
Cruelty-free porcupine quills filled inkwell vases and tumbleweeds were turned into chandeliers that hovered over the table. If you’re currently studying and you’ve hit a roadblock with your motivation to study, don’t beat yourself up about it.
Think cobblestone streets, windswept beaches, lighthouses, fresh seafood and charming rose covered weathered cottages. 12+ years ago my brother’s wedding reception was in the yard of the quaint cape cod home she owned back then. Here’s the entire post for you to check out all the other things this mod used to offer to other fellow Minecrafters! Beautiful sticks were turned into drink stirrers accented by patina desert animals like armadillos and fireflys. I would love to redo it in shingle but have read that real cedar shakes are costly and have a very limited lifespan. Vintage ivory and gold rimmed dinnerware, along with gold flatware was provided by Borrowed Blu. Instead, take a step back and remember why you started in the first place, and think of the benefits you will experience once you are finished! It’s when you really get to reflect your child’s current interests and capture their young, wild and carefree spirit!
So if you’re an Ivy student and you’re feeling a little unmotivated with your studies, check in with your Ivy personal Study Coach. Wonderful restaurants and back then there was one called Den of Thieves and it was downstairs in a basement.
In the meantime, here is a little dose of inspiration to help you remember that you can do it and whatever your goal is, remember that it’s going to be oh so worth it in the long run! I have this wooden building set called Cat Meow Village that I bought in a gift shop in the town I lived in back then (Northport, NY) and the buildings are all patterned after buildings on Nantucket with a little black cat sitting in front of each one.
Summer was a tropical bird :) Flamingo plates and cups from Party Pieces Summer as a tropical bird (cape and mask from Wild Things) Party animals!

Literally :D Zach dressed up in his tiger fancy dress costume from Wild Things Jacob as a lion!
Sienna as a butterfly (cape and mask from Wild Things) Summer as a tropical bird  Number 3 helium balloon from Party PiecesHIRE SOMEONE TO HELP WITH THE WORKLOADOne of my biggest tips for getting better photos is freeing up more time for you to actually take them! As a party host you have a million and one jobs to do to make sure all goes swimmingly and that your guests (and birthday boy or girl!) have a great time. I paid the lovely Justine who works at the triplets’ nursery to come and help for about 4 hours and it made such a difference. It meant I could take 20 minutes to go around and take photos while I knew she was making sure people had drinks. The extra help I got from friends, family and booking time from Justine made a huge difference!If you don’t know anyone like this off the top of your head, then ask around on local mums groups on Facebook for recommendations. MAKE IT COLOURFUL!Whatever theme you choose, colour will make a huge difference to your photos.
I did this with items from Party Pieces like bamboo straws with flamingos on, colourful balloons, bright tablecloths and flowers.
This means that whenever you take a photo of your child or a party guest, you’ll have beautiful colour out of focus in the background which will look gorgeous!
Alligator pinata from Party Pieces Jungle birthday cake by Faye Davey Pink tassel garland by Party Pieces Tropical drinks for a jungle party.
Jungle juice – I think I may have been the only person to drink this though as it did look a bit suspect!
Tropical cups from Party Pieces Bird honeycomb decoration by Party PiecesIt’s really nice to have detail shots of things like drinks and flowers, and a shot of the cake to put in the photo album alongside pictures of the children and adults who attend the party. It’s really nice to be able to share all the love, care and effort you made for their birthday with the children once they are older and want to look back through the photos!4. Professor Bumble Sweet face painting by Laura AveryIt also meant it was really easy to get some fab shots of the kids sitting still and with smiling faces, which throughout the rest of the party can be really tricky if your subjects are camera shy!5. Despite practising with facepaint and their costumes all week and appearing to be fully on board with the idea, upon arrival at the party both girls utterly refused to cooperate in either facepainting or wearing their outfits. I think this can be pretty common for younger children who get overwhelmed with such an exciting event. Just try to do some extra shots at home after the party when they are less overwhelmed”. Enjoy the party as it is, and then once you are home again either later that day or the next then suggest getting dressed up again and heading into the garden. It’s was my sons 4th party at the start of the month and I got hardly any photos despite my good intentions as I was so busy running around like a loon.

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