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Shared on October 17 1 Comment 2kshares Share on Facebook Pin to Pinterest+What's This? Because my kids are all moving out of the infant stage and they are sometimes away from home (they’re 5, 3, and 1 now, with one in Kindergarten and one in preschool two half days per week), I have a little more free time to think on my own. I have to say, while waiting to reboot my career aspirations, I spent too much valuable time chasing the perfect work from home idea when what I should have been doing was focusing on what I really love to do and making that work. I wrote this post when I was researching ways I could personally make extra money each month as a stay-at-home-mom (back then I wrote on my blog more like a hobby than anything else). Here are the ten mom run business ideas I came up with for any who wants to make a living from home or simply contribute a little extra cash to the household money pot.
Resell on Amazon – If you want to hear all about the potential of buying things and reselling them on Amazon, I highly recommend this SmartPassiveIncome podcast by Pat Flynn.
Teach money-saving classes – Almost every stay-at-home-mom I know wants to know how to save money with coupons. Write a book – Similar to blogging, writing a book these days is a real possibility with the ease of e-publishing through e-reader platforms and even just PDF files that someone can purchase from your blog.
Write articles online – Before I started my own blog, I wrote extensively for online magazines.
Another way I make money that’s not necessarily a job but nets me at least $75 every Christmas is referring others to Ebates.
About Latest Posts Follow meLena GottI'm a CPA turned SAHM of 3 little ones ages 2, 4, and 7.
What to Wear for Bladder Leakage After Baby #2This is a sponsored post via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. 10 Things I’ve Sold by Accident Online as a BloggerOne of my favorite things about being a blogger is the ability to recommend my favorite products and services to my readers and get paid for those recommendations.
This website contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link from this website and take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for an offer, WhatMommyDoes may receive a commission. Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Since you are looking to have cash in your hand by the end of the day, we are focusing on local ideas. Every weekend there are parents in your community wishing they had a reliable, responsible babysitter so they could go out to dinner and a movie. Don’t forget to turn over those couch cushions and check the pockets of your coats and purses.
Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! I think a couple of great ways to make a little extra (especially around the holidays!) is to sell your services through Fiverr and to virtual assistant for bloggers.
Lots of bloggers need help and you can easily work at home (many times on your own schedule) to do this. I’d love to do VA work for bloggers or Etsy shop owners – any suggestions on how to get a couple of clients without posting my services on the mass market of ODesk or the like? I’d say to make money (not a whole lot, mind you) from the comfort of your own home I would check out survey sites which pay out low and instantly like Opinion Outpost which I believe still offers PayPal and Amazon.
If you have decided that you need a second job but are not actually sure what kind of job you want to do, check out this list below.
If you’re looking to make some extra money, you probably know that actually getting started and bringing in your first dollar is critical.
The thing is, coming up with money-making ideas in the first place is the tough part for many people. This little book is packed with a variety of money-making ideas (101 of them, as you might guess!) that will help get you inspired and making money. Some of the ideas will require physical labor, some will require technical skills or the ability to type, some will require creativity, and some will pretty much just require the ability to put yourself out there and go get some clients.
This is awesome congratulations I have always wanted to write an eBook but you actually did it. A few of the web sites that are linked to are aimed specifically at the US or UK, but the vast majority of the ideas themselves could be used in any industrialized nation. Completing online surveys can be a great way to earn some easy money or rewards in your spare time. The paycheck from your day job probably doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it used to – but you are way too busy to consider a second job!
Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Switch your utility bills to being paid by Direct Debit – it could save you over ?300 a year. For more information read our full article on making money selling old books, CDs, DVDs and video games.
For more details read our full article on making money renting out your driveway or garage. If you’re a medical secretary you can make extra money by transcribing medical notes in your spare time. Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn some extra money while shopping, or testing services at local restaurants and pubs. It can be very boring to read pile of unedited work; however the pay is decent at ?10 an hour for a novice and up to ?30 an hour for someone with qualifications. Websites like Gumtree and Freecycle have loads of adverts for free things – quite often they might need repairing or doing up, but you could find a real bargain.
Take a look at our regularly updated article on freebies, discounts and vouchers for more great bargains. OK, so just joining Twitter won’t make you a millionaire – but it is a fantastic, quick paced forum for picking up little extra  jobs to make extra money on the side. Want to do some babysitting in your area, or cleaning, or if you’re good at DIY and could put up other people’s shelves? There are occasionally websites seeking bloggers to write daily posts, reviews and adding links.
Festaff supplies casual staff for over a dozen music festivals in the UK including Bestival, Creamfields, Wickerman, Camp Bestival, Isle of Wight Festival, Sonispshere, Rockness and Beachdown.
Promo Agency provides a directory of promotional staffing agencies for you to get in touch with and get work for anything from marketing campaigning to modeling or waiting on tables. Earn yourself as much as ?10 an hour handing out the Evening Standard, or The Metro (which is distributed all over the UK). If you’re a music fan you can turn your passion into extra money, sign up to the unique Slicethepie website for free and become a scout. Read our full article on making money writing greeting card messages for more ways to make money from cards.
If you’re a budding writer, you could try your hand at writing a short story for Clonepod for a bit of extra money.
For more information on who to contact and how much you could earn, have a look at our article on earning money as a tutor.
If you’d like to combine your love of the outdoors and animals then dog walking can be a great way to earn some extra money too!
If you’ve got secretarial experience, you could work for small businesses – from the comfort of your own home! By doing other people’s washing and ironing you can make cash when it suits you, whilst catching up with the EastEnders omnibus!
Check out the job opportunities at Mrs Hunt’s agency for cleaning and household opportunities all over the country.
A new government-backed website called Slivers of Time can match people with just a few hours to spare here and there with local work that’s just part-time.

MyOddJobs is a website that connects people who do the odd jobs with the people who needs the jobs. I was able to find time for work when I just had one baby and then still a little with two kids. I’ve got a bit of a serial entrepreneur mindset, so I never stop brainstorming ideas. I am happy to say that with this blogging venture of mine has earned $7,500 in October 2015 (you can see my latest income reports here)! It’s a lot of work, but rewarding and lucrative if you can stick with it for a while. A good friend of mine brought in about $2,00 extra per month just watching a few children in addition to her own from 8-5 each day.
I have friends who sell anything from jewelry to decorated mason jars to embroidered onesies to printable artwork on Etsy.
The couple interviewed does this as their full time business together (it started way small as a hobby) and they earn over $100,000 a year! My local newspaper deal lady used to offer monthly coupon classes that seemed to sell out each time.
You could be a personal assistant to one person or perhaps offer an errand running service to busy professionals or the elderly.
If you can offer specialized tutoring in one or more subjects, your services will be in demand. I write blogs posts about my favorite things, say, the best books I’ve found to encourage my kids to eat veggies. It sounds like we’re in exactly the same position (our kids are even the same ages!). I have an entire section of my blog dedicated to helping moms like myself figure out ways to make money from home.
I haven’t read it myself, but people keep ordering it from me on Amazon, so I think it’s something special! There will be a time when you simply don’t have the cash on hand to pay for an emergency; or maybe you just don’t feel said emergency is worthy of dipping into your savings.
The 5 ideas below provide the opportunity for you simply show up, do the job, and walk away with a check. You need to find who needs or wants your stuff and get rid of it ASAP – for cash on the spot.
I offer VA services to bloggers and have personally found Facebook Groups to be a great place to establish trust and connect with potential clients. Also, if you check out Instant Gift Cards you can do all the things you would normally do on get paid to (GPT) sites but you get to cash out instantly and they offer direct deposit now. Everyone struggles financially from time to time and sometimes the solution is to take on a second job. Instead of listing typical second job ideas that people get like working at a department store or fast food restaurant I came up with some jobs that you may never even thought about or considered.
Do you have a garage, attic or basement filled with things that are in excellent condition that you just don’t need or want them anymore?
If you enjoy sports consider contacting a local athletic organizations to see if they have any umpire or referee jobs available. If you love helping people, consider offering a local service in your area to elderly people or anyone else that may need your help. Consider trying out some of these 8 ideas for a second job if you aren’t sure which direction to go in. Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. You’ll likely find at least one (and probably many) ideas you can quickly put into action. You can earn up to ?4,250 tax-free income on your spare room, and with a summer of sport including Wimbledon and The Ashes coming up, there’s never been a better time to advertise your room. Npower, for example, is giving its customers who switch to Direct Debit an annual discount of up to ?100.
Just register with a site like ParkatmyHouse, put your postcode in and wait for desperate would-be parkers to contact you. Never pay to join an online survey site and set up a separate email account so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with spam.
Look at the home working directory and go through the companies that are looking for proofreaders. Many needlessly throw hundreds away each year – so why not take them off their hands? If the party goes well, you could earn over ?100 in just one evening as well as receive lots of beauty products for free. This work is seasonal, they’re always recruiting, so if you fancy going to a festival next year for free, and make some extra money as well, keep an eye on Festaff for recruitment opportunities. If you’re a student and want to get some bar experience whilst earning money, or if you’re just looking for a convenient part time job, sign up with 247 recruit and work at trendy events like the Sonisphere Festival, T4 on the beach and many more! Pay depends on where you are in the country, but you could earn between ?8 and ?10 an hour. This basically involves getting paid to listen to the music of unsigned bands from all over the world and review it. The Bugbugs Community offers training with an accredited National Cycling Certificate awarded. Starting up your own business sounds like a lot of work, but with Phoenix Trading it doesn’t have to be.
They are looking for intelligent, well-written and grammatically correct guides of holiday destinations. If you have time on your hands and a spare room, you could host a foreign student in your own home and earn extra money giving them tuition. You’d be responsible for picking up the children from school at around 3pm and then taking them home and looking after them until their parents get home from work. See London’s Learning website for details on tutoring in London or agencies like Personal Tutors for more information on nationwide tutoring.
Charities are constantly on the lookout for people to stand on the street and persuade passers-by to pay monthly amounts to their cause. Probably best for those of a practical nature and most of the time accommodation is included. You just register with the site, get a calendar and then when you’ve got a few hours to spare coming up, put your free time on the calendar.
Check it out and sign up for as wide a variety of occupations as you think you might be able to fulfil. Most will be recruiting extra staff to keep up with their bookings and if you work on Bank Holidays etc then you’re likely to make even more cash. Blogging is something I love to do and would recommend to just about anyone as a way to make extra money. Another viable way to make money writing online without having your own blog is to write blog posts FOR bloggers. Join me as I write about fun kids activities, family finances, and losing 50 lbs after baby #3.
Or maybe you just have a little time on your hands that you would rather spend making money over spending it.
Hop online and post a message of your availability both on your private profile and any local groups that allow this. They can be difficult to uncover but you may want to start with popular forums for bloggers or Etsy sellers.

There are a lot of online websites that you can make really good money selling new or used items like eBay or Craigslist. Some little league organizations pay umpires $25 per game and they average 2 games on Saturday, 2 games on Sunday and 1 or 2 games during the week. You could offer services to help run errands, grocery shop, do laundry or complete other services they may need done A you have some elderly neighbors you can offer a service to them. Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! I can only imagine how helpful it can be for US-reality and I wonder if it can relate to European market too? These companies need opinions from consumers just like you to make their clients’ sites and products better, and you can get paid or receive rewards in exchange! Many trials are perfectly safe – some are simply sleep studies or psychological tests. TNS is looking for new shoppers nationwide to assess a variety of different businesses such as shops and restaurants.
What’s more, as you get to decide when you want to host these evenings, you can work as little or often as you like.
Pay is minimum wage – but you do get free entrance to the festival and camp facilities.
Take a look at our article on how to make money as a life model for details of how to get started. Obviously, your reviews have to be competent and fairly well informed, but need only be a few sentences long. The cost of training is ?50, with a ?100 deposit required for the duration of your employment, you keep everything you earn, so the harder you work, the more you make.
If you have a library of decent, ordinary digital snaps just sitting in folders they could be making you extra money.
To start off you simply order an Introductory Pack, which contains an application form which you then fill in and return along with your first order for cards.
Acting extras are ordinary people that are essential to setting up scenes in films or television shows.
Register and upload your guide, await approval from the site’s editorial team, and get paid based on its popularity. They’ll pay you $25 through PayPal for a 2,000 word story that they like, and they don’t ask for any rights to the work at all – which is great if you want to try selling the story over and over again. To host and teach English in your home visit the InTuition Languages website or give them a call on 020 7739 4411. The job involves supervising homework and playtime, preparing tea and ferrying the children around to any after-school activities they take part in. Plus, we’ve got loads more companies to look out for in our article on referring friends. If you want to start up your own ironing service business you can buy a starter kit for ?175 (which includes your own website, flyers, business cards, and the like).
Then these spare hours are sent to local agencies and businesses like call centres, catering companies, retail outlets and distribution centres who regularly have part time vacancies. If you want to keep your identity private then you can create a new email address on Gmail for example (this is free, of course). It’s low cost (you can start a blog for less than $5 a month in webhosting) and the main thing you have to lose is the time invested in giving it a go. I’ve even seen people sell things that they are able to get for free (like acorn caps!). The bigger the blog, the more content it needs to churn out each day, so just immerse yourself in this market to find the opportunities. I frequently talk about saving money and using a budget, but sometimes your main concern is just making sure you are able to pay your bills on time let alone building an emergency fund. Most people find they have enough things to sell that they can make a nice chunk of change each time they list new items.
Both of these second job ideas will require a lot of writing so be sure you enjoy it before applying.
This can be a very big help and a great convenience to older people who are finding it hard to get out sometimes.
The exact nature of the trial (along with any possible risk of side effects) will be clearly explained so you can make an informed decision. If you need someone to mend your computer or cut your lawn for you, you can go onto the site and find someone who can do it for you.
All you have to do is have a valid passport or driving licence and right to work in the UK.
Online agencies like 123RF, Fotolia and Picture Nation may be interested in buying them from you.
You could set up your own blog and sell your goods online, of course, but this is an easier route if you’re not web savvy.
You can earn ?65 for 9 hours of work, with a ?20 bonus… not to mention the bragging rights if you are in the same shot, even momentarily, with lead actors.
It then pays 5% of its profits to charity, retains 45% to cover its admin costs, which leaves 50% of the profits for the writer or the charity of their choice. You could also rent your spare room out to a foreign student and get a bit of culture at the same time as extra money. After-school nannies have to have at least 2 years of childcare experience, but no formal qualifications or age limits apply. It involves being outside and meeting people, of course, but you could get a lot of abuse from pedestrians. This is quite a comprehensive kit but you could probably do it cheaper yourself – see our article on how to make money by running an ironing service.
Ebates has run this promotion every year for the past three years, so I am positive it will return again! If you do not have anything to sell, you can always consider purchasing items for wholesale prices or discounted items from garage sales. They get to socialize and make new friends and you get to earn some extra cash while being home with them.
Browse through each site to see what they offer and you’ll get a good idea of which ones are worth your time, efforts, and energy according to your interests. Plus, these sites attract a lot more customers than you would do if you set up a site on your own. The Acting Website offers loads of information on how to become an extra, and you can see a directory of extra’s agents on UK Screen. So get started writing about any of your favourite topics, it is free to set up and you can start earning some royalties.
There are several commercial organisations that run campaigns but they keep a percentage of the money raised.
You may be surprised at how many websites and businesses will be interested in using your pics – and are willing to pay for the privilege. I am officially moving blogging up to the premier spot on this list and will begin providing more income reports in future months to inspire others to start their blogging journey! This is a great way to do something you love, show off your talents, and make some extra cash to supplement or replace your current income.

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