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One social enterprise, LivelyHoods, trains youth and women in the slums to sell clean cookstoves, solar lamps, and other products through door-to-door sales, popup sales events, and business-to-business (B2B) sales to small and informal retailers.
So far, LivelyHoods has trained over 2,000 youth and created over 900 jobs, generating over $115K in income for their sales agents.
LivelyHoods partners with local organizations that are not providing income-generating activities and offers services to their clientele. Sales agents are also offered ongoing and refresher trainings to stimulate growth and learning. LivelyHoods estimates that the 14,000 cookstoves and 1,700 solar lamps sold through their network have prevented 175,000 tons of carbon emission--the equivalent of taking 36,000 cars off the Nairobi roads.

They provide trainees with a week-long comprehensive classroom sales and marketing training that covers a range of employable skills, followed by a week of field training with instructors and experienced sales agents. Their strategy is based on scaling their model to 38 slum communities throughout Kenya, and they are already a third of the way there with 12 branches currently operating across Nairobi and Mombasa.
LivelyHoods is also exploring franchising, which would allow organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world to implement their job creation and product distribution model. Some youth sell their bodies, rob their neighbors, or are recruited by Al-Shabbab to launch grenades into neighborhood markets.
Instead of borrowing money to buy product, however, their youth choose which products they want to sell and only repay the cost of the product after successful sales--a low-risk alternative to microloans.

Because everybody thought we [street boys] were bad people, we didn't have opportunities to work and earn a living; and so we ended up engaging in criminal activities like pick-pocketing, gambling, and stealing.

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