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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Thicke sings “I know you want it,” a phrase that many sexual assault survivors report their rapists saying to justify their actions, as demonstrated over and over in the Project Unbreakable testimonials.
Thicke further sings, “You’re a good girl,” suggesting that a good girl won’t show her reciprocal desire (if it exists).
Thicke and company, as all-knowing patriarchs, will give her what he knows she wants (sex), even though she’s not actively consenting, and she may well be rejecting the man outright.
The woman’s desires play no part in this scenario—except insofar as he projects whatever he pleases onto her. In this misogynistic fantasy, a woman doesn’t want a “square” who’ll treat her like a human being, with respect.
What better way to show a woman who’s in charge than by perpetrating violent, non-consensual sodomy? Ultimately, Robin Thicke’s rape anthem is about male desire and male dominance over a woman’s personal sexual agency. The point of the article was that the vast majority lyrics are similar to what rapists say, regardless of whether he throws in a request for consent as an afterthought.
Bullshit, he’s committing rape and the writer of this song should be jailed for promoting assault on women!
Next, it occurs that seeing the perpetrator in this particular example, as the victim, and languaging this reality accordingly- would serve clarity much more, where the conscious advancement of female agency is critical.
No intention to communicate only intellectually, yet to assertively invite intellectual consideration particularly here wher this human skill can serve in separating the complexity of the dynamic of rape from the rapist and continue the evolution of building safe respectful spaces where they belong inter-among us all.
Finally, I was raped as a 17 year old girl and he made it all better by claiming he loved me.

It’s not just a song seeing as victims of rape are constantly confronted with these lyrics as it continues to be played on the radio. Ya I think you have some what of a point, I highly HIGHLY doubt Thicke sat down and thought, “hmm.
So what really matters are the secret lyrics that only Robin Thicke knows, not how everyone who hasn’t evolved the ability to close their ears thinks and feels about what’s spewed from his mouth? I didn’t know what to think until I heard an interview with Robin Thicke and found his explanation very reasonable. But in the UK, parents’ opinions matter a lot when it comes to teaching methods, which allows students to pay more attention to the subjects they are interested in rather than beating their brains out to learn something they don't like. Everybody knows that if a woman dances with a man it means she wants to sleep with him, right?
The rigid definition of masculinity makes the man unable to accept the idea that sometimes his advances are not welcome. The real problem is children, teens and people who haven’t been taught anything about this. He didn’t have to be encouraging rape, the fact that the lyrics echo actual sentiments of rape and things that victims have heard and now must listen to in the form of a catchy song constantly on the radio is awful and the reason why the song is bad and being criticized, even by this, very much on point, article.
We need to talk about the effects of all aspects of society because all of these things affect all of us, individually and on the whole, whether we realize it or not. Does the similarity between the language of rapists and his language, and ‘lad’ language in general not concern you?
Yes, we live in a misogynistic world where women are marginalized into sex objects, and rape culture runs rampant. They are from Project Unbreakable, an online photo essay exhibit, and feature women and men holding signs with sentences that their rapist said before, during or after their assault.

Thus, instead of treating a woman like a human being and respecting her subjectivity, she’s relegated to the role of living sex doll whose existence is naught but for his pleasure.
He lives in a world , really beyond our world, and for us to judge the way he perceives life as being incorrect, is to tell him to probably ignore everything that actually happens in his existence. Because it should, there should definitely be a difference between the attitudes of men and the attitudes of rapists. Could it be because videos like that reinforce the belief that if you aren’t a) sexy and b) willing to sleep with every man who buys you a drink, you’re not worth attention? Where violence against women is flippantly talked about and women are referred to as bitches and hoes. It’s what rapist say to the women they abuse, but somehow in your mind, there is some question of consent. Which, let’s be honest, even a feminist like myself enjoys some rough sex now and again. It’s horrible to go out for a good night, and for no-one to even talk to you, yet to go out dressed up and get men being nice.
In China, mathematics is the core subject in senior high school and the college entrance examination, and therefore China has a unified teaching standard for maths and all students have to learn it. For example, Chinese middle school students are good at winning top prizes in international competitions but few grow up to be top scientists.

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