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It’s very important that we don’t get in the habit of deceiving ourselves by always praying to God to help us succeed in life, but then turn around and don’t take a single action, but yet still expect God to perform a miracle. May 14, 2010 By Nichol 28 Comments I normally would never ask for anything from anyone as there are so many that need it more than me but I’m going to this one time. Thank you Jesus for bringing “righteous people” into my life and showing me the power of targeted prayer!
My son overheard the conversation and voiced his support telling me in person (and his father over the phone) that he understood that my safety is most important.  Had I caved, I would have fallen into the old pattern of getting angry with my ex, snapping at the kids, and then resenting all of them because I gave them what they wanted and I walked away empty-handed and empty-hearted.  Instead, I feel safer, stronger and more in love with my God!

My only Step 4 goal, besides the obvious of completing my inventory, is to get into the habit of praying BEFORE I reach out to my sisters and support network when I panic.
Satan has been knocking non-stop on my doors of vulnerability but I have taken the time to stop, pray and give it to Jesus rather than immediately crumble under the weight of guilt and shame.
And not only did I go to God first on several occasions the past few days, but I practiced it in my dreams last night. I was presented with many difficult situations, which normally wake me up and insomnia ensues, but I didn’t wake up this time because I immediately prayed IN MY DREAMS and was quickly overcome by HIS serenity.

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