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Rapper and co-CEO of Cash Money Records Bryan "Birdman" Williams arrives at the Cash Money Records Annual Pre-Grammy Awards Party at The Lot on February 12, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.
Now we have a young woman, who will one day be paying her own bills and be a mother to her own children, with the beloved Hello Kitty tattooed on her face. In truth it was a wonderful advanced post nonetheless as with all fantastic authors there are a few factors that is worked well after. Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons. Donald Trump responded to one of the DNC’s most viral speeches this week, saying that he has in fact sacrificed much for his country. Due to a 2003 class action lawsuit settlement, Ticketmaster is now offering vouchers for free tickets to anyone who bought through the company from October 21st, 1999 and February 27th, 2013. Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015! Finding a rapper who is covered in tattoos is no difficult feat, but still rare are those rappers brave enough to permanently ink their faces. Former Crime Mob rapper Diamondtook to Twitter in early March to announce that she had tattooed a bullet next to her ear.
Two years ago, Tyga demonstrated his fanaticism for Lil Wayne by letting the Young Money CEO ink his face. Soulja Boy sports a variety of ill-considered facial tattoos, but his most questionable choice is the SODMG acronym inked above his eyebrow. After Rick Ross got called out for reportedly sporting fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses on the cover of XXL in 2009, the Miami rapper centered his fixation on vintage glasses.
Although the Atlanta native defended his decision to ink a red duck across his face because of his affiliations with Duct Tape Entertainment, it’s clear that even he thought it was a bad idea.
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Most have heard about the figure on media and other platforms, but a few know, what has made Birdman’s net worth to get to where it is today.

Early last year, Gucci Mane strolled out in public with an ice cream cone tattoo on his face.
But it is unclear how long the last season will be, and whether there will be a spinoff series.
900, as far as the Pittsburgh rapper can guess, but only six of those can be found on his face. The letters stand for Stacks On Deck Money Gang — the record label Soulja Boy founded. He loves them so much that he decided to tattoo the name of his favorite vintage brand, Cazal, right below his left eye. The rapper is said to take home $170 million.  His high popularity has come from his domination in the Golden Globe Awards, where he has won severally. One southern spitter kicked off 2011 by tattooing an icy sweet treat right across his face. While most of his ink is found from the neck down, he once made the odd decision to tattoo a small star near to his right eye.
Tyga, who chose not to explain the logo himself, was perfectly happy to let Wayne go to work on his face but lost a bit of respect along the line.
The Cazal logo now sits just a few inches from the Maybach Music Group tattoo previously inked on the same side of his face. While his body art sits high on the shock scale, there’s a slew of others with some surprising ink as well. Next to that set of ink are Chinese characters, which reportedly translate to the name Tilly. To correct the oil spill, the Cash Money CEO did what any respectable businessman would do and tatted a red star right over it.
The most recent being a rotund rapper who decided to get a brand name permanently put on his left cheek. Sources Of Birdman Huge Pool Of Wealth To begin with, although known as a rapper he is the founder of Cash Money Records.

Birdman earned lots of accomplishments as an artist and a producer.  He also acquired multiple platinums for his alluring albums.
When he was starting the idea, together with his brother, he wanted to create a nice studio for upcoming artists in the rap industry to leverage on.  It has nurtured so many artists while bringing him millions of dollars every year. Lately, Birdman was reported to have entered into partnerships with DJ Khaled, T- Pain and Bow Wow.
The rapper earns about $100 million per year and has sold $50 million copies to date.  The rapper owns many properties, most of them located near the ocean.
One of the most striking of his properties is a Condo, he owns in Miami, worth 30 million dollars. How Much Is Birdman Worth His lavish lifestyle, should tell you that Birdman is extremely rich.  He has been reported saying that he buys about 100 cars within a period of 6 months. He is also philanthropic enough to give away the older vehicle once the brand new comes home. In April 2014, he hit the news headlines of major media channels, when he lends Justin Bieber, a Red Bugatti for $2 million. Other luxurious amenities include a gym and a cabana.  There is also a billiard room, for playing all kinds of games. He also a fashion line “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires” Besides his supposedly investment in black gold, he also a lover of tattoos. He is also a sharp dresser, with labels of Louis Vuitton and Cartier dominating his closet.
While it is estimated that Birdman wealth is $170 million, his lifestyle is a clear indication that he could be earning more.  As an entrepreneur, rapper, producer and singer, he is doing great.

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