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It is also wonderful to watch the smiles and enthusiasm that accompany even the smallest act of kindness.
It feels really good to be able to help others and making it a family project has all kinds of benefits. Kiva is a non-profit organization that allows people to lend money  to people in developing countries.
You might like to print out the profile of the individual who is receiving the loan and post it somewhere that is visible to the whole family. When the loan is repaid (97% of them are) choose another project to support and repeat the process. The fact that you only have to give a little to make a huge difference is one of the things I really like about Kiva.
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Kiva works with micro-finance institutions on five continents to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems.

You could just take the money out of your bank account, but it is far more meaningful if you work together to raise the money. We have made one loan after someone gave it to us as a Christmas gift which I thought was brilliant.
I have never heard of Kiva in Australia but I’m sure I can figure a place to donate the money. If they are invited to help others they will throw themselves wholeheartedly into the project.
Explain that in some countries it is almost impossible for people to find work or get a loan to start a business. I am involved with Rotary and donate to our club regularly, I thoroughly enjoy the fellowship but also the positive feeling that goes with giving my time and donating to our club projects.
I’d love to start another one and am inspired to brainstorm with the kids about how to save money.

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