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It is recommended to have your wealth position against a wall as a backing because it symbolize that you will support from around you. It is always good to have your wealth position bright and light shining in and should avoid bleak and dark condition. You can put any lucky mascots because it can attract wealth, improve career luck, enhance marriage relationship and etc, but never put any items with element of water like fish tank because it will ruin the wealth position due to the conflicting element of fire and water. If you want to place plant in the wealth position, it is recommended to use live plant instead of the artificial ones because the purpose is to create vitality so that your income stream will be always flowing in non-stop. Stay happy and you will attract happy people or events. The law of attraction works like a mirror. Each of us has a mission on this planet. It may be helping other people or animals, or just achieve great personal success. Our life is about awareness and you’re the only one who has full control over your life. If you have, don’t be in a hurry to place your lucky symbolized object to attract your wealth, take a look at the below Feng Shui tips first. If you have a wealth position that has no wall surrounding it, it might lead to loss of wealth (??).
In additional, you must also keep the area speck and span in order to generate the positive energy to attract the wealth. Regardless whether you have placed a God of Wealth or Wealth toad, it will not be activated and wealth will not come. If you have fake plants or rotten ones, it will only gather the negative energies and turn the location into an unlucky one. In this post, I will share with you how to focus on enhancing your wealth position and also avoiding the taboos. Negative people work like a vacuum cleaner - they suck all the energy out of you, and then you’re irritated, sad, angry.

It is also based on the idea of Taoist referring to nature as alive and has different forms of energy. With the desire of homeowners to achieve harmony in their homes, they would seek for the help of feng shui experts to make sure that positive energy can enter the house. Positive chi or energy can also give one a healthy and prosperous life.Now, as Chinese New Year is being celebrated, let us look into some feng shui tips to help those who desire to apply it in their homes. There are so many feng shui points that you need to look into but we have mentioned here some basic ones that can help you start applying feng shui in your home.
Have fishes in aquarium.A fish aquarium inside that house can bring in great fortune for it will tap on the “Divine Water Dragon’s Den”. But one has to be carefully because positioning the aquarium in the wrong area could cause problems like bankruptcy, lawsuits and others.
Add five elements of feng shui.Look for items with the five elements of feng shui and use it as decoration in your home. Free your main entrance from blockage.Make sure that your entrance door will let good energy in.
If a mirror is facing the main door, it will let the energy bounce back outside as well as the stairs which will directly let the energy out.
You should also not place shoes and slippers outside the house because the chi or energy will bring it the smell of these shoes inside causing sickness.
As the energy gets in, it will look for some water to stay in but if there isn’t any water, chi will disappear.5. Remove clutter.Well, even without feng shui, you still have to be sure that your home is free from clutter.
Allow good air and light to enter your home.You can do this by opening your home’s windows every day. You should also open your bedroom’s window even for just 20 minutes every day so that new chi can enter it.

If you will not open the windows, you will be sleeping with stale chi inside and you will not have great fortune. Know the feng shui trinity.This refers to the areas where you have to center the energy flow. This includes the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for these areas touches the health aspect of man.
Choose right furniture.Do not place a red sofa in the living room for it can give heavy work pressure, troubles and obstacle. It should not be facing the door with the feet pointing towards it for it gives a negative connotation.
Also, take away mirrors where you can see yourself while sleeping or cover it while you sleep.9. Place plants and water fountain.Every home with plants inside will evoke healing and give vibrations of nature into the home.
Make sure that you will remove dead plants for it gives negative energy that is why you have to take care of your plants well. Place water fountains too and put it in a location depending on what you want to attract in your life. But with feng shui, it urges us to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom to avoid sickness. Also, the door has to be closed to avoid the negative energy to come out and get into other areas of the house.So that’s it we have for today. The above mentioned points are sure a great start to get a harmonious home based on feng shui.

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